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 Scent of a Giant (NV vs Fides/SO) 
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Post Scent of a Giant (NV vs Fides/SO)
OOC: Yeah Yeah.. we had the descent, we had the ascent..well here's the Scent! :P Statoholics:
ELEMENTUM AB FIDES (The Fides) 22 15,148,306 688,559
SANCTUM OFFICIUM (SO) 10 4,513,123 451,312

NYAMAFU VURUMAI (NV) 40 16,592,145 414,803

If any other guild decides to join us, please PM me and I'll change the stats and topic.. having two threads about same war is such a bugger :D Now I got to write quick before a Fides makes a thread!


" The men have obeyed your orders, sir Porckie! "

" Is that so? "

" Certainly sir! Our men have not touched a toothbrush in three whole days! "

Porckie's eyes widened and he tapped his servant's shoulders...

" Well done! Remind them to pant heavily when they face the enemy! "

The servant nodded and ran off to instruct the soldiers, while Porckie turned around and walked towards a staircase. He had to go down, he felt rather joyfull so he decided to glide down the banisters...

" Weeeee!! "


That was the bad part of banisters, they always seem to end. Porckie dropped and would have surely broke his neck, if it wasn't for a bag of cauliflowers breaking his fall instead. The dwarf got up and wiped the bits of vegetable of his trousers and looked around. This was the ammunitionchamber, filled with imps and a multitude of balloons...

" Hey you! Why are you filling that balloon that way? "

An imp removed a ballon from his mouth and gave Porckie a very stunned look...

" Well.. they're not going to be very effecient when they're blown up that way.. I have been feeding you guys nothing else but beans all week, now flatulate!! "

The imp blushed and obeyed...

[center]~~~ A FEW MOMENTS LATURRRR ~~~[/center]

Porckie watched his armies go forth in battle. He made a gesture, signalling that the marchingsong was to be sung. Inmediatly there were drums to be heard and threethousand throats chanted the same tune...

[center] Smelling really weird
Making lots of noise
Haven't got a choice
Leader has a beard!
Fee Fy Foe Fum
I think I smell an impish bum
Fee Fy Foe Fum
I think I smell an impish bum

You may not fear death,
flames, fire, cashew nut,
torture or cheese,but
you WILL fear our breath!
Fee Fy Foe Fum
I think I smell an impish bum
Fee Fy Foe Fum
I think I smell an impish bum

Writer's Corner Pick of the Week, 19-26 October 2002
Nuff said.

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Sun Nov 03, 2002 5:16 am
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[ooc]Over 1mil more in TNW, and almost double the members... interesting from a guild that screamed bloody murder when we hit up in TNW but had more members.[/ooc]

Megrim del Toro, having woken up early as was his wont, had settled in to begin reading reports of the farming crops for this season. Something that he found exceedingly boring as it had nothing to do with war, but unfortunately quite needed to be done. Suddenly Elavano burst into the room. Megrim turned, almost hoping that something was wrong, anything to get him away from these damned crop reports.

Sire, the heathens of Nyamafu Vurumai are attacking our realms. We have received numerous reports of being under direct fire from a number of Elementum ab Fides' realms. Xagh Livix has been notified and is getting ready to lead the repelling efforts in the west.

Glad to be back where he belongs again, Megrim looks up at Elavno with a small smile. In a voice that was calm, almost too calm, Megrim ordered Elavano. Very well. Make sure our men are ready and send word to our realms in the east. I will marshall our forces on this side and lead the march on NV. Let our realms know that we will not only defend our realms, we will do better and take it straight at NV and take the war to their lands instead.

Hours later

Having received word that Megrim's kingdom had been attacked, Elavano runs out to the battlefield to let him know. Megrim wanted to know of all attacks, no matter how inconsequential. Trying to hold back a snicker, Elavano reported to Megrim, The heathens have attacked your realm milord. 70 of you peasants and 4 buildings have been destroyed.

Are you sure that's not the lead force of the attack? Are you sure my realm is not being decimated as you stand here before me Elavano? Yes, milord. That indeed appears to be the sum total of the forces marshalled against your lands at this time. It appears that yours and Xagh Livix's tactic of taking the war straight to NV has paid off. Their initial strike has been brunted.

Very well. Now get back to my realm and make certain that all defensive measures are under control.

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Cacophony of Silence
There is death about us

Sun Nov 03, 2002 9:28 am
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His men had been lying in hiding for days waiting for the order to strike. He coulding believe that they had granted these pagani time to build and fort up. He hated waiting. To many unknowns can happen during that time, and then one did. The gates to the kingdom he had been watching opened and out poored its army.

