New Race Suggestion

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New Race Suggestion

Post by Nymphsong » Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:07 pm


Not sure if this is the correct forum. If not, feel free to move it. I had an idea the other day, so I came up with some numbers and installed what I thought would be an interesting race to add. If the community/you say nay no worries...I got thick skin. I just thought we seem to have every other race, except...Gnomes...I mean Goblins have Kobies...why cant Gnomes fight their traditional enemies.


Quick Summary
War (Off): 1 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, have better value for money offensive war troops
War (Def): 4.5 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, have better value for money defensive war troops
Sorcery 3 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, are more effective in offensive and defensive sorcery
Thievery: 4 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, are more effective in offensive and defensive thievery
Forts: 3 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, have stronger and less expensive fortresses
Tithe: 3 / 5 Races with higher values in this stat, are more efficient at getting land through tithe

Full Summary

Maester Shops
Increase Income

Increases Population

Increase the number of buildings you can build in a turn
Build rate increments for every 5% of land build using this building

Offer Screen Modifier: 2.000000 (3/5)
Increase the amount of acres awarded for a successful Offer of Tithe to your God(dess), also increases the overall pool of land available to be claimed, and slows the rate of diminishing returns

Gathering Halls
Increases number of troops that can be trained in a turn
Reduces the expenses caused by military troops

Pechs (Att: 7.00 - Def: 28.00 - Cost: 1400 - Value Att: 6.00 - Value Def: 24.00)
Troop used when Attacking or Defending: Summon Spell, Controlled Strike, Guerilla Raid, Mob Assault, Full Strike

Illusionists (Att: 27.00 - Def: 18.00 - Cost: 1800 - Value Att: 18.00 - Value Def: 12.00)
Troop used when Attacking or Defending: Controlled Strike, Guerilla Raid, Mob Assault, Full Strike

Golems (Att: 4.00 - Def: 116.00 - Cost: 4800 - Value Att: 1.00 - Value Def: 29.00)
Troop used when Attacking or Defending: Controlled Strike, Mob Assault, Full Strike

Xorn (Att: 60.00 - Def: 100.00 - Cost: 6400 - Value Att: 11.25 - Value Def: 18.75)
Troop used when Attacking or Defending: Controlled Strike, Mob Assault, Full Strike

War Offense.(1/5)
Better than Gnome: Goblin, Droben, Elemental, Dwarven, Vampire, Centaur, Fae, Elven, Sidhe
Equal to Gnome: None
Inferior to Gnome: None

War Defense.(4/5)
Better than Gnome: Dwarven
Equal to Gnome: Elven, Goblin, Elemental,
Inferior to Gnome: Droben, Centaur, Sidhe, Fae, Vampire

Breaches.(3/5) (Def: 275.00 - Value Def: 27.50)
Defensive structure not used defending: Guerilla Raid, Allies
Sorcery Weakness: Targeted by Top Offense Spell

Sorc. (3/5)
Better than Gnome: Elven, Vampire, Elemental, Sidhe, Fae
Equal to Gnome: Human
Inferior to Gnome: Goblin, Droben, Centaur, Dwarven

Utilized as a modifier for the Sorcery Screen.
Increases available spells on the Sorcery screen

The following modifiers are used in Sorcery. Higher is better
Summon: Primary Modifier (85) Secondary Modifier (310)
Low Spell: Peasant Kills (250) Temples Destroyed (275)
Number of Magical Shields: 3
High Spell: Buildings Destroyed (100) Fortresses Destroyed (325) Peasant Kills (125)
A negative value included in sorcery. Causes you magic to fail and destroy your own Temples. Lower is better.
Low Spell Backlash (8) High Spell Backlash (13)

:idea: (THE BIG CHANGE: Gnome Realms can neither receive nor use Fog. Instead, in that slot Gnomes have the Spell Illusionary Ambush which like Magical Shields can have a Maximum of Seven Illusionary Ambushes. Illusionary Ambush is only effective 20 percent of the time, just like normal Fog, but the effects are different. Of the 20 percent chance, that is divided into two separate possibilities. First, there is a 1/10 chance (10 percent) that the attacker forces see a massive buildup of monsters and withdraws. Neither side loses any casualties (works very similar to Fog) except that your commanders aren’t lost, but see bad odds and retreat. There is also a 1/10 chance (10 percent) that instead, the Gnome defenses set an Illusionary Ambush that is ½ the strength of a regular Ambush as authorized under the War Screen.) In summary, 80 percent of the time no change in the attack, 10 percent chance of a Fog effect, and 10 percent of an Illusionary Ambush. Once all Seven Illusionary Ambushes are exhausted, attacks can continue as normal. Note that a Shield would only be used if tripped in the 20 percent of possibilities.

:arrow: (THE PROBLEM: This spell also affects Controlled Strikes and Guerrilla Raids. It would add a new element of suck to breaking realms. It could also make Droben Realms actually think twice about summon and smash tactics.)

Scum. (4/5)
Better than Gnome: Centaur
Equal to Gnome: Vampire, Sidhe, Human
Inferior to Gnome: Elven, Goblin, Droben, Elemental, Dwarven, Fae
Svirfneblin (Att: 10.00 - Def: 30.00 - Cost: 1600 - Value Att: 7.50 - Value Def: 22.50)
Thievery Screen Troop: Targeted/Used in Guerilla Raid
Modifiers - Lower is better: Seen (100) Unseen (135)

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Re: New Race Suggestion

Post by Kaz » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:19 pm

At this point, I can't really afford to add another race at this point in time. I'm currently working my way through getting artwork for all of the existing racial troops (have the budget), and then getting artwork for the various options on the war, scum and sorc screens (might have the budget might not). After that the next step is to get artwork for all the existing racial buildings (something we currently have zero budget for). Getting the artwork in place is my current priority from a developmental perspective, and adding another troop add additional time and costs, due to needing to get troops and buildings done.

While I get that in 'Dungeons and Dragons', there is a Gnome vs. Kobold rivalry I don't recall there being much roleplay from that nature from the point of view of Monarchy/Canon roleplay. This isn't D&D and that's where the 'traditional' enemies idea comes from. In the future I may well think about adding additional races, although the next in line would be something that has a historical roleplay connection like the Icharii (see this thread viewtopic.php?t=1671), or for some form of future storyline idea like the lone Wraith who came through from the void.

If we were to add Gnomes in, they'd probably end up as part of a selection of 'wee folk'. We'd move Faeries and Pixies out of the current 'Fae' race and would add a couple more (e.g. Sprites & Leprechauns). I can see that being a possibility, especially as I'm looking to remove Pixies out of the Fae to replace them with Nymphs and creating a fully matriarchal race. Having said that, if Faeries were to move races they prolly ought to take the Fae race name with them. Anyway, at this point in time I'm already wondering where the cash to get all the art is going to come from, so adding an 11th race isn't on the cards.


Having said that, while I'm not looking to add a new race, I 'am' looking for some ideas for racial bonuses for the Dwarven and Fae races (see this thread viewtopic.php?t=1794).

We've had a long period where any race with a magic score of 1 or 2 was unable to cast fog. I ended up removing the feature simply because I kept getting bug reports from players who expected to have the spell.

The idea of an always up defensive option that triggers on T1 (or T2) randomly boosting that troops defensive strength, (in the same way as Kobold Rage works to boost offensive strength) is something I was actively considering as an option.
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