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 Onions afoot! (NV vs. TEN/LoFT/SO/Bowl/Insane) 
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Post Onions afoot! (NV vs. TEN/LoFT/SO/Bowl/Insane)
FURY OF THE TEN (TEN) 17 7,152,867 420,756
LEAGUE OF FEAR TRAINING (LoFT) 8 2,871,963 358,995
SANCTUM OFFICIUM (SO) 9 2,691,421 299,046
DRINKERS OF THE BOWL (Bowl) 9 1,674,821 186,091
ORDER OF INSANITY (Insane) 9 2,484,757 276,084

NYAMAFU VURUMAI (NV) 40 14,767,153 369,178

*yawn* I just woke up and have to write an RP-post..this one is going to suck peeps :P Oo.. and: Insane is currently not on our banner til we see what Riders is doing. Just so ya know :P


" I have the solutions ot all our problems! "

" What? The inflatable hamster with handles? "

" Nooo..the other problem, our problem in battle. "

" Ah.. which one? "

" The one of our lack of height. "

The servant's eyes widened, the height-problem! This had been tabooed after the arch-support-drama and the topic was rather unpopular with the men. The problem was that when a dwarf engaged in battle and faced an elf or a human, he couldn't chop the enemy's head off, because it's just located too high...

" What did you have in mind? "

" Onions. "

" Onions? How are they going to help? "

" We will throw them at the enemy and they will start crying because of the smell! "

" Ah yes.. and how is this going to solve our height problem? "

" Simple.. once their face is humid, we will throw this quick-drying-cemen... "

" Semen? Ewww! "

"...t. This cement will create a rocky mass on their face, which will force them to bend over, allowing us to chop off their necks! "

Porckie smiled, the servant sighed..

" Won't our own men go all wheepie? "

" I have thought of that. "

Porckie hopped off and return with a little box. He held it in front of his servant's face and opened it...

" A clothes-peg? How does it work? "

Porckie showed him and soon an agonising scream could be heard amongst the whole of Tonan..

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Nuff said.

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ooc: we did not see that Riders had also declared shortly after us,it went unnoticed until some hours into the assault.I feel badly about it and my heartfelt apologies to all the guilds involved /ooc

Around a great table they sat. There was Ryloc the Dark, MaCloud the Good,TuT the Assassin,Gelron the Thief,Pistol the Just, and Batlord the Quiet.The subject: a council of war.

Let us march to the lands of the Foretians advised MaCloud. His thought was seconded by Gelron.Nay gentleman,nay.
Let us look at our intel from these past few days of scummings we have received. was Ryloc's thinkingIndeed gentleman,you do see who the culprits are for it is quite clear. If the Dardenites want to get an idea of our troop strengths and treasuries, why not let us show them first hand?Chuckles emanated from the great hall
Let us gather our forces and set forth from our strongholds into the numerous dardenite hordes to let them have their proper view.

Through the mists they marched with a steely determination
and a look of death in their eye.Either their own death or the heathen's,it did not matter. The clatter of armor and the noise of armies marching slowly built to a crescendo until they burst forth from the mist and set upon the hapless heathens.

Thruout the evening the battles raged until a herald arrived to RylocMy liege it seems the armies of the Riders are marching on Insane and Sanctum Officiumthe herald said with a tremble.
What!bellowed Ryloc Bloody hell. Call the men back from the frontiers of Sanctum Officium and Insanity until things are sorted. Complications,complications,complicationsRyloc allowed.


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Post With Apologies to Darden...
((OOC: I wish to apologize to SO/INSANE for not being more prompt at getting the war thread up so that this mix up could have been averted. I fell asleep, simple as that. Also I wish to apologize to rest of NV's targets for the mixup as this puts you at a drastic disadvantage. Good luck to you all. - Gryphon, GM of Riders))

The Gryphon frowned at the reports she'd received from Saidh, her elegance marred by the unusual expression. She glanced up at her friend, standing cloaked before her. "These are right?" A quick nod of affirmative drew a deeper frown from the warder. "This makes no sense...Our strike was not this effective. The storm caught a full half of our troops out of position..."

