Brenigan - a sidhe who doesn't know it, or timebomb?

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Brenigan - a sidhe who doesn't know it, or timebomb?

Post by Brenigan » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:59 am

Name: Brenigan

Age: Not known (not to be like "oh okay how old is THIS one?" or anything, I really just don't know, definitely not as old as Azrael if that one is actively roleplaying) -- of an age that would be considered "older" but not "ancient".

Race: Sidhe (hybrid? most likely, we'll see....)

Description: Avg ht 6ft sinewy build, like the avatar there I guess. Has scars in shape of certain runes on his shoulders that he doesn't remember the meaning of, and usually smells of smoke as if just having left a campfire, but he doesn't notice that himself. The smell when others catch it is actually an elemental djinn that was charged forever-ago by both their former masters with keeping up with Brenigan and "keeping him check" until it was his time to die. Whether or not other characters would recognize the smell or smoke that sometimes lingers as the djinn will depend on those other character's own intuitiveness and knowledge.

Weapons: Natural sidhe magick and great understanding and control of the element of fire; also accompanied, sort-of, by a djinn who, while not "on his side" and definitely not under Bren's control or even known to Brenigan's conscious mind, the djinn would rather do harm to others to save Brenigan than see this sidhe's ultimate death be stolen from its smokey grasp.

History: Brenigan is a re-surfacing former slave, few real memories of his warring past, been told by a "trusted" seer he was of an old sidhe bloodline but even that seer he sought out so long ago was unable to distinguish the runes imprinted in the raised flesh of his shoulders. So is now in search of other sidhe to find what is true and perhaps save himself from himself. This character's mind, but not his will, was bent and twisted in the fires of slavery and experimentation over several years under a guild that at one time held an iron grip on the isle of Maxim.

Allegiance: To himself.

Threads: coming soon to a roleplay near you.....
Of the old and the Faithful - kind of sounds like a soap opera doesn't it?

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