Thoughts rushed through his head. Why would the enemy who knew he was about to be attacked at anytime send his troops out of the defenses of the city. That question dwelled on him for a short time as he watched there troops movements. They didn't stopped, but kept moving and then he saw the supply wagons. Hitting him like a ton of bricks it dawned on him. They were going to try to catch our cities undefended. Our troops were in the fields and they knew that. It was a good move if they could have pulled it off.

He waited until the last man was out of the city and then head back to where his men were waiting. He talked with his generals, they all wore grins. They had forces on two sides of the city. They would tales them for a good little ways far out of the sight of the city and then spring a little trap for them. The men were up and moving as soon as they heard of there luck. Each man wore the same grin as the others. Finally happy to have some action. There orders for taking the city would have to wait for just a while longer.

Can you see the Hell in my eyes.
The Darkness within takes me by the hand
and leads me down the path of insanity.

Sun Nov 03, 2002 9:39 am
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OOC: "NV do not gangbang.40 on 30 is not kosher no matter the networth when you have the first strike."


A handful of them had dispatched with Xagh the night before to the far westeren fields which they had met the Vurumai only weeks earlier. The pact the Coniecturae had agreeed to with the Isonians was to end the following morning at dawn. It obvious the two would be meeting for bloodshed again, the only question was, who would jump first. Who would bide their time in preparation, an' who would jump at the first opportunity, no matter how lacking preparation they might be. Xagh was never one to rush into anything, least of all a war. When Darden revealed a path chosen, the utmost care an' precision was taken in securing a strike that would most mortally wound those that Darden wished His Despair be known. Precise was the best word for it. Even heathen leaders had oft' expressed a respect for the Fides' cunning when it came to going on the offensive. Though it wasn't unusual to respect an enemy's prowess an' yet yearn to rip their throats out. Preparation was the key. While most of the Faithful remained to guard the home borders, some were moved to the western fields with Xagh an' Maenas to wait, just in case.

As the tents were set up on a low rise, troops amassed, moving into position. Here they would be to either launch the first of the offensives at Noon, with a most Radical ally, or to meet the Vurumai if they chose to launch first at Dawn. There were a few of the Faithful that truly believed the heathen would not be able to contain themselves when Dawn came an' the pact ended. That the threat of Darden's Faithful would be too much for the Isonians, for their hearts had been awash with Despair a few short weeks earlier, they would remember well the Fides an' their brothers of Ten crushing through their cities one after another after another...

The eve wore on. Maenas an' Xagh left with a few others from the camp, walking slowly out across the fields. The night sky beginning to lighten slightly casting a purple hue over the ground. As Maenas walked, she looked at the ground beneath her bare feet, kneeling down, she looked up at the others with a faint grin holding up the broken blade of a battle axe an' one of those odd fishing poles broken in half in her hand. Remnants of the last battle on these fields with the Vurumai. She wondered if the one who had armed his men with such..odd..weapons as the fishing poles was still so mad with the insanity many of the heathen suffered from these days, wondered too, what sort of strange suveniers she would get from the mad one this time around.

Maenas could swear the ground was still stained crimson in patches of old, dried blood. Standing up again, she tossed the axe head an' the pole to the ground again, her foot coming down on the blade as they walked away. Kneeling down at the top of another rise, they all knelt down alongside, watching. The Vurimai's far borders off in the distance.

Maenas stretched out on the ground on her stomach, laying her head down against the cool earth. The leaves of her skin ruffled softly, the dew an' soft mud beneath her seeping into her skin like lotion. She could hear Xagh sending orders back to the camp for the troops to assemble on this rise with them, where they would wait together. As Xagh put his hand against her shoulder, Maenas turned her face down to the ground with a deep inhale, the dusty wetness awakening her senses further. She looked up at him with a smile an' whispered to him.

They're coming. I can smell their blood in the earth.

Just then, a runner approached with Megrim's message. Maenas reached up from the ground for it, sitting up she read it in a low whisper. Xagh nodded with a familiar grin coming to his face, telling her to disperse the orders along the line, they would seek out those who's heaviest troops had been left behind for a second assault. The Vurumai's first offensive forces were moving against the Fides' home boarders, where Megrim an' the others were waiting for them.

Maenas' body began to slowly dissentigrate against the ground, the leaves moving apart, laying out on the ground fluttering in the cool breeze. Circling around the Coniecturae's ankles where he stood up, the leaves circled off, moving quickly along the ground, where each next leader lay in wait, the leaves circled about them, Maenas' voice coming to their minds at once, plans an' orders shared, the leaves moved off down the line. Once the Vurumai were spotted as the first of Dawn's rays touched the horizon, the Faithful moved in behind them, right into their city gates.

