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Selection of offensive and defensive spells

The ceremony finally drew to a close as the priest lowered his arms and let the final note of the hymn subside into silence. Thousands of people covered every step of the ampitheatre, all gathered to pay witness to the power of their faith. As they looked expectantly at the priest, his eyes turned upwards towards the sky - a sky now filled with roiling black clouds which scudded in from the horizon to hide the pallid moon from their view. Along the horizon, the cloud descended and formed a seemingly impenetrable wall of fog; finding and invading the kingdom's last citadel would not be as easy as the enemy had presumed.

Building more temples will enable you to access more of the spell list, to a total of 6 spells. Sorcery is fuelled by 'elan', which you accrue each turn when you have enough temples to attract your god's favour. The more temples you have, the more elan you gain per turn. The spells carry different names for each faith, but are gained and displayed in the same order. Occasionally you may attract 'backlash' when casting offensive spells - this destroys temples and costs elan and turns, and is a natural danger of wielding powerful magics.

Calming Chant is the first spell on the list, and is available to all kingdoms. Casting this spell costs two turns and grants a temporary increase to your income - entering a number in the "repeat" box casts the spell that number of times. Remember that each casting costs two turns. Entering '10' into the repeat box will therefore cost 20 turns. It costs no elan, and gives your kingdom one elan per casting.

Awakened Spirits summons ghostly 'type one' soldiers to your aid. It costs 10 elan per casting, takes two turns to cast, and provides the aid of the ghostly troops for one defensive or offensive action. They then disappear and the spell must be re-cast to gain their aid once more. The troops gained by this spell are all 'green' (see Training) and do not benefit your allies. The larger your kingdom, the more troops provided by this spell.

Shattering Calm is an offensive spell which targets the enemy's peasants and temples for destruction. Costing 20 elan and two turns per casting, it is more powerful if you have considerably more temples than your opponent.

Wild Design is a defensive spell which blocks a single incoming Shattering Calm or Banshee Deluge per casting. It costs 40 elan and two turns per casting, and you can stack several Wild Designs at any one time.

Blazing Noise is a defensive spell often referred to as 'fog', which has a random chance of deflecting enemy war and steal actions against your kingdom. It costs 60 elan and takes two turns to cast, and lasts for 24 hours before fading.

Banshee Deluge is the most powerful offensive spell available, and targets the entirety of your enemy's township. It is expensive at 80 elan and two turns per casting but is capable of causing devastation if you have considerably more temples than your opponent.
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