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 Justicars Dance in the Night (Justicars vs. RONIN) 
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Post Justicars Dance in the Night (Justicars vs. RONIN)
[ooc Starting stats
Renegades of Nihilistic Night 12 3,700,000ish 302,000 ish
Quod Magnus Justus 11 2,700,000ish 230,000ish

For Great Justice[/ooc]


The fields surroundign the five pointed valley of Koriasai had allready beguin their transformation from wastes to pastureland once more, but allready the fresh life was being crushed beneath the bootheels of warriors, warriors ready for combat, eager to make the name of their Liege-Lords and the Arch-Chancellor and what she stood for be known to the whole of the island.

Seska waited from inside the towering walls of Civitas Aeternus, behind glistening banners in the sunlight, and though wan, it was more than this place had seen for such a long, long time.

All around the valley, in the little regions that hailed to the Magnus, the legions of Darden mounted their forces, preparing for the ultimate strike into heathen controlled territories, those belonging to the Renegades of Nihilistic Night. The anticipation hung upon the air as thick as sheet lightning, yet within the walls of the city, all was calm.

Seska walked through the partially rebuilt streets of the city, letting her gaze fall on the equiptment that had been designed and built to protect thisp lace against siege....siege of their soon to be enemies and of enemies far worse and more dire than that of the RONIN could ever be, nor would ever try to be. She passed beneath the heavy oaken, steel reinforced gates, and, with a longing look back at the safety of the Tower back in the heart of Koriasai, she turned to face her assembled army.

She smiled slightly at herself, Aware that even now the drow and shadow creepers were wandering hungrily through the lands of the RONIN, destroying anything left carelessly ungaurded, or not gaurded well enough. And now the second implements of her intended sweep of Ronin lands was gathered outside the gates of her city, and their spears and swords glistened in the pale sunlight, every ear craned to hear what was to be said on this momentous day.

Seska reached the immediate front of her troops, and then sighed dramatically.

"Alas, it is that times of peace must now end. We have many duties in these lands....and among them is the conversion of the faithless to the righteous cause of Darden. We must seek out the tyrants, and throw them down from their thrones, and free their people. We, each and every one of us, took the oath to honor the Codes laid down into law for the Justicars of these lands...."

She looked at many of the faces straight on, one at a time, before she resumed.

"However, it is not likely that many of us will survive the hardships we are about to encounter. The burden of the honor we carry, and the mission we carry, will be a great one at that...the enemy we even now seek to ride against is fully prepared to repel borders if any are watching. If they are not...then we may live a day longer. If they are, then may Darden save us. We all know what this war is about. It is not for land. Not for vengeance or petty differences between us and that of the blademistress' followers. This is abnout Faith, this is about Courage, and Glory...and above all things, Honor."

There was a murmur from the ranks of soldiery, some of them excited, some of them uncertain. Many had expected not to be returning home...none of them had expected a battle that may very well claim everything they had.

Elsewhere, the fighting had allready begun. No one would be safe from its ravages this eve...

"Unfurl the standards! Take formation! We march immediatly!"

There was a shout of generalized orders from those officers who had been given command of certain numbers of men, and they fell together to make a well defined and running military unit.

Seska raised her hand to signal the advance, but she was cut short in doing so.

"MiLady! Milady! They are coming through the hills! The Ronin are responding allready!"

Seska stopped ehr preperations to advance quickly. The troops, once ready to go and fight for their God, suddenly found themselves being madly ordered back within the walls of the city to man the siege equiptment set up from within.

As they stormed back into the castle, the Lady managed to get one last glance behind her, and noticed the purple pennants of Isonia's chosen drawing up from the lower valley to the south....she recognized the leader, but this was no time to stop and remember old times. This was war.

[center]~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~[/center]

The scribe hurried along the rutted, damp wilderness, seekign with all his might to avoid the roving bands of soldiery that swarmed the lands outside of Civitas Aeternus. He bore a single message, to which was addressed the mighty lord of the Ronin, Yoshimutsu.

Jonin Yoshimutsu,

While it grieves me to see us on opposite sides in a war, this much is so. I remind you that your people have done nothing wrong other than to follow a false deity...but the war we wage is only in part because of this.

We mean to show that what we have written down in our laws and codes, similar to your Codex, is the way we will be governed, and not by petty whims. We are here to prove that no matter the odds against us, we will ride when we are called to, and that when the odds assure defeat, still we ride to meet our foe in combat. And that our victory will never be because we have sought to challenge the weakened, disheartened enemies who have allready fallen and seek to regain their seats of power.

