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 Living To Die (Open RP) 
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Post Living To Die (Open RP)
The wind was howling....It was a cold night. As soon as he had arrived the windchill dropped to nearly freezing. He pressed on, unphased and uncertain. It had been a long time since he had left, and even longer since he had sought to return.

He didn't want to return, at least not yet. Indeed the thought crossed his mind often, yet he ignored it. What was there for him, anything, anyone? No, nobody nor thing could have remained. Over time many changes had occured, and many people had left. Only remembered by a few, most whom he'd never see again. Over the years he had changed, grown, matured, become...Unstable. His alias of Kalvyn Shadowmere eluded him over time, and he struck forth as KaOz, a name given to him shortly after birth.


The lands had been ravaged, then rebuilt, or so he had heard. As he proceeded through the land, he noticed only one thing old tavern. The name had changed, yet the structure remained the same. Who would greet him as he entered,....... would anyone greet him? Would anyone be there? He hadn't seen anyone nor thing in nearly a fortnight; that which he had seen became his dinner. He stood before the eight foot door infront of him. A slight smirk across his face, a twitch, a shudder, a laugh of a sort. He had waited too long, he would return and start a new with fresh faces. No past, no present, and no future. The time had arrived, now or never; sooner than later; The Beginning had become The End, and reincarnation had taken place. He pressed open the door..... the light immediately made him squint. He was alert, ready for whatever..... he was from this point on, Living To Die.

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Tue Dec 10, 2002 1:29 am
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A figure emerged from the light, almost invisible at first, yet becoming more apparent with each step. A man it appeared to be, yet as it got closer, its manly appearaence fleeted, and upon its arrival, a female with wings of silk, hair of gold, and a body beyond perfection stood before him....

[b]It has been two and a half years....

You have stood and fought, turned your back and ran, conquered and claimed, lost and fled.....

The time has come, and you will face the past, acknowledge your presence, forsee the future, and alas you will die.

Fear not your gifts for with each a curse will haunt you.
Fear not your sins for with each I will watch you.
Fear not your life for with each a God will scorn you.
Fear not your death for with each it will become you.....

He stood motionless in the doorway, staring at the angel before him....

Alas his mouth opened, yet no words came out. He stood.

After what seemed like an endless amount of time, the image before him appeared to change rapidly, and all of a sudden a cloak of blackness embraced the angel-like being. Within the cloak multiple images, both appearing evil and good appeared and faded. Still, not a breath, not a movement, not a sound was made...


Quickly KaOz jolted back onto his bottom, staring and breathing heavily at the face before him..... His eyes grew large and as he reach for his long sword it spoke!


KaOz sat motionless. Before him a door, the same door he had just opened. What had happened? Where was he? Was it a dream? A Foreshadowing of events? Was he alive? Who was that thing? So many questions raced through his mind, until he realized that he was once again on his feet, standing before the door for the second time. Startled, he reached for the door, which seemed to open at will.

Just as before, the light emitting from the room made him squint. He reached for his long sword, waiting to pull it at any moment. He then stepped forth again into the tavern, hesitant and nervous, not sure who, or what was about to happen.....

4m the Past I will haunt you.
4m the Present I will Watch you.
4m the Future I will Scorn you.
Upon Death I will Become you.

Tue Dec 10, 2002 3:35 am
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Post -Introduction-
KaOz burst through the doorway into the tavern. Once inside, he simply stood with his hand ahold his long sword. The light that had been iminating from the tavern was no more. It was dark, only illuminated by the moonlight which shown through the holes in the ceiling and rear wall. There were stains of blood, spilt beverage and the likes all over. The place was a wreck from the inside. KaOz turned and proceed to walk through the doorway out. As he did so, he drew and swung his sword, cutting ther door from its hinges and letting it fall behind him, listening to it shatter upon impacting the petrified floor.

What the fuck!

KaOz sat upon a stone not to far from the tavern, the tears had swollen his eyes and began to fall. He looked about his surroundings. Nothing. There was nothing but an old rickety tavern. His eyes eluded him and his thoughts betrayed him. To the South there was a smaller town, one he knew still to be entact over the years. One which has remained neutral over time. To the North, over the hill upon which he sat, where a town once stood, open land in a valley. A sigh could be heard, and then the noise of a sword being drug through the rough land.

North it is.....

He put his magnificent piece of art work back into it's place, and proceeded over the hill. Looking down as he walked, he saw a light start to grow stronger upon the ground as he neared the slope...

...he cared not. Another mirage perhaps, a vision, a curse...

He stood at the edge of the hill, and faced his path. He looked up....a town. A town similar to that upon which he had just depicted through imagery. In fact, it may have been the town he was currently in. Could they have rebuilt it below in the valley? But why, why the same town?

KaOz slid down the muddy path into the valley below. As he neared, he noticed simliarites in build structure, though changes made, modifications perhaps. He landed promptly at the end of the slope, a decent 3 foot drop made his legs quiver. He looked up.......People!

Finally.. I'm not alone.

He trotted into town, not recognizing any faces. Some of the children who ran ramped around the edge of town ran off scared, particularly the females. Some of the boys ran too, while others looked, and a few commented on his attire, citing him as a warrior, or perhaps a vagabond. As he neared the suburbs of the town, a little girl stood before him. She spoke.

You look like the guy they talk about at the tavern!

Tell me, where am I?

The little girl grabbed KaOz's hand and proceeded to lead him through the town. People gazed, but no one seemed to recognize nor acknowledge him. The assumption being that they had many passerby's and he was but another. Where was he being lead to? The tavern he thought, but where else could the little girl lead him to?

In the eyesof a Man lies the heart of a Devil.
Founder of Just Ask! Inc.
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Wed Dec 11, 2002 6:24 pm
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