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Author:  Elmo [ Sat Oct 26, 2002 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  One Tavern of Many

A tall hooded figure walks up to the delapitaded bar and shakes his head. This was once a bright place where MANY people met. But now it is broken and rotting. The man looks back at a Priest among his number who steps forward and raises his arms speaking in hushed tones of an ancient language. There is a bright light and the tavern is returned to it's former glory. The floor is solid and shiny, the bar a deep red wood, and the magical chandeliers are once again shining brightly. The man walks over to a table and sits down as a fairie moves soundlessly to the bar and fixes a mug of ale for him. He leans back and lets out a sigh of Relef. Badangel had returned. The Priest walks up the stairs to rest. Lord Badangel motions to the fairie and gives his orders. Go to the corners of the realm and spread the word I have returned and i am searching for allies of old. The Tavern of the Penumbra is reopened.

Author:  Elmo [ Sat Nov 02, 2002 2:16 am ]
Post subject: 

A small fairie returns to the bar with an oversized pouch jingling with each step. "We have robbed the vaults of the infidel and offered their gold up to the glory of Foret my lord"A hooded figure turns, it is lord Badangel, ";Very good my friend. With each gold tithed to Foret we come closer to our past glory. What of our allies, what of Lord Kossuth"

"Lord Kossuth is considering our offer sir. He sent me back with a message of peace and friendship" Elmo answers. The two had been trying for months to realize their dream, the dream of Many kingdoms once again becoming one. Soon, they hoped they would return to their past glory, vast kingdoms of fanatical worshipers. Soon they would once again rule these lands.

Elmo moves over to a table and sets her pouch down. "I will take these to our allies sir, we may then aid them as they have aided us in our return" Very well,"answered Badangel, "But be quick about it, for soon I am sure the infidels shall come for their revenge and we must be ready" Badangel moves back over to his table and Elmo settles down for a cold drink hoping to relax before she was once again set out "Tax Collecting" from the infidel.

Author:  Lence [ Sat Nov 02, 2002 5:27 am ]
Post subject:  A long journey

It had been along and weary journey for the man known and Lence. Ages spent wandering the realms, taken by the demon within, tormented, and lost to himself. Time had no meaning, pain a long forgotten yet always present companion. With the demon, Entari, in control he wandered far and wide perhaps to the 4 corners of the world and back again, always concious, yet never in control. Such as it remained, only to finally be broken by the familiar summons...the burnt hand pulling his soul from the abyss, smothering the demon back to the burning core of his being.

They had awoken...and with them would come the banes of the world, pestilence, plague, famine...and war...glorious war. It meant it was his time again, his time to join them, only this time it would not be as a secret and silent member. No, this time he would he be with them on the lines of war, flying the banners high.

Looking up from his thoughts, Lence notes the familar tavern he had once again come to. The Tavern of the Penumbra. Hesitating a moment, his thoughts now racing through his mind of who would come to heed the calling once again, of who he would see, those of his true kin. The place had seen better days. With a hint of sorrow, he stepped through the now open doors.

Imediatly Lence's eyes came to focus on the priest relaxing at the nearby could only be Badangel. With a nod towards Elmo, Lence walked his slow paced gait to the table to join Badangel. Lence meet the priest's eyes as he glanced up from his drink. A solemn nod to speak his greetings for him as he grabbed himself a mug of ale and sat down.

Taking a large swallow from his mug, Lence leaned back in his chair and closed to eyes to wait with Badangel. So it had begun.

Author:  Elmo [ Sat Nov 02, 2002 1:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

Elmo raised from his chair upon the return of Lence. "I have awaited more of our comrades. Now I will carry out my orders and inform those in power of our return. With some luck we will once again be the truest of holy warriors."

"Go Elmo and i shall send with you a treaty, and a charter of what we are to be. It will be written and signed by a week from yesterday. The Lords will be awaiting our intentions I am sure. Tell them that we will bid them well." Spoke Badangel

Then the priest turned to Lence, "It is good to see you my friend and I await a day when once again we shall be comdrades in arms in the name of Foret. Many Battle have we fought together and soon we shall battle once more. Come Lence and let us drink and plan for our return to glory."

Author:  Dragontiers [ Sat Nov 02, 2002 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  A New Figure Enters The Scene

Suddenly, the doors open up and a new figure enters the scene. Dressed in a ragged looking cloak, with a scruffy looking goatee, he looks around the room. Seeing Elmo, he scowls and mutters something under his breath about kenders and rangers with apparent irritation. Noticing Lence, The Trevor goes over and greets him.
"So, it seems I have found the right place. I was told MANY would be here, but I see but a few. Perhaps there has been some trouble locating old friends?" He asks with a half smile. "No matter, they shall come at there appointed time. Now, tell me a bit about the plans you are making, for surely a group such as this can not sit idle for long."
He seats himself at the bar, orders up a cheap ale, and settles back to listen to what his comrades have to say.