She flipped through the reports again. There was no mistake. The Riders' assault on Insane had been successful for the most part. But many of the riders had been engaged elsewhere and could not have gotten to Sanctum Officium so quickly, the rest had been blocked by a storm that even the Riders' storm senses could not penetrate. "Wolf," she began, looking up at her wayward Rider, "Find out for me if there were any other mobilizations last night within Foret or Isonia?"

She rocked back in the Gryphon throne, uncomfortable in its cold embrace as the Wolf departed without a word. She rubbed her thumb along her lower lip, musing.

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(OOC:say what you will of what you wish but I am not amused, this should not have happened, {comment retracted Pistol}.Well that is great, of course its no one's fault, i guess humpy dumpty is just SOL.)

Glaring down at the map with the newest reports in Ivor slammed his fist down for the last of a score of times on the make shift table and takes little notice as it splinters and falls. Two of his advisors lay unconscious on the muddy ground with bloody faces after mentioning flight; the third stands ready for orders not willing to open his mouth. Speaking in a roaring growl Ivor grabs the third advisor around the collar and presses his face inches from the other man.

"I'll be damned if it let this slap in the face by the bitch-in-heat's loyal asses go another second with a show of just how much I disapprove."

Ivor throws the councilor towards nearby guards before looking around the forest glade full with both wounded and healthy soliders. Spinning on his generals he speaks calmly and with a measured tone, ending with one word roared at the top of his voice that got every able man in the glade on his feet.

"I move out in an hour, my men better be ready to move, My populace is already fleeing they will not be around when the heathen asses arrive. We will work our way through the mountains and around the enemy. Our primary targets will be hospital, cloisters and orphanages. I want the bitches loyal forces to return to dead wives and children, poisoned wells and salted earth. You have your orders, MOVE!!"

Turning to the guard still holding the councilor, Ivor points at all three councilors.

"Give those men some of the dead soldiers gear, there is damn sure enough of it, have them ready to go at the appointed time."

WºR, huh. Yea.

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The sorceress was awoken in the middle of the night by the clamour of war in the lands outside, the cries of invading armies seeping into her dreams and biding her to wake. Grabbing a shawl Lyssia dashed outside to see what she had feared, armed warriors charging among the silent people of the desert. Blood was already soaking into the earth, the dry sands drinking up thirstily of the people who had lived upon them, though the stain of vitae could barely be made out from the crimson earth. But the strangest fact of all was that the only sounds came from the invading soldiers, cries and roars, screams and jeers, they seemed to ram themselves down her ears.

Who is it?, she asked of the people that rushed by her, unable to make out the banners that flew in the winds. But Ebony's soldiers and citizens didn't pause to answer the question of their realm's 'guest', they had more important things to do at this time than pay any attention to her. Who marches?

Reaching out she grabbed at the arm of a passing woman who was busy carrying a basketful of some unidentifable footstuffs. The woman stared at the sorceress with stoney eyes, her lips drawn in a tight thin line, wrinkles marring her brow. There was worry in the peasant woman's eyes but no fear, no doubt she believed that her God would save her, the mere thought of that made Lyssia sick to the pit of her stomach. The Isonians march to the red desert, the woman said abruptly, her words clipped and harsh. This night I have seen both the banners of the Vurumai and the Riders, both wish to claim the lands of the Lord. And with that the woman was gone, yanking her arm from the Sidhe's grip and vanishing off into the crowd with her basket.

The Riders of the Wild Hunt and Nyamafu Vurumai?

That didn't make sense, there was no way that two of Isonia's guilds would march together to attack those of the Officium. So what had happened? Was it possible that those who followed the Goddess did not communicate their plans to one another? Lyssia knew well enough that most guilds discussed their plans with those of their faithmates to ensure that they did not attack the same guild at the same time. Perhaps there had been some breakdown in the lines of correspondence between those of the purple banners? It was odd and did not bode well for those who had chosen Darden as their patron. There again it could never bode well for an entire faith not be be speaking to one another of their plans. But who knew the inner workings of the Isonians? Not her for one that was for sure.

