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Heaven flooded with despair, washing over the elder gods, driving them backwards... downwards... to Tonan, to be born again.

The throne of Heaven is empty, and the first to reach it will rule all. As Oleana once did, now each mortal-incarnation must struggle to reclaim their immortality, with the first to do so likely to gain supreme power over heaven and earth.

And this is where we find ourselves. The wheel has almost turned full circle; three born with names of old have grown to power. It is time to pick a side; Will you follow Angelique, Barnabas or Leto?

Continue on to read the full storyline and the historical archives of Monarchy.

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Games Reset, and Offline Pending Server Move

8th Oct 2018 16:35 Europe/London

I need to migrate the game to a new web server. To make this a little easier, I've reset all the games and left them offline. I'll bring everything back online once the game has been moved over.

It's been a while since we reset, here are the Hall of Fame links for that last HUGE age that's been going for a few years.

Bloodbath #18
Conquest2 #20
Guilds #12

Once everything is up and running on the new server, the random races will be:
Bloodbath (Centaur, Droben)
Guilds (Vampire, Centaur)


All Games Reset

1st Mar 2015 16:19 Europe/London

It's that time again, all games have been reset and it's time for the new ages to begin.

Hall of Fame can be found in the usual places
Guilds #11
Conquest2 #19
Bloodbath #17

Guest races for guilds and bloodbath have been set to the following
Bloodbath: Droben & Dwarven
Guilds: Elemental & Sidhe


Screenshots of the New Layout

14th Oct 2014 17:54 Europe/London
I'm taken these screen-shots from a high resolution monitor in order to show off the large background images that you can see on larger screens. Each image has been customised for the God and Race selected on the Kingdom.

Kingdom Screen - Leto - Goblin Training Screen - Barnabas - Droben Spending Turn - Angelique - Fae War Screen - Leto - Vampire Downsize Screen - Barnabas - Elven Sorc Screen - Angelique - Human Hire Screen - Leto - Sidhe Guilds Screen - Barnabas - Elemental Scum Screen - Angelique - Centaur


Rest in Peace : Misty Moonlight

22nd Oct 2013 16:10 Europe/London
It is with a sad heart that I must announce that on the 31st of August 2013, another of our friends has fallen. Please visit the following thread to pay your respects.
In Honor of Misty Moonlight, RIP


Monarchy Art Gallery

7th Apr 2013 21:39 Europe/London

We have just added a Gallery to Monarchs Glen. The gallery currently contains artwork commissioned by Table Warfare to improve the Monarchy game. New artwork will be added as it's done. Artistic players who want to do some Monarchy inspired artwork, can upload into the existing galleries, or request a personal gallery from Kaz.

Monarchs Glen : Gallery

Races of Tonan : Goblin Races of Tonan : Elven Races of Tonan : Human Gods of Tonan