They met resistance in many cities within the Vurimai's borders, yet without the power of their largest realms behind them, those heathen the western forces visited soon crushed beneath the weight of such Great Despair.

Elementum Ab Fides
~Mistress to the Faithful~

Don't be afraid of dying. Be afraid of dying a fool.

Sun Nov 03, 2002 3:07 pm
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SANCTUM OFFICIUM (SO) 10 4,513,123 451,312
Add us to the fray ya damn Iso gangbangers ya. :shock:


It was no secret that the Torturer had had many a disagreement with the leadership of the Fides. In fact there were probably times when both the Fides and the Officium had wished the other to follow a different faith so that they could wage war without consequence.
The fates had seen fit to make them faithmates though, and the demon had to respect that.

As he leaned back in his chair the wood groaned it's discontent and shadows swirled around him.
It seems we have come to a crossroads in our faith.
He spoke to the leaders of the Officium that had gathered in the Onyx temple. Some spoke of their doubts at the Torturers desires.
Desires that would inevitably lead to consequences.
Arguments ensued amongst the clan, some eager to fight for the faith while others remained aloof, conservative.

In the end though, they all saw that personal feelings meant nothing against matters of faith. A grossly lopsided war had been waged on the Fides and the demons were the only ones with the power to help.

We are agreed then, the god of woes would turn his back on us forever were we to just stand aside and watch our Darden brothers and Sisters meet a bloody end upon the blades of the Isonian dogs.

A dark scowl etched itself firmly into his features and he eyed each and every leader that was present.

Whatever you decide, my reavers will join the fight against the Vurumai.
He stated coldy.

There were no more arguments, no more doubts.

The Officium would march alongside the Fides, all their past differences forgotten for the sake of faith.

The Torturer

Sun Nov 03, 2002 7:32 pm
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You are certain that you wish to commit yourself to this path?

Her hushed question breaks through my prayers to the Lord, demanding an answer and yet emotionless as if that answer meant nothing to her. She is a strange one, this witch that has become a guest in my realm, so empty of faith and yet so full of rage, a contradiction at every turning. In some ways I think of her as a puzzle that Darden has sent to test me, and in solving her He shall be most pleased. As His servant I shall forever serve Him, rewards for my service have never mattered to me, that He accepts my devotions is enough. Now if only I could make the witch understand that same thing.

Yes, it is Darden's will that this be so, in this matter there shall be no division among His faithful, I reply. The Fides may not see the Lord as we see Him, the truth that they follow may seem an abomination to us but we are faithmates and it is enough that they follow Darden as we do. Better that my armies tear into the hides of the worshippers of the false Goddess than into the lands of those that choose to follow no guild's banner. There is no glory in the easy battle, there is no honour to be claimed in His name in that way. It is far more glorious that we sent our forces to move against those of NV and support our brethern. Those who flocked to the banner of the Lord Ryloc and clashed with Fides shall find the Darden faith united against them. Would you rather we left the Fides to the tender mercies of Nyamafu Vurumai? So many more would die that way.

She is silent, unwilling, or perhaps unable, to answer my own question. I can hear the parchment move through her hands as she looks over the numbers once more, trying to reduce it all to figures and facts rather than emotions and memories. But nothing will change and in the end she will realise just as I did that we cannot stand idly by and watch the Vurumai steal lands that do not belong to them. It is not faith that will lead her to this decision but rather her sense of honour, a measure within her by which she gauges all about her. But what does that matter? It is enough that eventually she will come to agree with me on this. That will be the first step on the road to her accepting Darden into her soul.

And then the Lord shall truly look upon us in blessing.

The thought of that inevitable day brings a smile to my lips, the imagined joy swelling within me. I reach out for her, one hand resting on hers as she lays the parchment down once more. The anger of the Isonians shall be without end, she says in time, beaking the silence that had grown between us. But the words are no attempt to sway me from the events that shall occur tonight, I can hear the resignation in her voice all too clearly. She knows that we will war tonight and that there is no changing the target of that battle.

Of course they shall rage, I would expect nothing less from those who are so blind as to follow the bitch Goddess. But because they are blind they shall not succeed, I can almost sense her discomfort as I say the word 'blind'. Oh yes I am blind, but it is only the sight of the physical world that is denied to me whereas Nyamafu Vurumai have lost sight of the truth. If only they were to open their eyes and look upon the world clearly they would realise that Isonia has neither the strength nor wit to combat Darden. They may descend upon the desert realm with all their forces, they may tear this town stone from stone, they may rant and roar of their percieved 'injustice' to the heavens, but they shall not break the faith or the spirit of Darden's people.

