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 Tiger, Tiger, burning bright... The Confederacy invades VeV. 
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A cool fresh wind blew down from Caradhras.
Karhedron felt it caress his face, move his hair, his crimson cloak rose up on the air.
He breathed deeply.
The air was cold, and tasted of the mountains - if he could've known the taste of rock and ice, he would've sworn this was it. No blood, no ash, no decay tainted the perfection of the wind.

Around him, a multitude of red dragons appeared, as the banners of Hirudo were caught in the wind, displaying the Crimson Dragon of SanGuin. Afew feet away, a gate guard bedecked in his gold mail and crimson cloak stood silently vigilant, ensuring to keep his gaze out to the horizon and the surrounding farmlands, especially in the presence of his lord.

Leaning forwards onto the edge of the rampart, he turned his own gaze to the horizon. It had been empty for days now, other than the continual movement of Caravans heading in and out of the Confederate lands, and indeed it had been weeks since any hostile forces had come within Karhedron's own province. Even the usual bands of vagabonds and roaming mountain raiders had ceased to attack the trade routes within the SanGuin State, fearing the expanded might of Karhedron's forces.

It was true, Karhedron's realm now stood stronger than it had in many a year - even during his peaks of the NV war had his forces not held so much power... and so now it bothered him greatly that while his people stood so tall and proud, many of the heartlands of the confederacy were still in turmoil.

Though Hirudo, Gate of the Confederation, stood strong and secure, it seemed the heathens had found other ways in.

Already his troops were spread across numerous other confederacy lands, and each day Caravans of aid from Hirudo itself would pass along the trade routes. And yet still the people of the Confederacy suffered at the spiteful hands of the VeV lords.

Lords? Karhedron smirked silently to himself as he nodded to the Guard and left the gate battlements.
Why could not VeV accept peace and defeat with the same honour and valiance that they had fought with when they accepted war.
Lords? None who seemed so lacking in nobility should hold such titles.

Prince of The Hirudan Empire

Thu Nov 21, 2002 12:35 am
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He bent over the intelligence reports, running his fingers down the list, muttering out the assests of the greatest kingdoms remaining of Valeo Et Vereatio. He signed. It seemed that there was indeed, nothing truely left of them. How could they boast of any conquest in this war? How could they justify the needless slaughter of not only the Children of Darden, but their own in greater numbers. Anyone looking could see that the Confederation was the clear winner in this war, by a large margin of victory. The heathens continued to harry the same Lords and Ladies of the Free Cities, taking small amounts of land, which were eventually fed back into the lands of the Free Cities in one of the larger kingdoms.

He could see little tactical value in this stratigy. It just made the heathens weaker, and the forces of the Confederation that much more powerful. Strange, it was, that his neighbor Kassandra had recieved a threatening message from one of the VeV. She was only a touch smaller then he was. Yet this insolent pup had the gall to say that he would eveutally kill her? He found it difficult to believe.

It was at this point a squire ran in, laid a notice upon his table, then positively scampered out. Puzzled, the Lord Skyblade read over the noticed, encourged by the first line that stated it was peace conditions from VeV. As he read down their conditions, he burst into hysterical laughter.

Defeat? They wish me to admit to defeat to those young pups?When the sky turns pink and purple polka dots and golden pigs fall from the sky

His reply the Lord Jans said as much, including his vote. Which, quite bluntly stated, "Fuck, No."

Thu Nov 21, 2002 8:46 am
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The embers before him died slowly in the evening breeze. Scribes of peace offers had been coming in hourly from the leaders of CoFC, and scribes asking if peace shall be granted came in from the leaders of VeV. As each scribe came in, Nitemare would look outside his window. His realm was destroyed, but build back quickly and ready to attack. But how much longer would this have to take place. At first CoFC were conquering, then VeV started to gain the upper hand. Now no one was moving anywhere. It made no sense to keep fighting.

But also in the back of his mind he wanted to keep fighting! To regain his true position back in Tonan! To be on the top again! With his comrads Andro, Stamar, Lence, and the rest of VeV.... But that could also be gained by calling peace... and rebuilding his realm like the powerful realm it was...

Peace or War??? The two options danced around in his head. The men of CoFC had faught well, and the men in VeV had fought better. Each guild proved what had to be proven, but Nitemare felt that VeV could prove even more!

His quill hovered over the parchment.... mostly over the 'WAR' option. Nitemare closed his eyes and set his quill down on the scribe. He could feel his hand spelling out his name slowly... His hand felt heavy, and the quill burned in his hand. As he wrote the last 'E' in his name, his eyes slowly opened. A smile appeared on his face as he lay the quill down. His instincts were right. He had made the right decision.