The thundering hooves of chargers grew louder, a storm of bloody violence promised by that one sound. The sorceress looked up just in time to duck back into the doorway of the dwelling behind her, narrowly avoiding losing her head to the wickedly sharp sword of the armoured Isonian warrior who had been rampaged through the street. As his mount passed by the door Lyssia caught sight of the markings of a Vurumai noble on his clothing. So that much was true at least, the Dardenite woman hadn't been lying about the large Isonian guild attacking them. But what of the Riders, had they really marched towards these lands as well? There was no answering that right now and no more time to give it further thought, she couldn't spare the time to think it over, not when the streets were full of those who would think her just another fanatic of Darden and seek her end. Lyssia hadn't survived in the world this long to find her death upon the battlefields of guilds who followed Gods that she despised.

She took a deep breath and ran out of the doorway, forcing her legs to ever greater bursts of speed and hugging clsoe to the shadows. She couldn't afford to stop, couldn't pause to try and get her bearings, no it was better to run, to find where the defenses were being erected and hope that the Dardenites wouldn't think her an enemy either.

A child's voice snapped her out of her single-mindedness, I'll die wth His name on my lips, His name...Darden, Darden, Darden. The young boy's voice was high pitched but determined, whatever it was that the child faced he was digging into the deepest reserves of his courage to get through it. His last words were drowned out by a deep rumbling laughter and a sound that was unmistakable, the sound of steel on steel. Her blood seemed to freeze in her veins as the sounds assulted her ears and brought her to a sudden halt. Peering down into the next street she could just make out the small form of a young boy, his back pressed against the carved brick of the building behind him. And arranged about him in a rough semi-circle were five warriors, ornate helmets covering their faces for the most part.

Lyssia could see the stubborn look of tenacity upon the boy's face and it amazed her, the boy couldn't be more than nine summers old. The soldiers had their backs to her and were apparently too intent on their sport to notice her...yet. She didn't want to think what would happen to her if they found out she was there, or rather what they would want to happen, she knew how to defend herself well enough against this kind of army man. The boy however was another matter, he was helpless and it seemed that the soldiers would run him through once they were done having their fun. What should we cut off first heh? His ears or his nose?, the coarse voice sent shivers down her spine, she could not let this happen.

The Art flowed through her veins, dancing to her command with less than a thought, it was almost sentient, knowing when it was needed before she ever had to call it. With will and with word, she intoned suddenly, drawing the soldiers's sttention away from the boy. They turned just in time to meet the full force of her magic raging towards them, their flesh burning away in the magical fires that were fueled by the Sidhe's Art. Only one remained, having thrown himself out of the way just in time to avoid the main thurst of her attack though his armour almost seemed to have fused to his skin down his left hand side. His face was twisted in agony as the liquid metal burnt against his nerves, a soundless howl ripped from his mouth. Get out of here now, Lyssia said softly, her voice calm and unwavering, her grey eyes regarding the soldier coldly.

Retreat, a voice bellowed from nearby, Soldiers of the Vurumai retreat, Riders have declared upon the Officium. The injuried soldier barged his way physically past her, his features contorted as he tried to hold onto his pain-shattered mind. Not that it mattered to the sorceress, the warrior didn't mean anything to her now, she was far more concerned for the welfare of the boy now that his tormentors were gone.

She reached down to the child, pulling him gently back to his feet, there now child, you're safe now, they won't hurt you.

The boy wretched himself away from her in much the same way as the peasant woman had earlier. He scowled at the Sidhe woman, his eyes red-ringed with the aftermath of tears but angry at her all the same. But why should the boy be angry? Hadn't she just helped him? You ruined it all, I was supposed to die for Him, I was supposed to have died and be judged by Him. If I had died then I would have been able to drink from His bowl in the hereafter. And with that he ran off, leaving the sorceress feeling empty and more alone than she had ever been.

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(OOC Ivor look at the war declarations page, NV declared war a good 20 minutes before Riders declared war on INSANE. Therefore the only way a war declaration could be obvious to NV would be if we could forsee the future./OOC)

Standing along side his fellow believers, Peter stood proud and strong. There can be no greater honour to fight for the one true diety Isonia, and if it is her will, die for her. The people of Nyamafu Vurumai had for countless ages fought against the followers of the false gods, Foret and Darden, yet this battle must surely rank amongst the most worthy, what with the followers of darden gradually increasing in power, for now Foret must wait.

