Protips on War XI : Guild Race Variety

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Protips on War XI : Guild Race Variety

Post by Nymphsong » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:19 pm

Part XI -- What should a good guild look like race-wise?

This is such a subjective question. However, I am going to base my answer and argument off of past experience and a little of my gut. Each race has value in the game, don’t get me wrong, but my explanation is how I best model them. This assessment will be based on a guild consisting of eight realms. You can either simplify or increase as necessary to meet your needs and guilds demands. Before I say what a guild should look like, we should explore each race in totality and see if they are a good fit for a guild. I will start with the core races and work my way out from there.

Human – Without a doubt the most balanced and probably best late game race in the game, to me the ultimate adventurer race. Their powerful scum (4/5), decent T4 in a war (3/5), and intermediate sorcery (3/5) ability give them a serious edge in the middle and end game. What about the early game? I still found them useful for burning, because they can be built faster than any other race or at least at the same speed. They are also versatile in both an offensive and defensive battle. My opinion, this is the best race in the game. The ability to send multiple caravans could be useful in getting around sabs, which is critical when cash is needed during a war. However, the Human does have drawbacks, and in the early game a wily Gobbie can tear that Human up...and gain a critical edge going into the mid-game.

Elf – I have heard that this is the worst race in the game (from some players). I tend to look at Elves as the quintessential Wizard. After last age, I think the opinion changed a little, when a pure Elf Guild dominated on defense, and proved themselves just as potent on offense. Their Sorcery (4/5) is not what a Sidhe is (no doubt there). So, what makes an Elf so good? Well, as the age progresses an Elf can be just as versatile from 8k acres as it can from 40k. As long as I have temples and elan, it remains a threat. Probably the coolest ability however is the ability to provide “fog” aka Level 5 Spell over a guild. Many argue that this is a moot ability because all races can currently fog themselves. Well, here is my counter argument, you get two to three realms really land fat in a war and they have 2,500 temples on 65,000 acres (which is less than 4% temples). Your Elf is critical at this point as it will take 170 turns at a BR of 16 to get enough temples to provide that realm its own fog again. And most realms that reach that size are lucky to have a BR of 10-12 at that point, and need to be building more than just temples. So, while not a total offensive spell caster, their defensive ability can be just as potent. Their ability to war is one of the worst…so nothing good to add there. However, the scum ability and fort ability is average, and I found 8% forts with high scum (80%) and T1/T4 taking up the other 20% is not a bad defense for a race that already has a 4/5 on defense.

Goblin – The traditional warrior. I think goblins are very powerful at the beginning of an age, Giants are cheap…and can roll. The Goblin’s forts are also strong at 285. However, as the age progresses, the Goblin becomes less viable due to the weakness in both Sorcery and Scum. The cost for a goblin to put up 25k scum, a Human can put up 30k scum. This does not bode well for the Goblin against the scum/sorcery combination of the late age aggressor. That said, the race really has merit and should not be ignored as a viable option in war. The offensive value over time can be a juggernaut, especially in the middle age, where the kobolds can come out and play. It is interesting to note, that the T2 for Human and Goblin are about the same, but given the weaker scum and sorcery abilities of the Goblin Middle to Late Age almost always ends in the favor of the Human.

So, ignoring the other races, if I was to make a guild of eight with these, I would have 2xElf, 2xGoblin, and 4xHuman. That gives me a lot of scumming resources, two realms to sorcery and fog, and two realms to punch holes during war chats that the Human realms can then exploit. Looking at it turn wise, 1 Human and 2 Elves can eliminate 4 realms in a first strike. That gives you 5 vs. 4 on warring part…and I like those odds.

The Others – Well there seems to be a lot of thought given to the “specialty” races. I will go into detail of what this means.

Droben – Best warrior in the game. Bunar rock and the ability to summon 3%+ of total NW, is a game changer. I would be remiss, if I did not try to have at least one of these in my guild. I have seen a Droben break 4-6 realms in one strike…that is massive and can lead to a route in warrior’s paradise. However, too many Droben can make your guild predictable…and extremely vulnerable. There scum is average however, and for a time, this can protect the Droben in the mid-late game. Overall, a good race and should be played whenever available.

Sidhe – Of the specialist races this is probably the best of all of them and is the true Sorcerer. To be able to sorcery kill a realm with less than 150 turns…now that is efficiency…and with bounties in play…that’s a huge benefit to this race. The ability to PL three realms in one strike is also…a huge efficacy bonus in a war (on either defense or offense.) If you have a Sidhe in your guild, you aren’t steering wrong. The race is so powerful in fact, I have considered a seriously off balanced guild of 6 Sidhe and 2 Human realms…imagine what that first strike might look like…Once this race has elan…clear a path…or it will clear one for you.

