The search for Nymphsong...

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The search for Nymphsong...

Postby Mauhura » Wed May 14, 2014 7:29 pm

WHHYYYY!!!*goblins cry*

Why we hav'ta keep digging over THERE!? weez'a'no want demz shitty Free Cities!!

Coz we find dat Nymphman! sheez want it done wEEEZ do it! DIG!

*goblinz dig deyz tunnels. Strict orders.
No Distractions.
Nymphsong would be a high-payed-prize indeed.
Somewheres along de ways de Gobbieezzz find some new Ladyeezzz - ooooz same pretty colors even *DISTRACTIONNZZ!!* .. but! NO DISTRACTIONS!
Gobbieez GO! bye bye Ladyeeezzz!

Now where dis Nymphzeeeperson is at??.... got message from our wenchiewitchielady ta find her friend even tho'he be some heeeeathenazzz man ... she want find him, so dat we do.
Go, hunt, dig...
Hail C'HaraH!
HHG - Long Live Papa Goblin!

-TRR- (he said I could keep it)
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Re: The search for Nymphsong...

Postby Lady Tramp » Wed May 14, 2014 8:42 pm

Women chasing men, tis folly! M'lady those filth should be chasing you!

At last, we have heathen already aplenty to kill. An Evil Empire lurks upon our very step, one which needs neutering. Even now our brothels are teeming to the brim with their kind, eager to loose lips and coin, for man's pleasures and "needs". This Nymphsong is undoubtedly no different. Why should we seek more enemies? Are you already bored with the selection of bad meat available?

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