'Old' Beginnings

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Re: 'Old' Beginnings

Post by Topheh » Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:12 pm

Toph nearly lost control of the spell when the bolts flew into Javari's body. As Toph was acting as a conduit between Javari's actual body and his projection, the magic the shaman had cast was actually meant for him. Pain flooded up and down his side, and one of his arms spasmed violently as he tried to counteract the blackness moving within him. Thankfully, the magic was diminished from the nature of the projection spell, because the creature that had thrown the bolts was powerful. More powerful than any mage Toph had run into in quite some time.

"A challenge" he whispered to himself as the last of the Shaman's magic faded from his body. Reaching out with his mind, he momentarily took control of the projection...


Inside the chamber, the spell had caused Javari's form to flicker, but soon the flickerings subsided and the apprentice turned to face the shaman, his arms moving in complex patterns seconds before a wave of ice flew from his fingers towards the shaman, catching the reptile full in the chest and knocking it aside, where it soon scrambled to its feet.

While it was scrambling, Javari turned to face the Elders, and when he spoke, it was not his voice but Toph's that emerged.

"This is Toph Imlardil. Ruark, Crystiame... or half of you on the council can identify me by the sound of my voice, as I have advised you many times in the past on both historical and magical matters. I have lived among you for a very, very long time, and I am appalled at both the current state of affairs regarding Crystiame's arrest as well as the use of deadly magics within these walls. What has come over the council? What has happened to the standard means of conducting a trial? We are unable to attend in person, but Javari here IS a credible witness. Listen to him. You may speak to either of us now... I was going to let him do this alone, but I see my presence is necessary..."

Toph 'moved' aside to allow Javari to regain control of his projected body, although he now was watching to make sure no more magics were used against him/them.

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Re: 'Old' Beginnings

Post by Meridian Shaman » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:15 pm

Toph’s words echoed hollowly against the walls of the courtroom. It was until after he had completed his speech that he realized that something was off. No one commented. Not even one single word or cough. It wasn’t until that moment that he realized that they were all motionless, as if frozen in time.

The heels of the Meridian Shaman clicked emptily as he stepped around the people, their bodies frozen in time. A wicked grin crept across his lizard-like face in a brutal smile that could make an ogre blush. “Topheh Imlardil…” he spoke through his hissing teeth. As he stepped closer the ghostly image of Javari returned to his body as space bent to their location. He stood before the immobile body of Javari, his clawed hand gently caressing his neck.

“… You would be well advised to not interfere in this matter. And though you feel you owe allegiance or friendship, or whatever name you want to give it, to this immortal, I cannot allow you to alter what must be. Though I do have to say that was an excellent speech. Too bad none of them were able to hear it.”

He could see Topheh stir, as if he wanted to act, but refrained. With the shamans hand wrapped around Javari’s neck, it would only put Javari in harm’s way.

In an instant, the Shaman’s hand dissolved into a shadowy form and slid the silhouette of the hand into the head of Javari and plucked out his memory. He then released his hand on his neck. The body crumbled to the floor as he pulled out a bottle from within his coat and sealed the memory of Javari within it. “When he wakes, give him my regard” he said in a cold and calculating voice.

And with that he turned and left through a portal, then another, then another. If Præl`Maj learned anything is to never trust a mage, and to never not ever leave anything to chance.
Within the heart of every man there is a shadow, and within every shadow lay a secret, and with each secret learned comes the power of knowledge. I do not fear the dark, but embrace it.

Præl`Maj, Meridian Shaman

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