Author:  Deamen [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 3:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Through a Blood Ritual that was taught to Badangel in the beginning of time, the summonses for the old reach all lands. At the end of the summons lightning strikes the top of an old tomb. With a violent blow the top of the last coffin imbeds into the ceiling. A Dark figure rises from the coffin. Without touching the holy ground flies off to a tavern.

Upon reaching the tavern a dark shadow follows a burning figure into the tavern. A silence comes to the room when the flaming Demon enters. Badangel I have come to serve you in this new time as I did MANY times before. In a hand shake the symbol on Badangel's hand glows red of a pack of blood.

Author:  JaydenKossuth [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 5:04 am ]
Post subject: 

Greetings my old friends!

It has been many ages since we last spent time together in a fine old tavern like this one! Well, my boots are still soggy from the thawing, but my kingdom already reigns strong again.

Perhaps soon the story of the MANY's return can be told. Already I hear that the thawing has continued, and more shall soon rejoin us here. Heh, regardless, it shall be a great time yet again, as we shall ravage the heathen and those whose faith is simply not strong enough!

Soon, my friends. Soon! Soon, the enemy shall be trampled yet again. Soon they will be desecrated. Soon the name MANY will again strike fear into the heart of the infidel.

Author:  Dragontiers [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:19 am ]
Post subject: 

"Well, this crew be motley if ever one was." mutters The Trevor. "What we upon MANY others, or is this the entirity of our troop? I confess, as this is the first time for me in this tavern, a round of introductions would be welcome."
Standing with a flourish, The Trevor continues "I myself am The Trevor, Mage Scum extrodinaire, at your service. I know Lence, and must confess that Elmo does appear as a familiar incarnation of an old aquaintence, but the others I do not know. Shall we remedy this shortly?"

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Author:  Lence [ Tue Nov 05, 2002 6:51 am ]
Post subject: 

Lence shakes the hands offered to his as the others enter. The new and the old.

He smiles inward to himself, the small gathering was growing quite nicely. Now the arrival of The Trevor, Deamen, and the Kossuth was sruly a sign of good omens to come for them. Of course soon the others would begin to thaw out, those buried deep in the ice, and after that, even those who sat in the heart land of the Penumbra.

"Too bad we can't find a way to thaw the others faster, and give them a guiding light so as they may not lose their way." He lamented after a moments silence.

"I don't suspect raining fireballs down upon the icey prison would help much, the melted ice would only run off and freeze at the base making it harder for the diggers. Damn."

Author:  Deamen [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 12:32 am ]
Post subject: 

I summon my friends. "Bring me the blood from the heathens." I need blood from at lease two clans of heathens. Lets not leave any standing, Man, Woman, or Child.

A week latter Deamen stop in to the Tavern to pick up the shipment. Two kegs of blood fresh from the distuction of the night before. The ritural shall begin.

I invoke the power of the dead to aid me in my search for allies of past. This circle of heathen blood I offer my self to Foret. Let the lands of my enemies be stained with their blood.

After the power flows throughout the body of Deamen, he now knows the knowledge of MANY. Six Orbs of selected colors fly into the lands of MANY.

Silver Orb, Lands in Elmo's Land signifying a leader of the pack.
Black Orb, Lands in Lence's Land signifying a dark killer unseen to most.
Brown Orb, Lands in JaydenKossuth's Land signifying a military power.
White Orb, Lands in Dragontiers' Land signifying the youth in training.
Red Ord, Lands in Deamen's Land signifying a unstoppable Force of Death by any means.

The Gold Orb, travels off to a far land unknown to Foret. The Prophet of MANY has yet to be seen………

Author:  Elmo [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 9:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

Elmo takes the silver globe and delivers it to Badangel. Placing the globe in his hands Elmo slips back into the shadows. Badangel raises from his chair, "It is good to see all my old friends, and some new ones, all here. I am penning a document as we speak to outline our alliances to each other. If this document comes to you shall you sign it? I ask you my friends, will this alliance be accepted if it is offered?..."

Badangel retakes his seat and awaits the answers of the other milling about the tavern. As he rests, suddenly his heads jerks to one side and his eyes open wide. "He has awakened. The prophet has entered this world, i can feel his presence. Soon he will join us, and then we will be whole. Friends, it has begun." With that Badangel's body relaxes as he slips into somewhat of a trance, concentrating on the whereabouts of the prophet.

