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 Coventing thy neighbours lands. SIN + Covenant vs The Fides 
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Post Coventing thy neighbours lands. SIN + Covenant vs The Fides
Opening Stats...

SERVANTS OF ISONIAS NEED (SIN) 12 4,778,567 398,213
THE KEEPERS OF THE COVENANT (Covenant) 10 2,801,731 280,173

Iso Total: 22 members, 7,580,298 tnw, 344,559 anw

ELEMENTUM AB FIDES (The Fides) 20 7,325,935 366,296

The night had been a long one for him. His castle which was still in its infant stages of development had been treaded upon by a foreign element. And his had not been the only. Word came down from the top that they would ride into GLORIOUS battle tonight. And they did.

He ordered more troops. Trained those troops. And readied for the uphill battle that the Fides faced. But they would be victorious. Their leadership had never failed them...

It was sickening. The acres that they would return to Darden on the first night almost made ya shed a tear.

Kinda sad but I tried....

Sun Dec 29, 2002 10:40 pm
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He stood at the front of the tightly packed wedge of demonic reavers, his force of will the only thing holding the beasts in check. They all knew the price of disobedience – on more than one occasion one of their brethren had broken from the pack and rushed forward, only to be savagely struck down by a mental blast from Kiven, and subsequently disemboweled. The reaver lord was ruthless, efficient, and deadly.

He pawed at the ground as he surveyed the small fortress that served as a gateway into the Isonian kingdom that he had been ordered to invade. The stone structure was nestled amidst a mountainous pass, a solid wall that any advancing army would have to smash in order to penetrate into the valley kingdom. A thick forest of stakes was set up before the wooden gates, a treacherous barrier that would slow down infantry enough for the defending archers to pick their enemies off with ease, dramatically increasing casualties.

Not far off an army lay in wait, commanded by Tereil the Fallen, but they would not move until Kiven relayed word that the gate was breached, and that it was safe to advance. Growling, Kiven issued the mental command for his pack to move, and with a chorus of baleful howls they charged forward, fell claws tearing up the packed earth in their bloody frenzy. They crossed the distance to the spears in no time, the deadly forest not heeding their progress as the demonic beasts wove through them effortlessly. A hail of arrows rained down from above, some finding their mark, but far fewer then had the spear trap had worked.

And then they were at the gate, powerful bodies slamming again and again into the fortification, razor claws tearing at the wood. A loud cracking only drove the pack into a deeper frenzy, and with terrifying ferocity they continued their assault. The gate lasted a minute, perhaps two, at most before splintering apart, opening the fortress to the rage of the reavers. With a satisfied snarl, Kiven sent the mental alert to Lord Tereil. The battle was about to be joined.

An eon of pain, an eternity of despair, forever death
The beast within, permenantly unbound

Mon Dec 30, 2002 6:01 pm

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Everyday, day after day has gone well. I sometimes wonder what will be behind the next hill, the next valley. I have always found that too much of a good thing has always been followed by the payment for such. This is the bill I fear.

The men grow tired and worried, with all the new lands for our god how can it all be protected? I try to ease their minds, these are not the concerns of the soilder but of the master.

We have been prepareing for this for months. Have you not seen the work that was put forth before this battle? Look and be at ease. Barracks for all, temples for the masses, and most importantly riches for all.

Wed Jan 01, 2003 10:38 pm
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