Yet war is war, and that she be left at that.

I pray for the safety of yourself, and for the lives of your people, though we be engaged in war. You would understand, then eeds of a warrior...

Seska Kardis
Arch Chancellor of Quod Magnus Justus

The boy scribe could only hope that the rumors of the enemies and heathens were false, otherwise he may never get the chance to deliver this to Yoshi himself...

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War, at the moment, was the farthest thing from Lia's mind as the contrasting sensations of sweatslicked skin and silk combined to caress her body, making the elfwoman shiver in delight. Her mind became a jumble of pure sensation as the moments ticked by, soon to be replaced with a quiet drowsiness as those sensations subsided, her mind focusing once more on being able to breathe, and to think, and to do more than just -feel-.


The scratching at the shoji screen alerted Lia to something being wrong. It was an urgent scratching, and she sat up with an eyebrow raised. Gently she prodded the man next to her (who was now snoring softly) and recieved nothing in response.

"Just a bloody damned minute..." she whispered, careful not to wake Yoshimutsu up. Scrambling up from the futon, she wrapped the topsheet around her body, not bothering with anything else. Checking once to make sure that Yoshimutsu was still covered in blankets, she slid the shoji screen open to reveal one of her own messengers who had been sent.

"Lia, we got news. Justicars are hittin' on us.

"Justicars? Who th' hell are they? An' why are they hittin' on us?"

"Dardenites, Lia. Ran by someone named Seska - oh, an' I found this. It's fer th' Jo-nin." The messenger cast a meaningful look into the room and Lia scowled slightly, opening it and reading it.

"Damned woman. Alright. Get out there an' help do what ya can." Deliberately, Lia slid shut the shoji screen, and placed the parchment on a low bedside table. Unwrapping the sheet from around herself, she crawled back into bed and shook Yoshimutsu awake, explaining the parchment and what was happening.

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Standing at his forward post just outside the city walls dinin saw them.. marching hard.
His men lost confidence as the number of isonia banners flying way outnumbered the darden banners sitting on the rear wing that dinins troops were stationed

"Sir, we are greatly out numbered we need reinforcements or this is gonna be short lived"
the General stood pointing out as the banners drew closer and closer tord the line
"Gather your divisons and and prepare to charge"
Dinin dismissed the mans words for dinin knew it too he knew that this was a wasted effort by his troops but he was to protect the flank he had to stand his ground.. for great justice!

Dinin drew his sword as it gleamed off the falling sun dinin gave the order to charge.
His General gave a quick nod and hopelessly ran there men down the valley tord the heathen banners

The clash of the two armies could be heard miles away as the clashing metal and men struck each other..
dinin charged in himself to provide one extra man of susport.

Charging down to the battlefield dinin saw the darden banners drop to the ground.. one by one they were falling .. the flank is breaking .. defenses werent enough..

Continuing his charge dinin sheathed his sword and pulled out two tomahawks..
arriving atthe battle dinin leaped off his horse and leaped into the battle.

Going into a fury dinin hacked and slashed all the could be seen.. although he received quite a few blows himself they were mere fleshwounds for his regenerational powers.

Being hit in the chest qwith a mace dinin fell to the ground and gathered his breath ready to stand up he saw the troops of Ronin charge past and head right into his city

Standing up dinin looked over to General Ramah

"Ramah gather your divison and lets flank before its a total lose damn it"
Ramah looked at dinin with pure disgust and looked at the bodys on the ground
"Sir .. I have no divison"
The noise of the destruction of dinin's city was suddenly silenced as he realized there was no hope his army was gone.. it was Dinin and Ramah and a few men that were badly hurt
"Ramah mount your horse he have to get reinforcements"
"sir, i believe we should take our loses and relocate sir.. this is a no win situation"
Dinin stared blankly at Ramah as he realized he was right
"Sir ,Great justice can wait.. we are not much use to my'lady Seska if we are dead lets rebuild sir let move!!"
Dinin whiped the blood off his tomahawks on his pants and sheathed them as he mounted a horse
"lets go Ramah"

They rode out of the valley and on top of the mound they looked back to watch Dinins newly created empire in rubble by the heathen lords

"this is not over, only the beginning my friend"

Ramah noded and turned his horse around and charged off.. Dinin gave one last glance and thought aobut al lthe innocent people he just let down and now there paying the price.. dinin bowed his head
"for great justice"
Dinin mumbled as he turned his horse around and charged behind Ramah

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Thu Nov 14, 2002 9:19 pm
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The portcullis slammed shat behing her as the last of her forces managed to enter within the confines of the city, even as the roar of the Isonian's charge rushed to meet her ears. The gates closed fast with a clang, shutting off all view of the oncoming forces.