Elmo, seeing this chain of events slowly and quietly makes her way to the door. She knows that the prophet must be protected on his journey. For until he arrives from the heart of the Penumbra he shall be vulnerable. She makes her way through the woods and over the hills moving wuickly and searching, searching for the one that will come to cement the faith of this alliance. THE PROPHET IS COMING

Author:  Deamen [ Thu Nov 07, 2002 12:22 am ]
Post subject: 

MANY sit and talk at a table in the Tavern. At the begining of the conversation about killing heathens. Deamen lets out "Lord ..." and his eye's start to burn Brown. He quickly drops to his knees and a Brown Orb Flies out his mouth.

Several people in the bar "Screem in terrior." MANY go out side the bar and watch the Orb burst through the roof.

Five of MANY jump on their mounts to follow the Glowing Sphere. Deamen leads the pack into new land's, before overlooked. A small camp of Fighters prepare to attack the MANY, when the Orb lands in the hand of their leader.

The five travelers stop in the camp. The leader Hexen now burnt with a famial symble. "Hexen welcome back, I thought you were gone for good after the distruction of your kingdom," Deamen says. "There are hard times and good times, but MANY will survive them all," says Hexen.

As soon as the Prophet arives we shall start the purification of all lands...

Author:  Elmo [ Sat Nov 09, 2002 1:20 am ]
Post subject: 

Elmo walks over to where Lord Hexen stands and puts out her hand. "It is good to see you again my friend. It has been a very long time since we rejoiced over the spilt blood of heathen leaders. Soon the infidel will once again tremble at the mention of your name."

Elmo walks up and down the ranks of fighters in the camp. "They are green. They have much to learn about the art of war. Perhaps with a little time we could whip them into shape."

"What do you mean Green?", asks one of the men. "And who are you to judge us and whip US into shape?"

"I am darkness, I am death, and I am the thing nghtmares are made of BOY.", Elmo turns to Hexen, "You had better teach your kids some respect my friend, or they will quickly find themselves in trouble."

With that Elmo turns and slips into the forest. There are other things to attend to.

Author:  the Zombie [ Sun Nov 10, 2002 2:08 am ]
Post subject: 

Book One : The Journey

It was quite possibly all that had survived the great cataclysm that had befallen the Chumba and the Wumba and the Lumumba. Persecuted and forsaken by the godz of old, entire species became extinct under the arctic weather that had gripped the formerly tropical climate.

It was a harsh perpetual winter.

A gull noticed it as it wiggled across the icy beach.

It was airborn, snatched up firmly in the gulls beak. If it had had eyes it would enjoy the view from aloft. Majestic spires of ice sparkle and shimmer, reflecting the polychromatic waves of the Aurora Borealis in the heavens above them.


Calm low waves break inaudably against the icy glacers and frozen shoreline. Snowdrifts throw off their tiny flakes to the four winds, as if born again.

It had no eyes, so it knew not these fine sights the gull had grown accustomed to. The only thing it did have was determination. It would return to its home and one day be made whole again.

It also had no idea if it was to be a meal for the gull or if the gull had ulterior motives in mind. In fact it had no brain, no feelings, no thoughts of it's own at all, just determination.

Soaring higher, the gull heads north, tucked under the blanket of nights darkness. It was an unusually clear nocturn, the stars twinkle their dance of light, the moons full watched over them like a mother watches her sleeping newborn.

Soon they approached a landmark of stone towers. Long vacant the towers bore the marks of MANY wars. One was of black obsidion the other of white quartz but both buried deep in ice and snow. Only the very tops protrude into the landscape, tattered blue flags that once topped the ramparts replaced by a coat of thick ice. Twelve generations removed, the great great great...granddaddy of the gull had used the last bit of blue cloth to build it's nest.

It was here the gull knew to adjust it's path to head towards THE GLACIER COLLOSICUM.

The Glacier Collosicum was of course both the geographical and electro-magnetic northern pole of the world.

Just as they approach the peak of the Glacier Collosicum...


A fine meal for a gull. *SPICY*

Author:  Blaze the Destroyer [ Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:10 am ]
Post subject: 

A man approaches those at Hexen's camp. He wears a black cape with a red arrow embroidered on it. He is of powerful stature and is wearing battle scarred armor. Long hair flows from under a dull helmet. A longsword in its sheath is around his belt.

A demon with a white cape is at his side. He looks battle worn, and has very muscular skin. He wears a suit of golden armor on his chest, and wields a huge sword, bent to take out a legion of heathens with one fell swoop. He puts his sword in his sheath.

The man eyes each member of the MANY. He cracks a half smile at them and says to the demon, "Look, Steelsoul. Our comrades have returned."

