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MuM's War on Faith (MuM vs Eaters + G)
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Author:  DeviusZwei [ Thu May 28, 2009 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  MuM's War on Faith (MuM vs Eaters + G)

"So I said to the fellow-"

The thundering of mortar interrupted his sentence. The sound of the material smacking the sides of the fortress was deafening. Devius yelled over the noise.

"Seems MuM beat us to the punch my fellows! We shall continue this later!"

Devius bid his associates a good day and ran off, tailed by his kings guard, who were informing him of the situation as they ran down various corridors.

They're hitting all our top generals, our best fighters are all being invaded as we speak.

Devius stopped when we had reached the war room. He thrust the doors open as his guards continued to fill him in on the war. He grabbed his war mail and listened intently.

We've lost 2 realms. Well 3, but one retalliated on his own and took back all his land. That was Vicious of course sire. I'm afraid towelie has been walled in to less than 3k acres. We must free him of his siege as well. Oh and bad news from our allies, sire. It seems MuM has hit them as well.

Devius finishing pulling on his glove and turned, staring at the man.

"They hit the whole faith?"

Devius's eyes grew red with rage. He screamed and bellowed in fury.

"How dare they attack my entire faith of people! To declare faith war this early is obscene! Leto thinks to exterminate us, eliminate us as a faith. They want it to be just leto and barnabas, it is obvious now. Why? Because although we are so few, we are strong, and they fear that strength will grow. I shall remember this day, as the day MuM attempted to genecide a people."

Devius pulled his sword from his sheath and started running down the hall. His kings guard chased after him desperately, trying to keep him from running out into the fray. But it was no use. He was soon out of their sight, through the doors, and probably in the middle of the shit.

Author:  DeviusZwei [ Thu May 28, 2009 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MuM's War on Faith (MuM vs Eaters + G)

Devius walked back through the castle main doors covered in blood from head to toe, none of it his own. They had fought off the attackers, for now. It had been a bloody 24 hour siege, with no end in sight. But there would be a retalliation, now that the Eaters had time to get their shit together, there would be bloodshed.

Devius walked with his kings guard in tail as always. They awaited his instruction.

"I want everyone on high alert. Ambushes up, squads, everything. Its all here."

He handed the head guard a scroll.

"Also, you know the strike time. We must strike back at them with great vengeance. The existence of our faith may very well be on the line. Oh, and one last thing. You know what to do with those you don't contribute, or seem, suspicious."

The guard nodded. Devius waved them off to do his biddings while he returned to the war room to prepare for his own guild's massive invasion, soon to come.

Author:  Gerien [ Thu May 28, 2009 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MuM's War on Faith (MuM vs Eaters + G)

Gerien laughed. He'd waited. They'd caught him before, so he'd waited. But the audacity of their Guild Master to think that he had successfully defended himself was simply too much to suffer. Well, now, no matter what happened, Gerien was satisfied. The blood on DeviusZwei's body was at long last his own.

Author:  DeviusZwei [ Sat May 30, 2009 3:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MuM's War on Faith (MuM vs Eaters + G)

It was true, the watchful eyes of his guildmates had protected him for a while against the constant onslaught of MuM's armies, particularly the relentless pursuit by a fellow named Gerien.

The name burned burned on Devius's rotten lips. He thought the damn fool would have moved on by now, found an easier target, but Devius turned out to be the fool himself. He should have known better. For eons it seemed, everytime Eaters went to war, there was special attention paid to Devius's kingdoms. They were leveled most times, reduced from a city fit for a king to rubble in a matter of twenty minutes.

This time was no different. As Devius stood over the table in his war room, sketching on maps and pushing little flags with a cane, his personal guards burst through the doors. At the same time, Devius felt the land beneath his feet quake. This time there would be nothing to stop the heathens, this time they'd brought more than enough troops to lay siege to his castles.

Sire! You must leave now! The heathens are closing in on the main castle, we're down to holding 330 acres, they will soon be here! You must survive to lead the faith my lord!

Devius considered himself a man of honor when it came to bloodshed. "Go down with the ship..." he thought for a moment. But his men were right. The Eaters, as well as Angelique, needed him alive right now more than ever. Devius nodded to his guards to lead him away to a safe haven.

Come sire, we shall take to the tunnels, fight guerilla style if we must, until we reach Lord Vicious's realms to the deep north. We have word from the General that his kingdoms remain under siege as well, but so far have fended off the invaders with great courage and valor. His main castle sits on 20,000 acres in the heart of the Eaters homeland, it is the safest place for you now, sire.

"Very well. We shall set-up a temporary command post within the walls of Vicious's castle, where I may continue to guide my men to victory over these false-god loving usurpers. Their claim to the throne will not last. It shall not last."

Devius pushed aside a large bookshelf and stepped into the darkness of the tunnel behind it. One of his guards lit a torch, and sliding the bookshelf shut behind them, the group fled the city as it burned to the ground.

edit - ooc: ive been oafnapped in another thread and im trying to rp out this age as it happens so i wont be posting in here about the peace until after my kidnapping encounter with oafs, because of course i havent learned of the peace agreement reached and the victory, for i am kidnapped and unconscious at the moment.

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