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 ORBS all Night Diner and Laundry 
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Post ORBS all Night Diner and Laundry
[center]ORBS all night Diner and Laundry Mat[/center]

Creed had scoured the countryside looking for a place he could eat, get his clothes washed, and have his armor polished, but no such place existed. Being a ruler of many had its perks, but a leader still needed clean clothes. Doing battle made ones clothes smell rather bad. So Creed ordered his architects to design, and build one for him. It was to be the finest in the land; the world greatest chef’s were to be hired and of course the most beautiful women were to be hired. The greatest comedy act of all time was to be booked there; the Royal Carrot Top. All was invited to its grand opening, the band was set, the food was prepared, and the silver was polished. Creed made one last check to ensure all was in place; then turned the sign to OPEN.

Then one sign was placed.


1.) No swimming in tub unless you really want to.
2.) No spitting unless you really have to.
3.) No fartting unless you just cant hold it.
4.) Management is not responsible for belongs left in tubs
5.) Other then that do what you want.

[center] Creed [/center]

[center]<==]=O One of the TENO=[==>[/center]

Mon Jan 27, 2003 8:41 pm
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Fupa relinquished himself from the shadows of the forest stepping forward into an open, airy field. He shot a few quick glances around himself searching for maxim's sentry's. None were in sight and it was decided that it would be safe to venture out for the day. He grabed his ever mysterous sacho then started out.

Not long after his departure Fupa came upon a man. A funny character he was with offerings of strange tobaacco. The awkard situation quickley turned to chuckles as the smoke lingered. A sudden hunger came over Fupa which compelled him to find a good place to eat and relax. Fupa thanked the man for his generous offerings and returned to his mongering.

After a good 15 minutes or so the hunger was back and with a vengence. Fupa had not eaten for at least a day. Anxiously looking around he found a sign by a dirt path that lead to a newly constructed complex. *Maybe they'll have some food there* Fupa pondered. He walked quickley imagining the great foods he would endulge in. . .

growing pot and playing evernight

i drink a lot of beer

Tue Jan 28, 2003 5:59 am

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Iman sat in the relaxing atmosphere of the diner at a corner alcove usualy reserved for clandestine meetings where the clientelle did not want to be noticed.

Wreathed in shadows and blue- grey smoke from his pipe he gazed at the glowing embers of the pipe bowl, red heat flickering across his albino face from the wood stoked fire set on the oposite side of the bar cum counter.He was puzzled. Puzzled, perplexed and not a little anxious.

He tamped down another bowlful of Elf-Weed and dragged lengthily on the slender pipe his mind relaxing as the potent herb enlightened his senses as hu puzzled to make sense of the serious situation the Orb seemed to have stumbled into.

It was certainly a power struggle... of that Iman was certain. One of the Guild's Co- leaders had taken leave of his senses and pronounced himself the only leader, demoting everyone else and locking the gates of the Guild information repository tight with arcane spells and a bloody big padlock for good measure. He would talk to no- one, but occasionaly flickering candle- light could be seen at the window followed by maniacal laughter.

That was not the worst of it... pidgeon's had been seen flying from the tower roof at regular intervels and that could only mean one thing- he was sending messages by homing pidgeon and the Gods alone knew who to.

And again that was not the worst for as Iman and his Guildmates had ben preparing for a War late last night a runner had come staggering into the castle with dire news... the lone leader had declared War on a Guild half a day before the aloted time- a Guild which was not the aloted target.. and worse still a Guild with whom they had a Non- Agression Pact. The man was surely mad... and downright dangerous.

Perhaps he was a doppleganger- sent by another Guild to wreak havock amongst the Orb? Perhaps deep cover spy who had advances in the Orb with this sole mission in mind?

Iman had contacted the other leaders of the Guild but only succeded in meeting with Brallix... briefly and it was he who he waited for in the shadows of this cubicle... he would come shortly no doubt.

He came some time later and quickly seated himself in the shadows as Iman outlined the situation, but there seemed no need for Brallix had already heard the staggering news.

But surely you have the access codes... the spells necessary to cancel this War! please Foret say it is so for mine are de- activated by some arcane means

Iman hissed urgently across the darkened table and stared at Brallix with a look of deepenin concer

No Brallix returned Mine too are gone... I, nor it would seem any other of the Guild has access to the magics necessary... we are shut out.

Iman stared horrified at his friend and colegue and waved briefly in the direction of the opposite wal where a shadow neatly detached itself from the wal and came closer to the table- it turned out to be Grieson, Iman's CastleMaster.

HGrieson... get my castle prepared for total defence... use every means and I mean every means! work them till they drop and spare nothing.. we are facing a great evil.

The wizened CastleMaster hurried from the table to carry out the orders- even though the were contrary to standing Guild orders as Iman turned back to Brallix and whispered.

Then he has to die... I shall make the arrangements with the necessary persons- I still have contacts from my assassin days- he shall be dead before another sun rises. The cost will be great, but there is no other way and between the two of us it is well within our means...Do you concur old friend?

Wed Jan 29, 2003 4:57 am

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And so it was done... the great and Mad Korolath was Dead. Iman had used his shadow contacts amongst the nether Guilds to end his existence.

He hunted high and low.. But, however the carcase of the former leader had not been found.

he retired for the day but on the second day his beleaguered warriors returned with reports. He had his new place.. his Sanctuary.

Mwaaaahahaha your traitorous actions shall be an education to you my previous leader!

Iman sutdied the parchment maps in the dim candlelight and sent his own carrier pidgeons to other Shadow Allies.

Kolrath's Kingdom was in ruins before the fall of night although Iman's was too. However.. and this was the important point..

Kolrath's was sheltering under the protection of the Guild and God he said he supported but who he had so obviously bitterly betrayed. Who should give him support or succour apparat from other traitors.

Iman Had Allies across all Guilds.

Iman knew where the traitor was... exactly.. he knew to a league where his kingdon was.

Korlath could only search for Iman's who was already waiting for him to exit the Gods' protection for no matter what bitterness, Iman would never violate the word of the Ancients who would ultimately exact a terrblie toll for the service Iman had exacted.

Wed Jan 29, 2003 2:23 pm
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