It did not take very long before the shouts and cries of astonishment reached the whole length of the wall, where the archers were hailing burning death into the enemy ranks. In the end, it proved to be that tehre were simply too many of them.

Seska fled up the steps of the gatehouse, and took position upon the top of the walls to take count of the enemy. She could only gasp at the forces she saw arrayed against them...the sea of the Ronin's best filled the whole of the valley before the walls, their screaming multitude swirling about each other as they clambered and rushed at the walls. So far, she thought, so good. Ladders appeared in the midst of their forces, but the archers took quick note of these and loosed their arrows into the general vicinity of these siege methods.

Even with as fine a warriors as she employed, she knew the cause to secure the walls of the city was hopeless. Somewhere in their midst, the enemy would have surely brought along sorcerors to bring the walls down, and then...their masses would simply pour in through the breaches as they were created, and overwhelm the forces she had to her name. She could not hold the walls against this, she could not hold the city from them. She could, however, retreat into the still had that old chamr that appealed to invading armies, loosely termed as meaning that they would be forced to march in in a double file, and that slaughtering them at these chokepoints was easy enough. It was even possible to totally lock them from the inner sanctum of her Valley...though not very likely if their sorcerors were in any way competant.

She turned to the nearest soldier, who, to her good fortune, carried the horns she would need to call the clarion call of retreat. The man blew upon his horn, sending the echoing calls throughout the vale and city, before he, along with the lady and everyone else upon the walls, took flight.

They had not gotten much further than the bottom of the gate house before the first of the dreaded sorcerors opened their vollies into the walls of the city...there was a clap of thudner and the sound of masonry clattering to the grounds outside. Dust and smoke filled the air.

Seska managed to clear the massive gatehouse before a similar ball of flames erupted into the side of that structure, and she watched, mesmerized as it disintegrated into pulverized stone, collapsing in a wave of dust and smoke. Nearby buildign caught aflame, although not in direct contact with the spell, as did the stragglers from the walls. Those nearest the gate house turned and readied their spears and swords, even as the fell warriors of Isonia stormed through the smoke and dust, their pretty uniforms marred by a light coating of dust.

Seska turned to flee into the hordes of her soldiers allready standing there as the onslaught of the Ronin fell upon them. The sound of steel upon steel echoed harshly with the sounds of the screaming wounded and gasps of the slain. The Ronin were carving their way through her forces swiftly...Seska knew she was outmatched, and could do nothing to save the lives of those who had been caught in the opening invasion.

Before all was said and done, the Isonian tide poured through the remaining defenders of the city walls, driving them into a fervored rout, and then turned their attentions upon the retreating soldiers who had allready made it a good distance away. A resounding, renewed cry of battle lust took them, and they surged forward once more, running into the as of yet only partly rebuilt city. It took little time to overcome her own forces, she reflected...

The fray once more broke out, and this time Seska was caught in the midst of it.

She had only her staff as a weapon, and her spells as defense...there were a good deal of them but they were not too forgetful of their lives, it would seem.

AS the spearmen and swordsmen and women about her fell upon the adversary, Seska herself engaged a group, whom lunged into the fray as eagerly as would be expected. While she knew that the Ronin were not pro raping and pilliging, she did know their lust for blood..they would kill any who got in the way of their intended target.

The first fall of her staff crushed the skull of one man, who fell limp and lifeless at her feet. This caused hesitation amongst his peers, but even they soon realised the dangers of being in the walking corpse's path of destruction. Flame took life all to its own, and washed over those who stood in her way, and somewhere, deep, and all the more secretly, she delighted in their screams of agony as they burned to death. Her staff rose and fell like the sweeping strokes of the farmers scythe, doing the same work that that same scyth would if it were in the hands of Death. Before too long, the first assault was driven off, as her forced succeeded in leading the arrayed forces of their enemy into rout, slaughtering them as they ran.

"Come quickly! Let us retreat into the Inner Valley! We can hold our position better there...or die..."

