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 A Rebirth. (open) 
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Post A Rebirth. (open)
Deep in the ground a movement sends small trembles through the ground, though it wouldn't be felt by anything or anyone. The movement would be the start of a rebirth of something old and something new. This waking was doomed to come about at one time or another, and now would be the start of something, maybe grand, maybe not. The Old Gods? How much time had passed since this form once roamed the lands, since it last touched the ground with its feet? It was unknown to the being and to those around the site. It didn't really matter, nothing truly ever did. You see justice would come once again, and it could only hope its waking was worth it. The rumble would come from deep inside the old body, a body that shouldn't be alive anymore, a body that shouldn't even have a soul attached to it anymore. Yet it moved once again. Old Gods? It could hope the reason was true and this feeling was right.

Breath. Breath. Breath. Beat. The sound of a beating heart.

The soil would move slightly as a boned finger would slip out of the ground, followed by the whole hand of a old body. Flesh was still attached somehow, though not much of it could been seen. A muffled scream of agony would be heard by nothing more then the lands around it. Then the other hand would slip out of the ground, gripping a single item, a amulet of an Old God, a Goddess it had thought was dead. The scream would come again as its boned fingered started to dig into the ground, hoping to pull itself from the ground. Forearms and elbows would slowly start to show themselves, nothing could hurt this much, well maybe death, but it had already felt the ting of that pain once. A skull would slowly push its way through the ground, showing slight signs of hair, torn and matted from years of laying in the dirt. The eye sockets would come next, pure blackness ran through those eyes, and the first sign of true life would be seen in that body. A soul looked tortured and lost in this matter, thoughts of its death came across its mind as it pulled and pushed the rest of its head from the ground. A half hanging jaw would pop from the dirt as its lungs filled full of the night air, for the first time in who knows how many years. The body would stop struggling once again, and it would rest its old body, its aching body. A sigh would slip out of those torn and battered lips as those black eyes were covered by eye lids caked with heavy dirt.

"Why? Death had been good to me, death had been peaceful for me."

It was like a whisper on the night air as it spoke to itself. A slight shake of its head and the struggle started once again, though this time in a less panic manner. The body started to dig the dirt away from it, slowly pulling its grave apart. Why had it been awaken? The moon was high at this time and it felt like a punishment, had it done something truly wrong in its former life? Or could this been seen as a gift for a warrior that once served with unquestioned loyalty? It knew all of its questions would be answered in due time. The dirt felt good under its finger tips, which were slowly starting to regrow, everything, starting with muscle to tendons to blood and flesh. It was painful to be regrown, and it never wanted to feel this pain again. Slowly as its body was pulled from the ground the regrowing would move across the whole body, organs, broken bones, piece by piece it was slowly put back together. Another scream escaped the things lips as it slowly pulled its upper body from the ground, nothing could hurt this much, not even Death was this cruel to her victims, why was it going through this type of pain? The body would fall limp only half way out of the ground, letting the cold night air wash over its body for the first time. Like a new born baby being born, it was being born from the dirt that once housed its grave.


This voice was a little louder now, a little harsher now, it almost felt real to it. It would rest there for a long while, wondering what had brought this about, what reason was behind this painful experience. Though the wait wouldn't wait long, for it had better things to be doing then laying half way out of the ground. His effort intensified, it would no longer stay in this ground, this cold hard place. With a force it had forgotten, a strength it had not felt in a long time, it would pull its body from the ground and then it would fall to the ground. Nothing more would happen, nothing but the regrowing of its body, the body of a warrior of justice. It laid there clutching the amulet in its hand as the painful event took place. The legs would be the last thing to come back, the toed would wiggle just before sunrise, it felt good to be alive again, to be able to feel the rush of war and passion. Oh a memory that it had forgotten, and hoped to gain once again.

Breath. Breath. Breath. The sound of a beating heart. All of this would ring through his body and ears once again.

"What ever the reason, it matters not. Life flows through me once again, and life will be snuffed out by my hands once again."

Slowly those black eyes would open once again, to show the beast the brilliant view of the rising sun. It hurt. Those eyes quickly closed again as it took a moment to let the sunlight filter through those eye lids, just as it warmed its cold body. Slowly the beast would push itself to its hands and knees, nothing could feel so great as the gift of life, the ability to breath and the feeling of a beating heart. Deep breath would come next, as it took in the scents of the air around it, wondering where it would find itself when its eyes opened once again. Slowly its head craned up and looked towards the sky as those eye lids moved to open, just a sliver at first, just enough to let those new eyes get use to the sunlight once again. Then the growl would come from tightly closed lips and the smell of its own blood would enter its nose. Its right hand was closed tightly around that amulet of Angelique, finger nails and metal were cutting deep into its skin. Those eyes would open all the way as this pain rushed over its body, the first feeling of pain after its rebirth. His hand would fall open after it couldn't take anymore, and the worn metal piece would fall from its hand, those deep black eyes would fall on the blood covered holy symbol. Then those lips would twist into a cruel smile.

"My fair lady, I do hope a Goddess I will find. I doubt any other force could of brought my dead body back to life. Though why now? What is your plan, and where shall I fit into it?"

Everything would be new to it, yet it understood this. It would be like a new cub exploring the world for the first time all over again. Slowly its eyes would move around it, taking in everything, though it wasn't much, trees and wild life. No stone, no people, nothing that would show signs of a kingdom, a kingdom once ruled by the beast kneeling within the middle of the forest. Its fingers would dig into the ground once more before grabbing a hold of that old piece of metal, it felt good to, it felt right, as it pushed to its feet only to fall down once again. Feet, it hadn't had feet in who knew how long, nor a body, which feel to the ground. It lay there for a moment looking up at the sky, and it would start wiggling body parts, reminding itself what it felt like to move and live once again. It would take long for it to gain control of its body once again, for it to be able to move, not in top shape, but enough to get around. That is just what it would do to, get up and move around. It would first move to a tree and then it would cling to the tree as its legs started shaking once again, the pain of movement for the first time shot through its body. Man how could the beast forget how to move, how to run and hunt? Then it hit it, the feel of bark against its bare skin. His eyes flowed down along his body and those black eyes went wide in panic.

"What the hell? This is not the body I remember, this isn't the body of the man I once was."

And it wasn't. With his death came many things. The body had been mutilated before it was burred. It had been stabbed many times, to make sure the beast was dead, limbs had been removed, and then it seemed sewed back together, the body had been burned at the stake, and then branded by the dogs of the Leto and Barnabas. Its body was destroyed. Its body was nothing but one huge scar, and it scared the beast, no strike that, it made the beast mad, it made the beast want justice for the crimes that had befallen him, and for what? For no other reason then being a warrior of Angelique. It hoped this feeling deep inside was true, it hoped it had the option to get his revenge. He looked down at the amulet in its hand and that smile came back across its face, this wouldn't stop the beast, no not this little set back. Its eyes settled on the holy symbol of Angelique and it just thought to itself. People, it must find people.

"I will forever be your dog of war My Fair Lady!"

Then the beast would start running, running towards the east, it would find people sooner or later, it would find clothing, it would find a weapon, and a cause that fit in with this dark plan forming in its reawaken mind. For the Queen Angelique had another warrior, now it was just a matter of time before this beast connected with others of her following. It lived again, it would kill again.

The rebirth is done, now only life remains.

When words mean so much.

Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:05 pm
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