"It is true Blaze." the demon replies, "The prophecy must be right."

Blaze and Steelsoul walk toward the MANY. Blaze extends his hand and says, "It's good to be back."

Author:  Dragontiers [ Sun Nov 10, 2002 6:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

** Book Two : Table of the Elements[b] [sixe=12][color=red] The Trevor returned to the cavern empty handed from the hunt once again. Food was scarce, but he was used to going hungry. The Trevor starts a nice blazing fire with his gaze. The gaze was almost like the suns rays focused through a glass of magnification. The Trevor hoped that the others may have faired better. The Trevor was an ELEMENTAL of FIRE, and shiveres from being perpetually cold...a hell like torment was existence for the likes of he. Soon they would be out of firewood, which is never a good thing. The Trevor looked over the last of the wood in the room, it was a fine banquet table made of Ironwood. Ornate in its carvings and guilded in the finest of rare earths it depicted scenes of what the Trevor considered to be [b]'THE HUNT'. The scene did depict a hunt, but not of deer or fox or was one man hunting another, or rather armies hunting their prey. "Quite a FEAST that musta been," thought the Trevor to himself. **

Author:  pircio [ Mon Nov 11, 2002 10:29 am ]
Post subject: 

It has been many months since they last seen me, do they remember me? Before I was a renegade, seeking order and sense of what to make of things. I knew not what I was doing but the people wanted me as their leader, so I accepted, and I failed.

After many months of soul searching I have found my answers in Ferot.

After receiving the invitation I knew that I had to arrive. Walking into the tavern I see old friends, farmiliar faces. "It is good to see you my friends. I know it has been some time but I return to you now. I am in surprisingly good spirits as of late. I have mastered the ability to create and fortify many lands. Under my direction my people and I have rejoiced many times." You notice that hexen is not in any extraordinary dress, but has no visible marks of war like he used to always have. He is clean cut and unharmed. "My success will be MANY successes. I will help to guide us in the name of Ferot to victory."

It seems unlikely for hexen to be in this nature. He is no longer distrought like he always was. Remarkable.

Author:  Metal Golem, Lazarus [ Mon Nov 11, 2002 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Another rises from the frozen field

A large cracked line appears in a large amount of ice protruding from the frozen floor near the Abyss Below' Shear Obsidian Darkness
Snap! Crunch!
The ice cracks more as a few shards fly from the side as a hand emerges.

The hand forms into a fist and slams into the ice.
Over and over, the fist slams into the ice, sending large pieces of ice flying across the room.

Soon, another fist and arm are freed from the ice and the rest of the ice is ripped away by the hands.

An hour after the first hand emerged, the entire creature had removed itself from the frozen prison.

The creature is a metal golem, decorated with the finest metals, but created with the strongest of metals, including steel, titanium, and other polymers.

There now stood in the icy cavern the metal golem known in the past as Lazarus.

Lazarus moves to the opening of the Abyss Below' Shear Obsidian Darkness and stands there, as if to guard the entrance from some outside force from entering, or perhaps from some hideous horde from escaping from within.

Author:  the Zombie [ Thu Nov 14, 2002 7:56 am ]
Post subject: 

(book two : table of the elements continued)

Gemenosyrl, or Gem as her friends called her, on the otherhand waited patiently for the cavern to warm for she was an elemental of the waters. Suspended from animation unless the Trevor was there to warm her being. She needed him, but felt no love for him,as they had nothing in common save thier prison of ice.

Igneossyd rose from the floor of the cavern with a rumble, as it was his habit of doing. The element of earth was his domain. He would sit at the table, fork in one hand, knife in the other, napkin dangling from his neck. He had faired no better on the hunt than the Trevor, who would stand a safe distance from the table lest he cause a host of problems like combust the table, overcook the meal or boil Gem, which only agitates her.

Aero was just a whisp of an air elemental, her love of the dance made embracing her native winds a joyful existance. She was the only happiness left after the GREAT CATACLYSM know to them as the PENUMBRA. The cataclysm that had perminantly darkened the skies and changed the face of the lands had been proficized and come to pass ages ago, but had not been forgotten. It was a simple task for Aero to take the Gull from it's flight into her arms, "I'm Sorry, forgive me my friend."

*SNAP* a fine meal for an elemental


Author:  the Zombie [ Thu Nov 14, 2002 8:08 am ]
Post subject: 

(book two : table of the elements continued)

The room was almost cheerful with the prospects of having a meal for a change. Gem had washed the gull in a ritual of baptmisal purification. The Trevor cooked the Gull, slowely roasting it so's to seal in it's flavor and juices, while Igneossyd set the table.

