The Seduction

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The Seduction

Postby Atla » Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:24 pm

The bare lightbulb swung back and forth like a pendulous breast after she pulled the cord, illuminating the small room with its cheap furniture. The walls were covered in wallpaper, in true hippie fashion with mix and match colors in a psychadelic pattern that only increases the high. Like watching a 70's porn as you burn illegal plant parts and masturbate at the same time. Trippy baby, trippy.

She stepped over to the small chest of drawers next to her unkept bed, I could see her better now. A solitary white stuffed horse lays wrapped in the dirty white sheets. A comfort, when the sounds from the outside streets grow in volume and violence. A white horse, in need of a shining knight.

In this neighborhood honey, there are no heroes.

Slowly, she began to remove her McDonald's blouse. I watched as the name tag fell and hit the floor with a silent clatter.

I carefully adjust my position in the tree, and lift my camcorder.

Time to make some money.
~Atla the Impeccable!
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