Those that survived and remainied capable of traveling rose, and began to proceed along the main street of Civitas Aeterbnus, trhe road that would lead them into the narrow pass into the inner valley of Koriasai.

Somewhere from behind, their enemy had allready regrouped, and were now storming through the still burning ruins of the gate house into the city itself, which had fallen silent except for the occasional crackle of burning wood and crumbling stone...

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"Sir, the dammages have been totalled."

Ruune looks over the tablet quickly, then lowers his eyes. All the tablet tells him is what he had to witness himself. Most of his men lay dead beneath the ashes of Kineml, the Capital city of Ruune's quiet domain. He hands the tablet back to Moriari and speaks slowly to the young war commander.

Find all the men you can. Have the alchemists brew some poison. We retaliate at sunset.

Yes, Milord.

Ruune turns back at the quieting fire. His thoughts trail off until he sits in complete darkness. Rising, he wraps himself in his dark cloak. He takes his relic, the dagger used by his Uncle in the old times, in his hand and sets out to meet his men near the general gathering point - what was formerly a statue of the once famed Ruune Hakko - in the center of town.

Milord, we have accumulated several thousand men who are willing to die for the Gods. Shall we embrace in prayer before we begin?

No, Moriari. Have the alchemists distribute their poisons. We have work to do. We leave at once.

Yes, Milord.

Ruune takes up his share of the poison and tucks the small flask into a pouch on his cloak. In only moments he and his mishmash of unskilled troops and trained thieves sneak their way into enemy grounds. Each flask combines with a second as it is poured into a water well. Upon completion of the task, Ruune decides that it will be sufficient to destroy the full population of the realm. A scout in the morning should be enough to find out. For now, Ruune can think of only two things to do as he returns to his home: replenish the army, and seek vengeance.

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Spearhead marching onward, Take my soul's sacrificial offering.

Sohei had his orders, to march out and engage the oncoming forces of Quod Magnus Justus with the little forces he had. He recalled his orders and the briefing he'd had from the Jo-nin himself.

Watashi no Jo-nin, what is your will? With the fall of the kagemusha Zero our scouting resources are sorely depleted, I have been forced to stand down much of the light cavalry and re-equip them as outriders and skirmishers. Yoshimutsu merely nodded as Sohei continued. The heavy infantry and cavalry are currently manning the fortresses on the border, we should be relatively secure, but we are hampered in our ability to strike.
Yoshimutsu interrupted, I will lead the kagemusha and scouts. You will take WuJen, detail what light cavalry and ashigaru that are left to be under your direct command and engage the enemy that are located.
Hai, watashi no Jo-nin!

Your initial strike taken by surprise,
Now left alone, condemned by my pride.

WuJen paused in communion with the apprentice close by the Jo-nin, taking note of the directions given to the nearest force belonging to the Justicars. With a nod Sohei absorbed the information and signalled the troop to proceed.

Drained of all emotion - body now an empty shell,
There's nothing left - you've taken all away

Through the forests and fields of the Ronin's holdings the light cavalry sped, crossing the border into the territories of the Justicars, a whooping cry coming from those manning the nearest bastion of Yoshimutsu's defence as they raced by.

Adrenaline flows, Now filled with anger,
Just what will be the ourcome, Mass confusion tears my mind.

Tack and harness jangled as the troop led by Sohei thundered through the increasingly devastated terrain. Blasted turf, twisted corpses littered the fields, Sohei's nose wrinkling at the so far occasional carnage, but surrendering to duty and his Goddess' will.

Spearhead - No victory sublime, Another fallen victim - I will not beg to you,
Spearhead - to which I cannot hold With clear perception my destiny unfolds.

Like the baying of a pack of hounds scenting a fox a jubilant cry erupted from the ranks of the Ronin warriors as the flags and uniforms of the Justicars came into view. Steel on steel rang out as spears, polearms and lances were readied, Sohei himself grimly hefting a full size naginata, eschewing the smaller nagimaki usually used from horseback.

I look to the reflection, fail to recognise what's seen
A figure clothed in hatred, I pray that this cannot be...

Sohei picked out a hapless soldier from the company frantically trying to buttress a long spear against the encroaching cavalry, the pounding of the iron-shod hooves thunderous now. With a clash of steel the two forces collided, the ear-shattering kiai of Ronin mixing with the bloody cries of dying men and returned battlecries.

Faced by this total stranger - aware of your creation
No vision of the former self - Controlled by your instruction.

