Protips on War VII : Defensive Strategy

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Protips on War VII : Defensive Strategy

Post by Nymphsong » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:14 pm

Part VII -- The Defensive Strategy

This is arguably the most difficult position to be in for a guild and guild master. Often, your realms have just been pounced, preyed upon, and you are left to not only pick up the pieces but find a way to hurt the enemy back for what they did. Counters are often driven off of emotion, and can sometimes lead to very costly mistakes. So, I have decided to dedicate a good majority of this thread to understanding what to do during a Defensive War…and how to maximize your options and limit the heathen guilds gains. There are three phases of a Defensive War I want to talk about, and I will break them up into three distinct separate sections, (The Unopposed First Strike, The In Between Strike, and The Your Online When it Goes Down Strike.)

The Unopposed First Strike

The most painful thing you can do is log into your kingdom and has five pages of news indicating your realm was abused, very badly…and it’s a shell of its former glory. You then go to the guild news page and it gets much worse, your guild is in shambles. So, take five minutes, breath, let the anger out, then get back to work…emotion is no way to win a war. The base argument of any war (especially on defense) is to take down as many realms as possible, make the heathens regret their actions. If they conducted an up hit or even hit, you should have an action or two at your disposal. Most guild strikes tend to take place during the evening time (United States) between 6 and 10pm eastern. So, let’s say they hit, no one was online and then you come on to find the mess. I highly recommend that you call a guild chat immediately. The sooner your guild starts returning fire, the better. Why? The more time the heathens have, the more after burning they can do, reforting or simply saving turns for renewed destruction. If you have a realm with more than 80 turns…put it to work. Then the next night everyone else who was short should show up to support the next round of counters. What I hate more than anything is…well there is only two of us online with 120 turns each…lets wait till tomorrow night when we can be more effective…and we end up wasting ~60 turns on each of those realms…when they could be put to use. So, what is the first thing you should target? I like mid-size realms…hitting people in the gut tends to get their attention and anytime you can take down a guilds center force…it’s a good thing. Taking out the top (unless they refort horribly) is going to be a massive waste of turns. Do what you can with what you have, influence their behavior to make them want peace more than you want peace. How this is achieved…sorcery kills and parking lots. If you do war, try to get rid of the land, because there is little doubt they will have ways of getting it back and getting even bigger. If you can…do intercept caravans…but not on a realm your sorcery killing…it’s a waste of turns. Now, as a defender, when should you go graveling for peace (as you will almost always lose if that guilds were close…and they have a GM/AGM of War who knows what they are doing). Try to do it before they get in their second strike…otherwise…their big doms will probably just get uncontrollably bigger…and you are no longer giving your faith an advantage in the long run…this is probably the number one reason why wars tend to be short…the idea of restore…and the hope of catching the leaders more quickly.

The In Between Strike

So same scenario as above. What is the difference? Some of their guild showed up to first strike. So, who do you counter against first. In this case I always say go after the realms that have not used turns yet. If you can take them down…it’s almost liked a mini-First Strike by your guild against their guild and can really bring balance to the war. If peace is secured inside of the first 40 hours…your guild is almost guaranteed to walk away with some land fat warriors or decent size bounties. If you sorcery kill them, and let’s say it was one player…of an 8 realm guild…that’s 300 turns not in the fight and they are left with 6 realms for the next 48 hours…that is a huge advantage to the defender at that point. After that, same as above…hurt them…and take as many as you can down with you.

The Your Online When it Goes Down Strike

My favorite type of any war by far. It occurs when you are online, with turns, and you see the enemy getting ready to strike. It might be their net worth(s) start fluctuating, or they even post a thread. What should your strategy be? The longer you can remain anonymous, the better. So, that means, Cash First, Intercept Caravans Second, Temples Third, Land Fourth. I like to let warrior realms convert to pure offense…and then I strike…going for cash first and then the caravans. Once they are stuck with all offensive troops, they are extremely vulnerable. Yes, they still usually have 100 turns…but the player knows better than to just sit on offensive troops…they are 9 times out 10 going to turtle up and refort max defense to prevent becoming a quick casualty. Usually, you can get the temples and the cash before they can conduct a proper refort (and usually) they have wasted most of their turns at this point…your loss about 70 turns on average…theirs 120+…it’s an easy win at that point…Parking Lot…order number coming right up…So you got the cash plus caravans, you got the temples…what is next…of course the land. I always say…go after the “Eyeball” next. This is usually a realm with Type 4 Scum or better although some guilds have to improvise based on what races players chose to start with. Take a warrior and take it out. You do these right on a first strike…the opposing guild has few remaining options. Now, you’re wondering…so I took the cash, can’t they just steal it back? Yes, and they usually will…if you cannot use it immediately, dump as much as you can as quickly as you can. Note though, that if you’re a sorcerer…PL first…dump cash second. If you’re a warrior…I am sure you can find uses for it. If there is more than one player online and you have time…coordinate your efforts…communicate what you are going to do. Last age, Carlos Danger and myself completely prevented a guild that had (over 150k average net worth more than us) from down hitting (net worth wise anyways) and slaughtering our guilds. We were online. We waited for them to convert…they hit the declaration button and we hit the scum and sorcery respectively. Then Carlos went to town on one of their warrior realms forted with Offense. Yes we lost some kingdoms in the process…but when the smoke cleared in their attack of (9 vs. 11) We had lost 4 and they had lost 4. The rest of our players trickled in to include a Sorcerer with max turns. By the end of our first initial counter…they had two working realms left. By the next night…they were all wrecked, destroyed or in restore.

:idea: Some other food for thought...think about what you are may not have the cash or resources to put it back up. Remember that a 60k acre PL Elemental has value...especially if it still has 2000 barracks...anchors away. Don't just drop scum...think about how much you can save. When you Downsize land...make sure its for your guild/faiths benefit and will inflict maximum disinterest in your realm by heathens! Don't quit...My guild was in several defensive wars in a row last age...our faith still won the age...keep fighting till the fight is done. Lastly, always know that you will not win every war...or every fight for that matter...but make sure the heathen knows he was in a fight...he will think twice of his war strategy the next time around if he/she finds you...more than what he/she bargained for.

You may not (probably won’t) win every defensive war…but with these tips, hopefully you can make the pain linger for the attacker and keep them within arm’s reach of a counterattack a few days down the road.

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