Nitemare rose from his desk and walked out of the room. The scribe was picked up by the heavy winds that blew outside. Around the room it flew, and finally out an open window. Dodging trees and towers, the scribe somersaulted in the air as the wind took control of it.... as the wind took it to its new destination.... to The Mighty Stamar with his decision on it........


I'm Your Worst Nitemare... CHOSEN by ??? RECRUITED by Hell...

Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:38 am
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Isis stood on the round uprise in the land, dark eyes surveying the battle field. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she panted, having completed another day of fighting and rebuilding her destructed kingdom. Lands had been regained and her peasants were slowly returning from their hideouts, and she greeted them all with a smile and a small pouch of gold.

The soldiers that remained worked hard with the workers in reconstructing her land. Blood that was both hers and her enemy's had dried on her arm, and she longed for a long bath. Ominous clouds gathered overhead, and she welcomed the rain, if only for it to break away the sticky blood that clung to her skin.

From the corner of her eye, Isis saw an approaching messenger, and she stepped down to meet the boy.

My lady, talks of peace, he managed to gasp, before collapsing in exhaustion on the ground. Isis beckoned for water to be brought and then began the trek to the castle.

Some sleep tonight, at last, she muttered, and the rain began to fall as the doors closed behind her.

Paradise = St.Maarten, Dutch West Indies aka My Home :D
Graag Gedaan!

Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:34 pm

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Elmo walks in to Lord Badangel's study. She moves quietly not making a sound, staying in the shadows, perfect, then..."Hello Elmo, good try my friend." Elmo's shoulders slump and she shakes her head...."How do you always know?"...Badangel turns toward her, "Have you forgotten who taught you these tricks? I raised you and you are quite skilled but you have not yet surpassed the teacher. Now what news have you?"

Elmo settles down in her chair across from Badangel. "I have heard troubling news my lord. Our allies speak of peace mylord. Peace has been offered by The Confederacy and some of our allies have already accepted. What shall we do? Shan't the FEAST continue?" Elmo stops herself, "Forgive me mylord, I ramble" She settles back to hear his reply.

Badangel leans forward and begins, "Go to the Dark Lord of The Slaughter, beg him to reconsider his actions. Tell him the prophet is near and he must not be disappointed. He shall bring the war to the Confederacy himself if he must but Many follow him. Soon cities shall be blown to the ground and flooded. Peace shall not be eternal, it never is, this shall pass when darkness bids it fall." Go now and tell his Lordship what i have spoken, it has been spoken, so shall it come.

Sat Nov 23, 2002 11:22 am

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Post The powerful, now invisable
Lazarus sees the walls shake and the outer lands that were newly added to his new keep were burned and washed away. He sits back and chuckles loudly.

"So these heathens have learned a bit or two about faith, they tire of having their youngest members beaten soundly as they return to the guild. No problem, now we go for their top members. Now comes the shear power of Lazarus, and the true power of the Prophet. He is coming, and with his return, the true faith will come and the Confederacy will not stand. It will be fun to watch them fall, and fall often. May the feast continue, or will it be soon time to fast, who knows, and who cares. The prophet is on his way."

Lazarus sits in his throne and chants an arcane spell, the throne room dissappears as well as the entire keep. Nothing remains except for the entrance to the Abyss Below' Shear Obsidian Darkness.

Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:26 am
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Post State of the Union
You have got to be kidding me? Tallula gasped in disbelief and studied the letter from Chairman Stee Jans again. It was all there, the demands that Valeo Et Veneratio had set for their terms of peace. Surrender half our lands indeed. Who in the name of Darden would demand such?

Tallula shuffled through the attack reports to find what she was looking for, the reports of finances between the guilds

With only 12 realms flying the Confederation's banner, they were worth 508,153 gold on average, and well over VeV with a 6,097,838 total worth. Valeo Et Veneratio on the other hand, though once a prospering organization of Kingdoms now was only grossing 723,078 gold total, with an average income of 51,763 gold; and they had two more kingdoms at their disposal.

When do they realize that they are beaten? She asked aloud.

With a heavy sight Tallula reached for her quill and began scribing a missive to the Chairman


Esteemed Chairman Stee Jans,

You asked me recently what I felt of this war, and if I may be frank I must say that I am rather dumbfounded by it and overjoyed by it at the same time. The enemy's refusal to admit they are better off giving up, declaring peace, and returning home so that they might go lick their wounds has left me quite confused.

I do however feel that this situation is one of the best possibilities for us; for as I have looked over the reports, they are not injuring us so badly at all... and yet they have inspired our peoples to unite. We are becoming more solid with each passing day, and I believe they have given us a stronger drive than any war which results in the opposing guild understanding their defeat ever could.