Sohei wheeled his horse at the last minute, his hand slipping down the haft of the naginata to almost the base, swinging it like a massive sword with a superhuman effort of will. Cleaving through bone and muscle the weapon sliced open the warrior's chest effortlessly, a gout of blood erupting from the open wound and staining the dirt below.

Onward you advance, left in a mindless trance.
Hypnotised by your will, desire is now instilled.

In moments the Ronin's bloody work was done, the Justicars force lay dead to a man on the bloodsoaked torn earth, Sohei commanding men to construct a quick cairn to prevent scavenging animals from feasting as the remainder of the troop saw to their own wounded and dead.

Now staring face to face, your eyes filled with hate,
Held by your contempt, both by weakness and by strength.

The formalities of war complete, the warriormonk ordered his now depleted troop to return, his eyes roving over the empty saddles on riderless horses, riders who would never come home, but had lived the way they'd wished nonetheless.

The futility of war? Sohei mused. That, and the nobility of failure. Sohei twisted in his saddle and bowed deeply to the cairns they'd left behind.

There would be many more built like in the coming time.....

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He stood... silence. The battlefield below him, drenched in blood and covered in bodies, was silent. More than Ten-THOUSAND acres had fallen to the demon today... and while he had stolen the souls of the fallen people... he had given the land itself to Darden.

His tower levitates farther... headed toward the enemy capitol. As he passes over the field a great red haze of blood, energy, and bodies are pulled into the base of the tower.

He watched the scenery from the obsidian throne. Before the keep had dissolved into the aether once more he had willed the throne into the tower. Now, as he sits on the throne facing the violet smoke, he watches as images flood the fire. The images of crumbling buildings and fallen bodies flood the faces of the smoke.

As the image changes to the city, still mostly standing, a tongue of fire darts up from the hole in the floor filling the city with burning light. It was almost as if the future was being told. The city would fall. This war would end...

The demon stands, walking down the stairs toward the great break where the tower would have let off into the keep. The bodies, sinking into the walls, dripped blood onto the stairs and as he walked he could feel the clotting liquid as it rose between his toes.

His hair blew out behind him as the dark wind whips past his tower. He looks out through the gap as his troops, carrying torches of violet fire, roar into the capitol to meet the defending army. Ever so slowly the tower halts in its forward motion. Ten steps forward from it, the energy filling him... lifting him. He walks straight out onto the air, silently watching as his armies overrun the city.

Arrows, loosed from hidden bows, grace the skies surrounding him. Each coming near but shying away from him at the last moment as he walks closer to the city itself.

Somewhere in his walk he begins to descend, the blade of hatred finding itself in his hand as the enemy troops await his arrival with voices and weapons raised to the skies. They charge him and, one by one, they fall.

He stops short of the inner walls of the fortified city and turns, facing his army.

Return to they homes.

The demon's cold emotionless voice rings out over the silent battlefield. He turns to the fortress where the lord of this realm remains safe.

These dogs are beaten.

As he turns his back on the keep a great red bolt of energy fires down from the base of the tower, the resulting shockwave of energy washes over everything and in an instant, Ten's troops are gone. The tower fades away and the blade leaves its master for the comfort of the throne.

The demon bows.

You have my pity.

And he too vanishes.

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He stood in front of the infantry his eyes staring into the heavens waiting for signs of the initial strike. When the keep took flame he would signal for their march. He was used to war having served in the armies of Sandor two years ago. He was on the other hand not used to being in the position of leading men into battle. He wore the mantle of leader uncomfortably. He could hear the men behind him fidgeting, checking over their armor one last time.

The flames illuminated the night sky, the fire signaling that the strike had begun. Nodding to himself he ordered the march. They would move quietly as possible the element of surprise would give them the advantage. The enemy already engaged with the other unit would never be able to handle reinforcements. The sounds of battle began to ring in their ears as they came closer and closer to the fray; the silhouettes of people were beginning to form in the light of the fire.

The unit commander Jeskin's steed pulled in beside Erae's his eyes showing the sparkle of anticipation. "A fine night for our first engagement don't you think sir?" The commander said, his voice crackling with excitement.

"Let's just do the job Seska ordered us to do. Kill those that you must. Spare those that lay down their arms. We aren't butcher's." He knew his men were anxious, and that often led to brutal mistakes. "If any supplies survive the fire be sure to gather them. Our own supplies aren't going to last if we must war longer then a month." The commander saluted.

