Protips on War III : Building During War

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Protips on War III : Building During War

Postby Nymphsong » Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:12 pm

Part III -- Building During War

Operation Turtle -- Is it a good idea? I almost always discourage players from building or turtling during a war...if you have time to build during a war (especially as the aggressor)...someone needs to get peace. If your concerned about a threat...destroy it...don't wait for it to do its thing...

Last age, through several different wars, I saw not less than SIX realms from two different faiths "Turtle" in the middle of the war. I was on the defensive for every single war. What happened was, the other guild attacked, some of our guild/faith were online and looted, and then burned the temples on many of the opposing realms. Then others were later GR'd and burnt. Sorcerers came online and toasted a few of the realms, but fell short on turns to get the rest until the following evening. That next evening, those realms built 500-800 temples back and then reforted scum. We simply Guerilla Raided them again, and burnt the temples...again...then nuked them. The net result of their Turtle Job...well...six Parking Lots...

So, how do you stop someone from Sorcing you down once burned to 500 or less temples...easy...burn them back. Had the opposing guilds simply targeted the temples in their first strike...their problem would have been solved...but desire for land often trumps...the reality of preventing retaliatory strikes. Even if you missed them the first night, you can always spend those 75+ turns the next night getting into the Sorcerer's realm and getting those temples down.

So is Turtling ALWAYS a NO GO? Well, on defense it is a bit different. If you got burned to 9% temples (1,080) as a Sidhe on a 12k acre kingdom and you have maximum may very well rebuild to 12% plus temples to get top spell might cost you 20-30 turns, but you will still have 120-130 turns to make a Parking Lot of someone...and for a Sidhe with Summons...that is more than enough. This is almost always though in favor of the defender...aggressors are better burning the temples...defenders...might be able to rebuild from time to time.

Anyone building anything else (but temples) during war is just out right wrong...although I am open to someone proving me wrong on this theory...I dare say...barracks are not going to get you very far...neither are hovels...or quarries...

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