Five guilds of Darden were chosen for punishment and to show his followers the supremacy of the true faith!

The orders came quicker than expected, for war to commence, and the intended target was no longer the most appropriat e for the growing power that the kingdom "pie" represented. The change in target took time as the mass of troops who had prepared for war against the kingdoms of "Ten" had to be redeployed to face the "league of fear training". Then the call came "Charge" and the heathens started to fall.

The first target was the kingdom whose leader was from a land called "wales" who had established a kingdom almost fit to be one who followed isonia. That kingdoms defences proved strong, but they could not hold out against isonias might. Gradually acre after acre was taken, and added to isonias glory, until the darden kingdom was left a shadow of its former self. Then peter looked to other lands and the orders came from the upper echelons of the Vurumai and a new threat to isonia was seen. Peter led his armies west to this land, that resided under the influence of the guild "Ten", and quickly launched attacks taking thousands of acres and adding them to the kingdom of "Pie" it had been a good day for isonia but now it was time to consolidate the lands liberated. Sending out orders for any assistance needed by allies to be given without question, peter set about fortifying the land already taken... after all more could be taken for Isonias glory on the moro.

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Post nymphsong
OOC: Congratufuckinglations NV-Great my grandma could have chosen a better war. Good Luck darden stick it to them. /OOC:

Perhaps times had changed since the veteran Nymphsong had last played perhaps we were in a new era bu fools of the Vurumai thought they were in for a easy land grab. Tears elated the Half Nymph Half Elves eyes. This was a atrocity. The forces of Isonia had gone to far in warfare, but then again what are the rules to warfare. Thousands of innocents were slain about as it was, and yet the enemy trampeled unward relentless in their efforts to squash the dardenite strongholds. Now vengance was the only alternative, his allies were smashed and enemy forces marched on his homeland. Several battalions were slung into his sturdy forts merely being squashed. The Vurumai so any in number however could afford to waste there first strike in breaking down there barriers there numbers advantage allowed them a whole second wave to punish resistance if need be.

Nymph acted slowly his decision did not come lightly, outnumbered and knowing death was at his doorstep he called forth his high priests. "The Vurumai think they can take our homes,kill our children, slaughter our dreams of fredom and peace. They have thought very poorly on this matter Darden true light will shine upon them very soon, I'v prepped our sacred temples for their kingdoms no mercy shall be given unto these barbarions."

With that said he raised his hands and began to chant the ancient elvin words of destruction to lance out and destroy the homes pesants and forts of his enemies. One by one his priests and priestess's chanted in unison. The battle and fervor had just begun but the Vurumai would soon be done...Nymph relaxed after what seemed and eternity to dicover he had crippled 5 vurumai realms single handledly. This feat was nothing...the next day would be much much longer but for him or his enemy was the question.

Nymph sighed and penned a letter to which addressed the leaders of the Vurumai:
Dear Vurumai Leadership and the rest of your smelly friends,

You have failed to take our lives you have failed to take our spirits outnumbered and being pillaged your attack has failed. You targets are nothin to me but merely piles of munera. Your leadership is munera. I am sick of the know what gets rid of the smell?

Yes, thats right, burning it gets rid of munera. You are munera feel my burn from the fires I evoke upon our realms.


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Post It's a bit late buuut...
(ooc: This was suppose to be posted last night but err... fell asleep rofl)

"Oooh we're here to burn and burn we will!
We are for Darden, our echoing voices never to be still!
Don't mess with us, for it's your country we'll kill!
Idle-ee Idle-ee Idle-ee we'll burn your acres until we've had our fill!"

"Oooh we scorched your ground, we scorched your church!
Isonians can kiss our bare butts, while we run amok in drunken mirth!
You struck at us and for it, we do burn your perch!
Ha-hey! Ha-hey! Kiss your arse goodbye n' prepare to eat some dirty earth!"

"Soooo we thumb our little noses as we pass on through
As we explode your temples with our top notch demolitions crew!
So y'managed to burn our base but don't misconstrue
When alls said and done, we'll make like mucho hell for you!"