"Is that all sir?" The commander asked.

"Yes. We'll be at the keep soon. When my blade rises we will charge. Be ready." With that said the commander saluted again, and moved back towards the other senior officers.


The blade slid from his sheath making no sound at all. The black weapon melted into the night the only hint that anything was there at all was the small fragments of light that swam along the length of the blade. With only a moments hesitation he stabbed the blade up into the sky. The small lights burst with radiance for only a moment. Enough to alert the commanders it was time. The screams of the commanders echoed along the line of men urging their mounts to break into full speed.

The wind hissed past Erae's ears their mounts flying towards the already engaged Justicars. Upon reaching the battle his blade swiftly moved from side to side striking the enemy, and another before the first had even hit the ground. He grunted, as there became less room to maneuver in. He slid off his horse and turned it towards the plains they had come from giving it a swift smack to the rump with the flat of his blade urging it back. His attention quickly moved back to the battle. A soldier moved in to attack the enemies' blade swinging down in an arc to cut down into his neck. His blade moved to intercept, catching the sword with his he pushed the man backwards with brute strength.

"Your keep is in shambles. Lay down your weapon, and you will live. You will only receive one chance." Erae said, having to yell to get his words heard by the man. The solider only sneered. Erae tilted his head in acknowledgement, and the next moment his body launched forward, his cloak flapping behind him dancing gracefully on the wind. Their blades met again between them. Erae pushed the blade to the left, and ducked as the man quickly struck across again. The blade whistled past meeting nothing but air. Erae struck his blade forward; the man trying to recover his balance had no time to bring his weapon to bear. Erae's sword slid into the mans chest with a sickening grating sound as it ground through his chest plate.

"Erae!" Erae looked around the battle trying to place where his name had been shouted. "Erae news!" Erae turned around again to face Jeskin, the commander's armor and face were covered in blood. His eyes, which had been anxious, were now replaced with fear.

"What? What news?" Erae asked.

"Enemy Reinforcements sir. An entire battalion at least," Jeskins said as he gripped Erae's shoulder trying to steady himself. Erae cursed under his breath.

"How long until they arrive?" Erae asked his mind spinning trying to concentrate.

"Twenty minutes maybe less from our location. We'll be decimated. It's almost like they knew we were coming." Erae shook his head and sighed.

"Sound the retreat. Those that can get away lead back to the city. If...any can get away." Jeskins nodded, the horn already against his lips, it blasted a clear note signaling the retreat. It didn't take long for those not engaged to come to the sound of the horn.

"What of you sir?" Jeskins asked worriedly. Erae smiled.

"Don't worry I'll be coming. I'll try to help those I can, and lead them back." Jeskins saluted and turned to give the orders. Erae turned back towards the ringing of blades, and ran back into the battle. He wasn't sure how many he would be able to help before the reinforcements arrived, but he would try.

Fri Nov 15, 2002 9:01 pm
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Ruune sits in the small circle, a much smaller circle than most other days. In the center of that circle, a red stone stands six inches up and twelve inches wide, upon which sits the Golden Quill of Mount Kukemessah, upon which sits four weapons - two long swords, a flail, and Ruune's battle axe. Ruune raises only one eye to look at his remaining officers. One sword belongs to Moriari, his youngest war commander. The other to Stromaldag, whose skills with a sword are matched only by the famed swordsmanship of Mikka Stuahl, whose blood also runs in Ruune's veins. Finally, the young man who weilds the flail is named Mahktahk, an eternal barbarian warlord, once said to be a slave to the gods.

The four men gaze at the point where the four weapons meet, and the stone takes on the color of the Golden Quill. The quill vanishes, but for a moment, and the four chant:

Mah'ariim Orriah Tienahat Sienaga Greintaz
Mah'ariim Orriah Tienahat Sienaga Greintaz
Mah'ariim Orriah Tienahat Sienaga Greintaz
Mah'ariim Orriah Tienahat Sienaga Greintaz

Only once come the words from the four remaining. But with the curse, the stone turns back to its red color, and the Quill returns to the stone, golden as it was before. Even with the few that Ruune had with him in the circle, he knows that because of the Darden blood spilled on this land, the Isonian Heathens will never make his land holy. The four walk off, weapons held over their shoulders, Proud, Angry, and Ready.

Mercenaries can never be Heroes.
Keeper of the Golden Quill.
The new Darkness

Mon Nov 18, 2002 10:19 pm
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