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Idea for a new Game type -

Post by Dauthi » Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:40 pm

Hey Kaz,

I know your busy guy and only have so much time/energy that you can devote to this game and you do an amazing job keeping this place alive, and thats one of the reason I find myself coming back time and time again, and when I come back and when I'm not here I randomly think of things related to this game community. Well here is another idea that came to me that I'd figured I'd share, even if you don't decide to do it, I hope that people like me who want to improve this place keeps inspiring you to keep improving this community.

So on to the idea....

Like alot of other game designs of the past the point of this game is to make people be agresive toward each other and not care when they die/have to restart. The idea behind the game type is that you can't grow your realm unless you kill someone, and for each kill you get(war/sorc/scum) your max land increases by a small amount.

How envision it is: You start with 500 acres, you can praise and build up to 2,500 acres. At which point you have to either kill or be killed to build more. If you kill someone by war "Invade and take their land" or by scum or Sorc "Destroy all their peasants causing the lords of the land to die from starvation" your realm goes up 500-1000 acres that you can build on. If you are killed you get to restart and go from there, with the exception of if you already have kills. If you have 1 kill when you die, its a restart. If you have 2 kills when you die you can restart with an additional 500-1000 acres. If you have 3 kills when you die you can restart with an additional 1k-2k acres. Etc... basicly when you die you lose the 500-1000 acres to your max size down to 2.5k acres.

This would make the game less about building up a realm and more about attacking constantly. Up hitting would be easier because IF the game is played right, no one can get big enough that they can fluff enough temples/troops/scum so they can't be killed. And since any kill counts scum killing or sorc killing would be great for them who like sorcing/magic or scouting/scum. There might need to be a slight buff to killing peasants from scum/sorc so that single players can do it easier with a full set of turn... or turn on squad/guilds to allow team work.

anyway just a suggestion... and from the way I like to play this game would be awesome. :P

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Re: Idea for a new Game type -

Post by Kaz » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:31 am

It's an interesting idea, but what exactly would be the point of the war screen?

Killing via scum and sorc is more efficient with turns and with clicks. The benefit to using war is pretty much taking land, which would be capped, taking away the only real reason to use war as an attacking mode.

The king or queen would be a scum, temple, fort vampire kingdom. Enough forts that no-one could war through, enough temples that destroying forts (rather than try sorc kill) would be pointless, enough scum that burning temples (rather than try scum kill) would be pointless.

We've already got a high kill game format with Massacre. I'd hazard a guess that a full bounties, small NPC, 1000/500 turn massacre game, would achieve the type of small kingdom, high kill-rate game your suggesting, but without making war pointless.
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Re: Idea for a new Game type -

Post by Dauthi » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:34 am


I've always though war killing was easier, but if it takes less turns to scum kill or sorc kill maybe buff war?

from my experience at the start of the last couple of ages 5k realms with a full set of turns I can war kill easily somone if they didn't hire defense troops. And thats with the increase in how many turns once they start to get to far below. Remove that, and war killing becomes way stronger.

The problem I have with massacre is that you have two realms of 15k. One attacks the other, and is now 30k. the other restarts and gets back to 15k. The 15k has NO chance against the 30k, and with down hit protection(don't know if it is there or not) the 30k can't hit the 15k. So he builds and builds and builds till someone else gets 30k and he can hit them and go to 60k.

The king/queen wont -have- to be a vampire with scum and forts... with the price of forts, on a 2.5k land a vampire wouldn't be able to scum kill and refort with a full set of turns to protect themselves from war. Plus if the game has enough people interested in a quick rise kill die game, as soon as you get 500 or 1k more acres for your kill someone will know your out of turns and you'd be the next target.

There might have to be some re-balancing of turn cost so on so forth but the idea is that you have a finite amount of land to build a kingdom you think can kill someones. So you either build a war kingdom, a scum kingdom, or a sorc kingdom, and you use that screen type to kill your enemy and hope they didn't build the same type of realm. Then hope someone doesn't come at you with what your weak against .

I enjoy the killing/warring of this game not the sim city portion it becomes because everyone is scared to attack each other for fear of hurting their feelings or because they are afraid they wont succeed.

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Re: Idea for a new Game type -

Post by Gili » Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:19 am

I always liked the idea that tithing for land wasn't possible after the first month, so that once all the land is out there...thats it. You need more, you take it from someone else. Perhaps rather than a time-based deadline each realm can tithe for only the tithe limit's worth of acres each age. Bring on the anarchy!

Apologies for adding yet more suggestions *runs and hides under a rock*
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