A Simple Soldier

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A Simple Soldier

Post by Ryloc » Sun May 26, 2013 10:35 am

[*] Been a few years removed from rp-ing. Just feeling inspired being around some old acquaintences. Please bare with and iggy the typos please :|

He had roamed the lands only loyal Barnabas and then unto Isonia, always loyal to creed and guild and none other. A myriad of battles versus Foret so vividly remembered with so many fallen comrades and enemies alike.
Scouts sometimes got thru, other times they were caught and warned the enemy of impending battles, such glorious battles never to be forgotten by either side.

After migrating into the lands of Isonia he came upon a clan known as Nyamafu Vurumai.
A small yet aggressive clan in need of a chieftan. After assuming command many wars were fought over the ages
versus very formidable heathen clans. Sometimes the Vurumai were successful, other times not. Agression was always the watchword either way.
In the final battle of the Vurumai they attacked the most formidable Foret clan. However,
a stalwart Foret general was aware and intercepted the attack. His name was Sartorius, a general of great reknown.
His last message to his comrades was : "Arise my friends, the purpled mottled banners of NV are marching over the hills!" And soon thereafter the general Sartorious was no more.

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