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 Twilight Circus (Open) 
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Post Twilight Circus (Open)
Deep with in the nightmare realms, fires burned and embers fell coating the grounds in ash. Hell’s furnace blazed with sadistic flames. Only sound to break the roar of flame and groans of the earth as it gave way to pooling lava and flame. Was the constant screams of pleasure and agony of the misfortunate ones. Their souls lost to this world caught n chaos and pain. Forever feeling the torment and despair of the once living souls.

Cavernous fisher form from flame and stone in seconds, also crash to those powers once again. The landscape ever was changing pure chaos in action. The blacken ground rose in a violent roar spewing into the air soot ash. The ground broke open and raised a large cavern, heaving up from the ground like a breaching whale.

But from this cavern came laughter, laughter uncontrolled and hysteric. Some things in this land live here trapped beneath the lands in large stone cells. These beings wait and rot, never dying just exiting. They bide there time for when the land raise once more that sealed their fate. Watching and waiting for their chance of escape.

This had come to pass, the land rose again cracking open a cavern sealed for centuries. In this burnt land some things should not be unleashed upon the world. From the dark shadows and burning earth. Stepped a dark form, a form of laughter and insanity. A being standing five feet tall and garbed in a jesters costume. A heat and soul blacker than most and an insanity cultivated from centuries of dark stone captivity.

A painted grin tugged his lips as he breathed freedom once again, gazing to the burnt land. He walked the ground once more, only one thing came to his mind to recall his minions. To create what was his once long ago, his home the home of many. He pulled from his pouch a small rocking horse, setting it upon the ground. Pulling out a bottle twisting the cap and tilting it a single drop fell coating the rocking horse.

Seconds past as the rocking horse grew to twice the size of a heavy warhorse. The eyes glowed a burning red, steam poured from its nostrils as if it took breaths. Dark Jest quickly climbed upon the rocking horse. With a caress and a few words whispered to the rocking horse. It bucked quickly rocking back and forth, moving as if it had legs. Dark Jester raised his hand in the air like a rodeo clown, as the horse rocked on then faded to darkness. In a blink of an eye they both were gone.

With in the crossroads of the lands of Darden, Isonia and Foret, came a storm. The storm swirled lightening crashed the winds blew hard stretching tree till their timbers almost snapped. From this storm opened a portal of darkness, from it came the Dark Jester riding his rocking horse.

Dark Jester leaped from the rocking horse as it snorted loudly, His gaze searched the area. He didn’t know this place anymore, but here so long ago sat home. Dark Jester reached within his pouch once again, pulling out a large number of carved wooden dolls. Placing them to the ground, once again coating the dolls with one drop of the liquid. With in seconds the dolls twitched to life growing to full size.

Dark Jester grinned as he looked upon his, he stepped back and looked upon the land once more.

My dolls clear this land of everything and prepare it from our new home
The dolls began to move with quirky motions, as if unseen threads controlled them. Quickly they began to clear the land; a few together would get together and push full-grown trees over with ease. Before the next day the land had been cleared of tree and brush alike, nothing was left. Even the animals and insects were gone.

Dark Jester was most pleased with his dolls, and stepped to the middle of the cleared lands. Pulling from his pouch was a toy big top. It was brightly colored red and white, with every detail in side it.
Placing the big top upon the ground, he pulled the bottle once more tilting it till two drops fell coating the big top. Quickly Dark Jester moved out of the way. The dolls stood at the edge of the cleared land looking like normal full size dolls.

With in minutes the Big tops grew stretching the canvas top started to wave like it was being caressed by a high wind. Soon there stood a full size larger than life big top. Dark Jester laughed out loud the bells jingled as he danced about. Stopping he pulled off his jester cap, reaching in he pulled out a ring masters cone mega phone. Quickly replaced his jester cap, and skipped into the center of the big top like a lil kid. His grinned from hear to ear, as he ran about the big top playing. But finally calmed down and stepped to the center again. Pressing the megaphone to his lips He spoke to all those that called this place there home before.

Come one come all to the greatest show of the lands. Come to the big top and find what you lost and seek. Come One Come All I call to you my brethren it is time to return to the greatest show of the lands. We are back for the attack of your funny bone and your soul. Come to me my ken and my brethren. For the twilight Circus is back !

[center]Dark Jester
Your so funny dead[/center]

Sat Nov 23, 2002 4:52 pm
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