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~ Administrative Announcements and Updates
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Reset Complete (1st March 2015)

Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:25 pm

Games are back up and running again and have been reverted back to the normal versions. Guilds and Bloodbath will no longer stay online during automated holidays and you can now attack player kingdoms again.

Hall of fame is here:

Guilds #11 01st Mar 2015 http://www.monarchygame.com/hof/?hof=78
Conquest2 #19 01st Mar 2015 http://www.monarchygame.com/hof/?hof=77
Bloodbath #17 01st Mar 2015 http://www.monarchygame.com/hof/?hof=76

Random races are set to:

Bloodbath:Droben & Dwarven
Guilds: Elemental & Sidhe
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