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 The Awakening (closed) 
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Post The Awakening (closed)
High in the mountains to the East sits a deep fertile valley. Nestled on its lush slopes lies a small village, almost quaint in its appearance. Truth be told it’s really more of a hamlet than a true village. Isolated as it is the inhabitants live in relative peace, most of the turmoil going on in the world passing them by. Countless generations have farmed these slopes, always waiting.

Waiting for the return of their Master.

Up the north slope, not up near the top where the perpetual snow covers the peak year round glistening majestically in the sun, but just where the rich soil of the upper pastures gradually turns to barren rocky soil, is a small crevice in the rock. Unobtrusive, one would not even notice it unless you stumbled directly before it. The opening, not much larger then the breadth of a small man, revealed only a silky blackness. A slight odor could be detected, not foul or sickening, but musty and strangely sweet.
If one was able to work their way through the narrow opening, they would find them selves in a massive corridor of stone.
The corridor seems at first to dead end in blackness, but closer inspection reveals a myriad of tunnels sprouting off it haphazard as if they were the branches of a huge thistle bush twisted by the elements. And the smell stronger now inside the mountainside, ever present tingeing the air with a scent of death and decay.

Though the floors are coated with droppings from some unknown rodent, there is no sound of life. Following the passages, twisting and turning with no apparent pattern, but always going down…deeper into the labyrinth the air seems to crackle with energy. Here and there are small fortifications. Some are small obviously man-made walls, others not much more then small trenches dug behind large boulders. The defenses seem ancient though, unused for ages for everything is coated with several inches of dust undisturbed .

Though except for the ever present droppings there seems no presence of life in these gloomy tunnels, something is here. A power though still faint, can be felt drawing us ever deeper into the mountain.

Finally a subtle sound is heard, a soft whispering wafting through the passageways. The air though musty and alive with some static force has been still up to now. Motion is felt now, slight but definitely somehow stirring the air.

Sat Feb 08, 2003 4:40 pm
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Now there is but one tunnel, seemingly endless in length. Deeper and deeper into the bowels of the mountain it meanders, as if to the core of the planet itself. The walls and ceiling close in; barely room for an answang to pass through. The air is vibrant with not only the persistent energy that has been omnipresent but now with a steady flow of air that is coming from just ahead. Rounding what turns out to be a final bend,, the tiny tunnel emerges into a tremendous cavern. The faint sound that has been growing in pitch throughout the journey is now overwhelming.

Bats…hundreds of thousands of them coat the ceiling, their fiery eyes gleaming gold through the darkness that envelops the cavern, glowing more fiercely then the stars in a clear autumn sky. Movement up above, the tiny creatures swaying to an unheard tune.

Unheard…yes but not unfelt for indeed the energy eminating throughout the cavern was pulsing to a beat it seemed. A recognizable beat…a heart beat! The floor of the cavern was bare spare for the thick coating of guano coating it.
No, not bare for in the distance a faint glow can be seen. The glow beating to the same unheard rhythm felt so deeply that the walls now vibrated with its power.
Within this glow a small dais can be discerned, and upon this dais lays a still figure. The being laying there appears to be a vampire of sorts, but one so ancient that it appears mummified. Its skin has the fragile look of withered leather. So dry it seems as if the movement of the multitude up above should cause it to disintegrate.

Suddenly there is movement from the strange being, a soft moan escaping from its cracked lips.

The cavern erupts with a cacophony of sound and motion as every last bat takes flight with a squeal. For a moment the creature on the dais cannot be seen as the barrage of bats fills the cavern like a dense fog.
Then as suddenly as violence exploded, it subsided as the bats returned to their perches once more swaying to the subtle beat.

Sat Feb 08, 2003 8:25 pm
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