So let them roar, let them scream how terrible it is that the demons have dared to even the battle, let them declare that they will chase us to the edges of the isle and beyond. The truth is that it matters not, for no matter how they rage they cannot destroy us. And perhaps finally when they realise this that anger that burns so brightly within their breasts will turn upon itself. You know better than any how destructive the need for revenge can be, driving someone to ever greater deeds of malice till all thought of reason is driven from the afflicted.
She pulls away from me slightly as I speak, the remembered anger in her soul smoldering and still demanding to be quenched in the blood of another.

I lean in closer to her, the dark empty orbs of my eyes staring towards her. Many have found the sight uncomfortable though perhaps that is as much to do with knowing why my eyes are missing as it is the actual disfigurement itself. I gave up my eyes willingly, let a priest of Darden carve them from my face and offer them as my sacrifice to the Lord of Sorrow. Rarely outside of the Officium have I met any that can understand my past actions, they find it horrifying and terrible that any would mutilate themselves as I have. But they do not realise that for me it was the greatest sign of devotion that I could offer Him, a signal that my love for Him is unending. Pluck out that bitter fruit of revenge from your own breast witch, I advise her ernestly. Pluck it out and set the demons of your mind free, let them devour all the pain and make your stronger.

You do not know what you ask of me Ebony, she replies, her tone cold and withdrawn. I am not like you, I doubt I ever can be even if I wished to be.

I nod slowly but within my heart leaps joyously knowing that with each word she draws ever closer to the rebirth of her faith.Dare I push her a little further? Dare I risk destroying all the progress that we have made so far? Yes I dare, I must. Then let me at least give you some small measure of the peace you so desire. Let me give you the oppurtunity to lose yourself for a while, to forget the world and think only of the power of your magic. A gift from me to you.

What is it that you are suggesting?, there is caution in her voice but also a desperate need. Though she fears what I am offering still she longs for it all the same, the confliction rages within her. But somehow I think that she will accept, the witch will leap at even the slightest chance of peace for her troubled mind. Her actions as of late make that all too clear to me.

I have need of one to call the sorcery against the heretics. The priests of the land can call the power but they cannot direct it truly. I would have you do that, as much for your sake as for mine. Tonight we fight against the Isonians with magic as well as steel and perhaps in the weilding of the magic you can find the calmness that you so want. I hear the small gasp from her at my suggestion, it has been so very long since she involved herself with the wars of the faiths in these lands. Mold the magic with your will, set it on its task and lose yourself for a time in the magesty of its song just as my son shall lose himself in Darden's melody upon the battlefield.

The silence stretches itself out in the room as she considers my proposal, the hairs on the back of my neck rising in trepedation. What will I do if she refuses? Even suggesting that she take some small part in the war might push her away from me, exactly the opposite of what I wish to happen. I need her to trust me, to know that even though our shared past may be forgotten to me still I am willing to listen to her. Only that way is there hope of salvaging her soul from the bleak atheism that she ahd harboured for so long.

Very well.

Her soft words catch me offguard, I had not expected so simple an answer. No instead I had thought that she would take far more convincing of what we must do. I had already began to plan my words to convince her of Fides need for their fellows and of the Isonian's reckless attack. Already I had envisoned a long argument, my wit pitted against hers in order to come to a settlement. Never had I believed that she would just agree.

I draw her hand close to me, wrapping the fingers of my other hand about her wrist and placing her hand on my chest so that she might feel the beat of my heart. You shall never know the gladness in me at this moment, to know that finally we shall fight along-side one another. I have waited and searched for you for as long as my fractured memory remembers. There was many an age when I thought that this time would never come, that we would remain forever estranged.

Tonight though we are together, tonight we shall set ourselves against the Nyamafu Vurumi. For faith,
I whisper hoarsely.

I can sense her shaking her head, her free hand coming to rest upon mine, No, for honour, Lyssia says.

[center]Seeing what others deny
Sanctum Officium - Herald of Despair
Let your death feed the visions
Maledict's Psychiatrist by special appointment[/center]

Mon Nov 04, 2002 4:46 am
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The dark Lord had toyed with the unguilded fools who sat indecisive in the game of life for long enough. His armies had destoyed lands, homes, populations of many short lived kingdoms. Each death brought him little pleasure, for though another heart would find the offering fires in his temples, there was no joy in these empty victories.

Then the orders had come, the large guild NV had assaulted, abilet poorly one of the faithfuls guilds. It mattered not to the lord of hells shadows who was in the right or wrong, what mattered was the chaos of war on a grand scale. The sounds of the dead and dying were all that mattered, the helpless souls who would find their worst nighmares come alive.

The gates were open, the dark masses surged forth. The earth once more trambled beneath cloven feat. The sky poured the black rain of chaos which mingled with the blood of the damned and fed the soil wherin the seeds of chaos would be grown.

Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:33 am
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