NPAC Elite : List of Threads

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NPAC Elite : List of Threads

Post by Kaz » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:21 pm

NPAC Elite is where we move threads that are particularly useful in helping explain complicated game concepts in order to build better players. We would like to see continued discussion in these threads in order to make them even more useful.

Bundesbank's "Basic Game Tips" thread is a good place to start off because it's short and to the point, without a lot of additional discussion to read through.
Basic Game Tips

Jokingjoe's "What about special racial abilities?" thread is a good resource to remind you of the various racial differences between the 10 in-game races. This thread is temporarily locked for discussion because we are in the process of discussion changes to racial abilities in the development forums, and want to keep the discussion to a single location. Contact Kaz if you want access to the development forums.
What about special racial abilities?

Kaz's "Answers to a few questions regarding sorcery" thread is another good resource that's easy to read. It's your one stop shop for any questions regarding the mechanics of sorcery in the Monarchy game.
Answers to a few questions regarding sorcery

Bundesbank's "Protips of how to build" thread is a great resource for improving the efficiency and overall quality of your kingdom. Contains build ralted advice from a number of experienced players.
Protips of how to build

Nymphsong's "Protips on War" threads are an excelent place to get tips on ways to run a guild war. While this thread is aimed at giving advice for the purposes of guild wars only, the information within the various discussion threads is very useful for Quaded games like Domination and also for normal Solo play. Well worth a read even if you don't play Guilds.
Protips on War
Protips on War II : Burning
Protips on War III : Building During War
Protips on War IV : Finances
Protips on War V : Breaking with War
Protips on War VI : Communication
Protips on War VII : Defensive Strategy
Protips on War VIII : Parking Lots & Sorc Kills
Protips on War IX : Resolving a Guild Conflict
Protips on War X : In-Between Wars
Protips on War XI : Guild Race Variety
Protips on War XII : Bounties
Protips on War XIII : Restore

Bundesbank's "the false premise of high defence races" thread contains some interesting discussion relating to comparative racial advantages and disadvantages.
the false premise of high defence races
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