Elemental – The quintessential and obvious Fighter Mage. This is a great race for that one two punch combination. But, like every race they have their faults, as Bundes has clearly pointed out. I think they break realms very well (taking out forts is awesome), and can train offensive troops well also. The Cherufe is a great defense in the early to middle age. However as a late age realm, the weak scum and (believe it or not weaker forts) can come back to bite the Elemental. Also, the Elemental’s high chance for backlash means you need a higher temple percentage (I recommend 16%) if you plan on having all of the abilities of the race at your disposal (and you should). Demons are great anchors to a Droben setting up the ground attack. Cheap T4 that is easily trained again…I like it.

Fae – This (to me) is obviously someone’s attempt at the Druid race. Combative, catty, and overall a decent race. Good offensive sorcery, good offensive war, and decent scum…make for a pretty well balanced race. I could certainly see myself playing this race. In a guild however, we need to look at how this race can be effective for all. I would compare it to the Elemental, and both have (in my opinion) about the same skill set side by side and are therefore interchangeable.

Centaur – Of the specialist races that really tried to focus in on a specific skill (in this case scum) I would say Centaur is the worst. Looking it over, for 0.005% better scum rate than a Human, and far worse sorcery and war abilities, it just doesn’t add up. I would prefer the versatility of a Human 10 out of 10 times to this race because of Humans ability to adapt in more stages of the game. Also, and maybe it is just me…Centaurs seem to be saying “Roll me, I am the eyeball of the guild” at the onset of every war…and 9 out of 10 times, you can roll them scout unseen because you know…they are a scummer and will be all scum…there is no other way to play a Centaur effectively and therefore they are predictable and overly vulnerable.

Vampire – My thoughts on this race are they are much like the Elf in that they can do offensive sorcery operations (4/5), decent warrior activities (3/5), and decent scum as well (4/5). My problem is that this race is selfish (much to the vampire way). To their credit they have awesome forts. But, forts alone will not save you…at all. To make them effective you need about 8% forts and then quite a few defensive troops (Mullo) to match your scum. Unless you are really big really early…you will never see this potential “untouchable” combination come to fruition in the guilds game (I just won’t sit idly by and let you do it.) So, what else is bad about them (the selfish part), if playing above…you need a lot more cash to keep them going. Probably twice that of any other race…which means that in the long run, I have to pass on this (potentially) incredibly powerful race because I wont risk 3/4ths of an age…hoping to get this realm to the top of the scrolls.

Dwarf – In my opinion the absolute worst race in the game. Yes, they are a pain in the ass to break, but the simple solution every time remains…Parking Lot and Sorcery kill. Their ineffective scum and low sorcery abilities make them vulnerable at all points in the game. Additionally, unlike the Goblin, their best offensive troops are T2/3 which is turn intensive to convert to when going into a war. Additionally, so what, you can stop my warrior…you left yourself wide open to every other attack solution. I just don’t see what this race offers me that I can use in a guild. Final thought…builds slower…trains slower…dies quickest. That said, I think there is someone out there that can prove me wrong by playing a Dwarf and delivering a pedigree to my favorite race (the elf) which in itself is probably weaker than most on this list.

So, with the gloves off (All races available at all times), my ideal guild of eight would reflect the following…

1xSidhe (Strong Scummer, Serious Sorcerer!)
1xElf (Can Fog Guild and offers PL, Moderate Scummer to protect temples)
1xDroben (Breaker for war)
1xGoblin (Taker for war)
2xHuman (Jack of all Trades, Good Scummer)
2xElemental (My Fighter Mage; love them!)

(Gives me essentially…6 Sorcerers, 6 Warriors, and 3 Scummers…that is a lot of versatility). When I think of a balanced guild, that is what I want. Note that I left certain races off of the list. Others might have a different idea of how to rack and stack, but for me…this works. What a guild should look like is very subjective, but, you have to consider all stages of the age and how each race is or is not strong during those stages. You may have noticed above that I am impartial to Humans, Elves, Sidhes and Elementals. Still though, my ideal guild diversifies in other races because they offer more options to the guild as a whole and can be more...unpredictable. This is the reason why I would never play an "all human" guild (if at all possible) because of the limitations of the race in that while well balanced...can be gotten to...just like the others...


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