They all had a fine feast until...


The finger once again takes flight, all be it a short distance across the room.

Ignossyd shouts "WHAT THE FLOCK WAS THAT!?!"

Gem replies "It appears to be a putrified, partially desicated, freeze dried and mummified, index, NO WAIT, MIDDLE FINGER off the right hand of a zombie...." Gem strays off on a tanget about mummification then dried fruits and pressing flowers, as it was her way to babble and ramble. No one was listening after the word ZOMBIE.

Author:  Dragontiers [ Sat Nov 23, 2002 5:40 am ]
Post subject: 

the Trevor picks up the dis-embodied finger and says "why isn't it burning?" The finger points at the Trevor stands at attention in the Trevor's palm, yes indeedy, giving him a gesture not taken lightly by an elemental of any sort. *All inthe room gasp a slight uncontrolable gasp, momentarily shocked at the fingers actions.* The finger motions "come here, come closer" to the Trevor. The Trevor leans in, as if the finger could whisper some ancient wisdom to him under his breath... *POKE IN THE EYE* With a molten tear evaporating from his cheek in a sizzle, The Trevor jerks back in pain and shouts a chant understood only to fire elementals, "Why YOU LITTLE @!$@##%&#^$! #*&%@!!!!" With a firm grasp, the Trevor hurls the upstart middle didgit with his FULL FORCE into the chasm that doubles as their toilet. It soon disappears into the darkness below... A moment passes... then another... and ...

Author:  Raptor [ Sat Nov 23, 2002 7:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

Dark. Ice cold. Ages long. Is there an end? This is the Ones true test. Frozen in a storm that came out of clear skies. Stored away like a fruit from the autums harvest, to be awakened when the time is ripe. Memories of a age gone, will the return be today? Hope, only hope, and cold...

Glimmer of past times, victory over heathens, bounty from the hunt, from the coffers of the infedell. Glorious Victorys on the Fields of Honor will again be ours . All shall be regained, All shall be Glorious once again, All shall be as One.

But for now, Many shall wait. The new age is coming, and with it Many shall hear crys of victory, Many shall drink and toast to the One. All shall gather in to unite and plan. To plot and schem. Faith and hope is all that One needs to survive. Soon we shall FEAST!!

Author:  MAKKO [ Sun Nov 24, 2002 1:22 am ]
Post subject: 

as he is riding on his horse,he comes to a stop,as he is thirsty and hungry.he sees a tavern over to his left and decides to go in to have a bite.

as he walks in he sees many people enjoying themselves.although not the nicest tavern he has seen,it is still a very nice place.he walks on over to the bar and asks for a drink.

he turns around to look for a table to sit and enjoy his meal.he goes to an empty table over in the corner where it is nicely lit.he then sits with his back to the wall,as he has many enemies and always thinks cautiously.he then draws out a map to seee exactly where he he is looking at his map.he notices something strange through the window,across the road.

Author:  the Zombie [ Mon Nov 25, 2002 11:52 am ]
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(ooc this is the intro. to Book Three)

Book Three : Good Angel/Bad Angel

The Smell of bacon and French toast with butter and maple syrup and that powdery sugar...mmmmmm. The feast was fit for MANY. Elmo could almost taste it as if it were real.

The Fairy wakes with a shudder, pangs of hunger hit him in the gut like a FIST...


Just then a finger drops as if from the heavens before Elmo's feet, pointing towards that twisty path leading down into the firey depths beneath the glacier. Elmo hadn't traveled beyond the icy halls for some time, but he didn't relish the idea of traveling through what was once the mighty Velkyn Velve. That unholy place of dark elves and pain...

Author:  the Zombie [ Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

(ooc this is intro to book four for satan/moloch, Elmo must meet the Dark figure Angelique to lead up to this chapter)

Book Four : Perdition of Deus

Moloch, a Devil and keeper of the Ancient graveyard of the fallen god Angelique (where the slain body of the forgotten god Olander was rumored to be buried), notices a dark figure digging up on of the MANY countless graves. Beside her is a fairy fluttering holding a finger. The finger points at the grave marker six hundred and sixty six.

Moloch runs as fast as he supernaturally can, making ready to KILL the desecrator of the sacred ground, the infernal violator of his fallen brothers of faith who had been interred to his care. The Gods of old hadn't used his services for a long long time, and a new god had yet to seek his service.

Wielding a pitchfork above his head like a ninja master, Moloch stops just within striking distance of the dark figure and yells, " STOP!"

The dark figure turnes towards Moloch, the only Moloch can discren is eyes glowing a BRILLIANT BLUE illuminating the surrounding darkness.

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