And so the pair stagger down the religious district singing at the top of their lungs while around them buildings burned and collapsed from fireballs raining from the sky and groups of demolitionists running from temple to temple killing the guards and generally setting things on fire.

"They shoulda made that our national anthemish thingy...*HICCUP!*"

"Yeah... they shoulda!"

"Hee hee... buuurn city! BUUURN!"

"Pfft don't spill the ale! This hole thing woulda been better with catapults... why I'd catapult that... guy... Who did this place belong to again? *HIC*"

"Some guy err... named... Master spy? Thief baster? I dunno..."

"Betcha he didn't see this one coming!"

"Hee hee! Prolly not though maybe we shuldn't ah ran arund wavin' our flags... seems Im-pru-DENT!"

"Bah... screw imputence! We .... gonna... oooh shiny fire..."

"Yer drunk!"

"So are you!"


"I feel sick..."

"Let's go home..."

"Okay... which way?"


"Hi heeeeeeeeey!"

And so the pair walked into the nearest standing pub and ordered more drinks.

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The messenger ran up and presented the latest news to his Lord.

Jyim Bain looked at the message with slight disgust.

"Always, my people suffer our wars. May Isonia guild those who died to the next world."

Lord Bain, though a faithful follower of both Isonia and his guild, always felt for those who died in Isonia's honor. The enemy Dardenites attacked his homeland with sorcery, and some of his people died. His goddess shrugged off the brunt of the attacks, but yet some damage was done.

"We shall avenge you, oh faithful. Your deaths shall not be in vain."

He turned to the messenger, "Send word to Lord Ryloc, tell him we are in position and ready."

The messenger obediently ran off with the latest news.

Jyim turned to his massed armies and spoke, "Tonight, our homes were attacked by the sorcery of the Dardenites! Isonia granted us much protection, but still, some of our loved ones have moved on to the afterlife. In our next battle, I call upon you to make their deaths for the faith pale in comparison to those who we send to.." a look of disgust crossed his face, "Darden."

"Are you with me!"

"AYE!" cried his army in unison.

"ONWARD!" Shouted Bain, for tonight, they fought for a dual purpose.

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The slow continous tapping of sharp nails on stone made the guards shudder and look at each other with unease. They shrugged at each other and then let their eyes wander back to their Mistress. She continued to tap the stone that she rested upon, while her eyes stared off into nothing. Well they stared right at them but they were all rather glad that they seemed to stare through them rather than focus on them.

"M'Lady?" The other guards cringed as a rather bold, or stupid, soldier spoke out.

Lady Ginger looked at the man as if seeing him fot the first time."Yes?"

"Would you like us to remove that boulder?"

"What boulder?" She frowned and then raised her eyebrows as she realised he meant the stone she was leaning on. "Oh... you mean my old wall... of course. Thankyou..."

She moved away slowly, looking around at her ruined home. There were no longer tall, grand granite walls. Instead she had a pile of rubble to call her home. A sigh escaped her lips and set the way for her anger to follow. Turning sharply she stared at her private guard. Not a great bunch when dealing with a woman's feelings but they could do their job at least. "The end will come to those who came here... The end will come to them and they will cower under the true power of Darden! You will make sure that those who invaded my lands join the ones they murdered here... I will crush them all..." She shook her head, silent for the moment while the state of her kingdom and her people settled. She would have revenge... She would make sure that they screamed and begged to be killed fast. Another sigh escaped and she watched as her men moved to help each other remove the stone that had fallen so unkindly upon the Lady's favourite resting chair.

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Eventually the remaining survivors had gathered together, leaders of 34 all but destroyed realms, to take on the might and power of the vast contingient of the Vurumai, at least 40 realms of empiric size. Like a pack of dogs set out to bring down a pack of great-wolves Darden planned the strike that would hit deep into the territory now held by those who had grabbed land once orange. One by one the great-wolves would fall, every man women an child that had relocated onto once Dardanian territory would be put to the sword, every peasant that followed the God of the TEN, Bowl and LoFT that was now forced to scrape out a meagre existance in now heathen controlled lands, would be given the option to escape their new masters or to join Darden and sup from hs bowl, in a place where the sun will always shine.

