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Post by Endless » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:00 am

This thread is intended to be a discussion on Angelique. Not, particularly, the faith of Angelique, but rather the elven woman Angelique, ruler of Istan. In order for us to move the story of Tonan along, it is necessary that the Mortal Kings be further defined than simply being named and given a base set of traits and attributes. All three are mortal, now, seeking godhead and immortality once more without understanding, in truth, what they seek.

They are people. People have personalities, faults and strengths. Even gods do, though most wise mortals would never mention such to their faces.

You may ask the question: Why do we need to do this? I say, why not? More importantly, the mortal kings must be played to advance the stories, and no one would play a character without knowing who or what they were, their values, their personality, or any of those important things. Moderators and Site Admin would be able to play these characters, to advance the Tonan story itself, and to further enrich individual roleplays where it was suitable....but as of now, we can not do this.

We have blank molds with only the roughest impressions of what these beings are and are like. It is time for us as a community to give them flesh and blood, and make them live.

This thread is for the discussion of the mortal Angelique, Elven Queen of the lands of Istan. Keeper of the Law, and justice, heavy handed in her keeping of that law.

When you think of Angelique as a mortal, what do you see? Include everything you can think of. Think of it as you creating her as a character you would play, and describe her to us all. Through enlightened discussion and debate, we may bring Angelique to life, and enrich Tonan for ages and generations to come!
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Re: Angelique

Post by Kaz » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:13 pm

Any discussion into the story and characteristics of Angelique need to start with these bits of information, along with the assumption that she remembers her own true history.

She has memory of life as a Goddess, her time in the Void, and also her life as a mortal to this point. This means that more than just the 'Goddess' time will have shaped her character to a certain point.

Plus, she currently has no way of 'proving' she is the re-incarnation of an old almost-forgotten Goddess, nor any knowledge of how to reclaim her immortality (at this point).

It's important to remember that we are not trying to rewrite history and define Angelique the Goddess, we are trying to define Angelique the reincarnated mortal.

Basic Info in the 'Start Here' thread

Angelique was incarnated as an elf. She, along with many of the older families who felt they deserved more power, have left the empire and formed Istan under Angelique's rule as Queen. She now leads her people with an iron fist, and has started to style herself as God-Queen.

Short introduction in the Over-story

Angelique, the self-proclaimed Queen of Istan, rules her land with a steady grip. The rule of law permeated every aspect of her method. On occasion, the rumours would speak of harsh responses, oppression and deft cruelty. But with those rumours also came the ringing endorsements of those who believed in the compassion of blind justice.

Aspects of Angelique (as originally defined in 1998)

Angelique: Law, Morality, Fanaticism, Oppression, Charity.

Angelique (Law) - At its best, order, at its worst, oppression

"Law. At it's best, it is upholding morality and crusading for justice. At its worst, it is forcing such morality upon those who do not subscribe to it. At it's best it can be charity.. at it's worst, oppression." Murchad 16 Oct 98
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