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 Chambers of SIN (open) 
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Post Chambers of SIN (open)
Nixsyn stood at the head of the council, here he was Cynig here the people looked to him for guidance. He met the gaze of each of the onlookers with pride in his eyes

We the Servants of Isonia's Need stand here united together in body and in purpose. It is a time of new beginnings. It is time to bring Isonia's light once again to the lands, the follwers of Darden and Foret once again ravage the lands like a plague, and they must be brought to heel. We will not stand still while the followers of Isonia live under the constant fear of attack or war. Today we begin what our forefathers began but were never able to fully accomplish. Today we set out to bring Justice to the lands.

And as the Council of old once stood together spoke the words of the Warrior's Prayer, so shall we together in arms.

Nixsyn stood and drew his sword raising it in salute

Isonia I call to you my sword is by my side. I seek a life of honor, free from all false pride. I was born to die hear me while I yet live. Blood and death are waiting like a raven in the sky, by divine right I will kill. I will bring salvation, punishment and pain. I am a kinsman to only the slain. The hammer of hate is my faith, sworn to rise again.
Ours is the kingdom of steel, Isonia and I await thee your true son am I. I pledge you my sword and to no man I kneel, I hail you now as I die. Still brave beyond the grave, all sworn the eternal vow. The time to strike is now. Gone are the days when freedom shone, now blood and steel must meet bone, in the light of the battle's way.

Vengence is in my heart, death in my hand.
Blood and revenge are hammering in my head.

Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:38 pm
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Post Leaving...
I walked down the steps from the old palace with ambiguous feelings. I was pleased to be allied with other honourable leaders, determined to bring out the holy law to the lawless lands, but at the same time that secret part of me that was locked away with my memories seemed to be less enthusiastic about the whole affair. I vaguely wondered what had happened in my life before that had made me so cynical.

The night air was cool but my chest was still warm from where my magical medallion had heated up during the oath to isonia. Near the end I was becoming worried that it would scald my skin and I would have to expose the artifact to the council, but fortunately that did not happen. Why did it respond, what did it respond to, and should I be worried? I let it go for now, the medallion had proven to be a mystery to all the mages and scholars I had shown it to in the greatest of secrecy, and I knew that my worrying would get me nowhere.

My guards were standing by their horses in the courtyard and a stableboy held the reins to my stallion. The moon was near full and the road in this part of the land was fairly safe for a company of men at night, so we started out immediately for home. There was much to do, much to prepare for. And that dark, secret being that I suspect was once me was quite eager for the bloodshed to begin.

[center]Give in to the rage, the fury, the hatred of the world.

Mon Nov 11, 2002 9:09 am
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