I am happy to report that once again, my armies are turning aside their attacks. I was finally granted enough of a rest on my fledgling kingdom to build upon the land. It was a welcome change to be able to look out my window in new lands and not see war within our first 12 hours of being there.

I beseech you; if it is war they threaten until either the destruction of the lands within the Confederation, or the disablement of the Confederation itself, then let us war with them until the end of our days. For NEVER will I willingly allow any of them to claim victory over our proud union, and NEVER will I appologize for this war.

I will have the reports of the weekend attacks to you this afternoon. I feel you will be very pleased.

By My Hand,

~Tallula Aradan~
Chairman of the Interior


Mon Nov 25, 2002 11:17 am
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He read through the latest missive from one of his officers, the Chairwoman of the Interior Tallula, and couldn't help but smiling. Mostly because, regardless of the strife and antagonism over the past couple weeks, she was entirely right concerning the uniting effect of the war. When the war had begun, the Confederacy was a loosely-knit band of realms with common interests, but at the same time, not bound in loyalty entirely to the cause. The result of this war of attrition was that those who lacked faith were weeded out and those who didn't became loyal and vigorous in their defense of freedom. It was a heartening scenario, a veritable silver-lining to the dark cloud of hatred that VeV had attempted to cast over the alliance.

He picked up his own pen, dipping it thoughtfully into an inkpot, as he wrote his response on official business parchment.

Respected Chairwoman and Senior Senator Tallula-

Trust fully in the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. I too have noted the increased coordination and cooperation taken by our member states in an entirely voluntary setting. We are moving quickly from a guild of realms eyeing each other cautiously and silently to a bustling organization pervaded with communication and comraderie. This can only be attributed to the excellent work done by our officers, including yourself, and the enlightened, self-interested response of our senators. Truly, we have something of great potential, soon realized, forming.

From my own vantage point, and the runners who come in and out of the capital daily, I have seen with growing interest the rise of Confederate realms. Those already entrenched are easily remaining as such and those who have been targetted from the first have finally begun a resurgent recovery. I am pleased to inform you that the capital is back fully under Confederate control, as we have finally repelled the searching efforts of the VeV sweepers. I have noticed the same of your realm and of others, the true shift of the last vestiges of power in question has begun in earnest.

And also, be assured that VeV will not be given peace under any of their stated conditions, as the senate has spoken in overwhelming reprehension of these so-called terms. Thus, it has become provisional Confederate law to refuse admission of Foretian victory of dominance. If VeV so wishes to continue this galling and frustrating campaign longer, let them, it is fully in their hands whether or not they ever experience gainful growth the rest of the season and possibly year. I no longer will rail desperately for rational conclusion, as any hope of that has fled into the night for good. They have supposedly been considering peace once again, but I have no recent information as to whether or not it is another duplicitous ploy or ingratiating taunt. It is of no significant matter, either way.

Though, I have heard of purported plans of VeV to lay waste to our wealthiest realms, which I am currently lacking proper expression of the situation due to my disbelief. The only way they could affect said realms would be in the unsavory graces of outside assistance, something I hope I can put beyond their capacity for treachery. Nonetheless, let us all remain on steadfast guard to ensure that this threat does not come to pass.

I thank you for organizing the attack reports, and I look forward to your further assistance in strengthening the causes of the Confederation and freedom as a whole.

Stee Jans
Chairman of the Confederation

He sealed the letter with a daub of hot wax pressed with his signet ring. The missive would possibly travel near enemy advances, but he hoped that VeV had the grace to allow official communication to rightfully find their destinations.

With that accomplished, he considered a touch of brandy before the night fully took over, he believed that for the first time in weeks, he richly deserved it.

кто кого?

Mon Nov 25, 2002 2:55 pm
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It had been many a week since Karhedron had felt silk upon his skin. He had more or less spent the last months in the saddle, armed and armoured from dusk til dawn, even at night was it rare they he had had time to remove his armour and sleep freely.

The loose fitting crimson shirt fluttered slightly as a breeze passed over the balcony, Karhedron's dark hair flowing behind him, free from the restrictions of his helm.

He pulled the laces of his shirt tighter for warmth, before resting his hands upon the balcony edge and viewing the scene below. From his high vantage point in the topmost tower of Cruentus, the massive citadel of Hirudo, he could see the city great city in it's entirety.

In the red-orange dusklight, the white canvases of the numerous caravans and markets and camps seemed to glow golden and crimson, and as he gazed over Hirudo, the whole city appeared the epitomy of calmness and unity, entirely bedecked in it's patron's colours. Hardly fitting for a 'city at war', he mused.

