Kingdom Scrolls

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Kingdom Scrolls

Post by Kaz » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:55 pm

ImageKingdom Scrolls
View a list of kingdoms ordered by rank

The report had taken months of intensive research to prepare, and had finally been bound ready for presentation. It sat in a small clearing on your table, separated from the chaotic mass of parchment and scrolls and awaiting your attention. Within the tome sat information relating to all nearby kingdoms - their location, details of their strength, and the nature of the ruler who directed their armies.

Your informer had truly outperformed expectations this time, making it even more of a pity that such low expectations had led to his execution some days ago.

The Scrolls screen displays your networth and rank, and the networth and rank of kingdoms which are around your size. There are methods of increasing the range of kingdoms visible on this screen, which can be found by experimentation during play. Kingdom numbers shown on this screen can be used to send messages to other players (Scribe), target the kingdom for infiltration missions (Steal) or attack the kingdom (War).

Kingdoms which appear on this screen in italics are within New Player Protection, and therefore cannot be targeted for offensive actions.
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