Hearth of a Lighted Home (rough draft story)

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Hearth of a Lighted Home (rough draft story)

Post by Elijah » Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:32 am

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The Vansion had came from the east and quickly conquered all of the Clans nine generations ago. The Vansion were much more advanced than the Clansman, their society and technology had developed in their earlier land but something had caused them to completely move as a people. The Vansion Empire was constructed and run on the labor of their slaves. The proud Clansman were slaves to the Vansion, working their fields, building and cleaning their roads, serving in their homes. The Pec served the Vansions as well, a race of people given to light coloring and having served the Vansion so long that their was nothing to it prior.
When the Plague hit the Clans went on with life, they had seen this plague many times before in their history. It would take the old and young and cause sickness to the healthy adults. The Vasnions started to dwindle as the illness was brought to the Vansion by their servants.
The Plague seemed to hit the Vansions and the Pec much harder than it ever hit the Clans. Overseers died leaving slaves untended, guards, messengers, merchants and nobles in the Vansion Soceity died to the Plague. It is debated which Clan rebelled against the Vansion first, but the Dragon Clan, Hawk Clan and Sun Clan are often sited as being the most successful. Clansman from the cities fought from the inside while Clansman from the field fought their way into the cities and castles. Vansions were killed in their beds and on the walls of their strongholds. Vansions had weapons, armor and tactics that Clansman could not rival, many battles were battles of attrition with victory gained threw many losses.
All clans fought when the Uprising truly started, some clans were more successful than others. The Phoenix Clan once the most powerful Clan had spent the rule in the shadow of the walls of the capital city of the Vansion, a city the Vansion called New Varn. When the Clans arrived at the walls of New Varn they found the Phoenix merely happy to be free and willing to help in any small way they could. The bulk of the Loin Clan was rumored to have entered the fighting late after the defeat of the Vansion was apparent. The Loin Clan entered the fighting fresh and aided greatly with the final push that brought down New Varn.

Year 1 of the Clan calendar was a time of mistrust and decisions. The people known as the Vansion had been recently defeated in a long and bloody war. The Uprising had brought the Clans together and now the future of the Clans was in question. Grandan the son of a past battle commander of the Star Clan had been try for months to speak at the meeting held by the Clan Heads. The current Head of the Star Clan did not want to weaken his position with the speech of some young half Pec Clansman. Grandan had been the son of the man who had lead the Star Clan into countless battles. Grandan had held his father in his arms while he died and took his fathers dieing words deep into his heart.. Had tried countless ways to speak before the Heads and was running low of ideas. Taking a risk Grandan sent a message to the fierce Head of the Dragon clan, the most widely respected Clan Head and a man who had fought with his father. The summons had been simple, its was his father dieing words, “Lead them well.”. Grandan had sent the messenger with the summons and told him that the requester was to be said to be Lieck, his dead father. Grandan was nervously shuffling his feet when the gray haired, scared face of Viek the Dragon Clan Head burst into his room with 3 guards and shoved the messenger out. The guard closed the door slowly as the Old Dragon eyed Grandan. Grandan spoke clearly and did not stop to explain himself, he merely launched into the speech he had wanted to deliver at the meeting of the Heads.

“We the Clans are not as we once were, We can not live as we did before the Vansion. No longer can we fight over the border of our territory and look at each other as enemies. There are those who say we should go back to the way we were. We can not!”

Grandan stood at the a meeting of the Clan Heads granted the favor by Viek to do so. After the night Veik had come looking for him, the night he had given the speech for the first time, Viek had spoken to him at length in the following days. Grandan had given the speech once already to the assembled men but Viek had had to silence so many arguments during the first speech he had wanted it retold.

“The knowledge of the Vansion is ours to have and we can grow stronger from it. What is Steel against wood and stone? Making glass, spirits and wines, creating steel, buildings with stone upon stone. The knowledge of the Vansion will make us prosper. The Clans will learn together, men from Dragon Clan learning how to mold steel side by side with men from Wolf clan. Clansman from Bear clan learning how to truly build with stone from a master from the Clan of the Leaping Heart, who will in turn teach a man from The Hawk. We are not men of Clans, we are men of The Clans. We are all Clansman, all one to another.”

In the months that followed many more meetings were held and Grandan was invited to all of them. In time the Heads voted him into a position of the Head of the meetings.

Sheiha tossed the large book on her bed, the book was labeled, History of the Clans, and was easily the most boring thing she had ever read. She stretched her back and walked to her window and looked out over the sleeping city. Every Clansman was required to memorize the history before they became an adult and went on the Steps of Fate. She sighed as she wondered where Fate would place her, what Fate would decide she should learn.
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