The Caravans were now more regular than ever. Non-stop throughout the day, they had lately continued even at night. The treasury was simply over-flowing, and no matter how much he shipped out to aid for his fellow confederates, more and more seemed to be collected each day. Yet, he was still worried, simply for the fact that the aid was indeed still required in certain regions of the Confederation.

A clear note echoed from the citadel walls. Squinting, Karhedron could make out the movement of men upon the six rings of walls that made up Hirudo's defences. If only the other Confederation lands were so well watched he pondered.

"The changing of the Guard my Liege. The night draws near, and it has been so long since we have had your company within the Citadel. Won't you come inside?"

Karhedron turned, startled. His hand instinctively reached for his sword at his hip, but found only the waist of his leather breaches.

"I'm sorry if I startled you my liege. I heard you had returned. I... I wanted to see you again.... ... I've missed you."

Luciana's dreamy brown eyes stared deeply at him, and Karhedron could not help but sigh in awe.

"I... I've missed you too...You're... You... Y... "

It had been many months since he had been free of his armour, but it had also been many months since he had set eyes upon a woman, other than the dead, the mutilated, or the fat wives of Landlords in whom's keep he had spent the last months.

And it did not help that Luciana was not just any woman.

Once a handmaiden of his twin sister in their youth, Karhedron had loved her for years. And so when Kaledrhyll had dismissed her seemingly out of jealousy for her ever growing beauty, Karhedron had taken her into his own royal staff. From there, things had... progressed.

Her eyes, so dark, so deep. Her blonde curls hung loose and long, flowing in the eve-breeze blew in front of her face, her parfect skin. The cream and crimson dress she wore clung tightly to her curved yet petite figure. The foot of the dress rested perfectly just touching the floor, neither moved nor dragged as she stepped and yet seemed to glide towards Karhedron. The laces at the front of the garment were loose, undone at the top, just exposing her bare, ample cleavage.

Karhedron was enchanted. He mouthed out the beginnings of words, compliments, but his voice stuck in his throat.

Luciana was right in front of him now. He felt her soft hand upon his face. His rose hers. Her face was so close, her full beauty exposed. The breeze blew once more. His dark straight hair, moved and entwined with her light curls.
Her lips pressed against his own. The taste so sweet. He still stood gormlessly motionless.
Again her lips came, this time her tongue pushed between his own, and Karhedron, roused, responded.
Their lips separated and the lovers embraced.

Luciana stepped back and observed her Lord and Lover, in his baggy crimson shirt and tight black breaches.

"Very Thespian of you Kar!" She smiled, the smile of a goddess, and chuckled lightly at Karhedron's garb.

"But, I'll tell you what I really can't beleive!" Her eyes now wide in mocking desbelief
"After months of riding, and day upon day in that armour of yours, you return home, only to voluntarily wear such damned tight trousers!"

Her hand clamped upon his crotch. Karhedron felt the blood flow of his body being re-directed. Across the city, the guards stood to attention and their long spears rose towards the sky.

"It simply can't be good for you my liege. With the utmost respect... They'll have to go."

Approaching once more, she kissed him again, while with one hand she undid the laces of the front of her dress, and the other the front of his breaches.

The dress fell, revealing her naked beauty. Karhedron, Prince of Hirudo gateway to the Confederation, was putty in her hands.
For tonight at least, both Hirudo and the Confederation would have to do without him... Was not like they needed him against such insignificant opponents as VeV anyways....

Prince of The Hirudan Empire

Tue Nov 26, 2002 2:20 pm

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Post The invisible grow stronger
The darkness begins a loud trembling laugh. It starts as a low growl and turns into a thundering bellow. The walls of the ice cave shake as pieces of ice fall from the cave ceiling and crash to the cavern floor. For an instant, the shape of Lazarus in his throne forms and dissappears.

The thunder that was his laughter settles down and Lazarus calls forth his trusted friend, Chester.

Chester, a short fasting has been declared for a short while, and our kingdoms grow. I do not look forward to the feast once again, I know that I am safe, but I fear for the safety of my allies, I do not see how they can survive, but their onslaught is soon to begin once the fasting is over. It will be interesting to see how much shear destruction is dealt to the top members of CoFC, but I do tire of this, in my past nothing was desired except for the devestation of the enemy, but I get tired of the constant feasting on both sides, and sincerely desire an end.

I have been unreasonable to the heathens in the past, but a part of me desires to put that behind and enjoy the world once again. It is not necessary for constant war.

Chester nodded solemnly and smiled

Yes Chester, my silent messenger, take a message to both allies and foes in this war, it is time to declare the fasting for longer than just a day, and go our separate ways after others. It is time to let the fire die down for a while. I wish to build.

Thu Nov 28, 2002 5:17 pm
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