One by one they would fall, the great and the small alike, until lands equal to those lost by the Dardanian contingient were restored to their God. Kazimirzch sat looking at the missive that he had penned with the aid of the other two leaders of this small group of the true and pure faith. With a sigh he dispatched the scroll via a white raven trained to fly high and fast to the epicentre of the evil dominion and Ryloc, the monster who had orchistrated this atrocity against the Darden peoples.

Dark lord Ryloc of The Nyamafu Vurumai,

Your recent message offering peace in the face of your transgretion against our faith was read, considered and discarded. Once our lands stretched throughout the mountains and into the valleys, covering a vast dominion of 500,000 acres of rich fertile lands. Land which you have taken and put to a use for which it was not intended.

You know as well as I that we lack the military strength to take and continue to hold the lands which we once held, for you have seen to destroying the very armies that had protected our innocents with your greed for power for land and moneys. We cannot accept that citizens who once lived in peace and the Sun would now be subjected to the purple bitch of a false-Goddess whom you, in your nievity still follow.

We may not hold those lands again, but neither shall you, every day the remaining survivors will put those acres to the torch and poisen the lands so that they cannot be used to further your unjust cause. Once the 500,000 acres that you stole from us are no longer usable to you we may grant you peace to built apon your trecherously gained kingdoms. But you shall not mantain dominance for long, our alliance of three may be down, but we will return, and with that return the Vurumai shall feel our reitchous anger and vengeance.

So We leave you with these thoughts, your 'victory' will be at a greater cost you had thought possible and you will not keep a single acre of land that you have taken from us. Already over 250,000 acres of 'your' lands have been made inhospitable. Many of your nobles and many more until we reach our goal will die. This we promise you under the sun, under the mountain and under the bowl.

You will die.

Kaz watched as the bird flew towards the darkness that covered the horizon. Time to sleep was a long way off, the entire populations of another 250,000 acres of NV lands must still be killed, as an offering to the True God.

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Post 411,358 NV acres, from a target of 500,000 NV acres, Dead.
Kaz had not slept for months, always trying to remain one step ahead of the evil Vurumai. He though back over the last few months with mixed aprehension and pleasure. It had certainly been a challenge, entering and destroying the populations of over 400,000 acres of land that the Vurumai had meant to steal from the Darden alliance. They were nearly there, target of 500,000 acre destroyed within sight, and for this he was happy.

It was the screams of pain and terror as the lands were burned that filled his nightmares however. The incoming attacks from the Vurumai had reduced now from vast daily incursions from realms of empiric size, to the odd sally from smaller survivors of the Dardanian acre massacre. The vast realms sat inside there walls, building apon their stolen lands with their only care, knowing that at any time it may be their realm that is selected to be added to the growing pool of poisened acres, and wondering whether they would, as so many before them have not, stand up to the pack of dogs assaulting their greatness.

The previous nights efforts had gone well for the alliance, where on previous strikes, a vast realm had been concentrated apon to fall into obscurity, this time 5 individuall smaller realms, all still of vast size compared to the Darden realms fell. One after the other, after the other. 50,000 acres in one night put to poisen and flame.

It was not over though, Kaz knew it, Darden knew it and Ryloc knew it. But it would not be long, maybe two weeks, maybe one, maybe less until the target was reached and peace would again exist for a short time within the realms of the TEN. But not today.

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Lord Creed set out at his master's wishes to survey the damage caused by the heathen scum of Darden. Creed feared the worst knowing the forces of LoFt, TeN, and Bowl faith and detemination was strong. As he came across each village in his masters lands he did not hear the cries of women or those of small children, but the oposite. He heard laughter from the men repairing the minor damage, women singing as they tended to the childeren and the daily chores of maintaing a hosehold, children playing in the streets. Lord Creed was amazed by this and rode with blazing speed back to his master to give his report. When his master heard this he dispatched large caravans throughout the countryside to aide his people. Lord creed's master then dispatched him to bring in all his Generals and prepare a massive strike against the leaders of those sent to bring terror to his people.Lord creed bowed tohis master and backed out from the room,and as he left he heard his master say.
Isonia will dispatch her fury on those who oppose her.

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