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 A Closed Door NV/Isonians 
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Post A Closed Door NV/Isonians
[ooc: just a notice that NV is capped on members,so please do not apply /ooc]

Times were again good in the lands of the Vurumai.Times like those of old. Times of warring and comraderie.Ahh the blessed feeling.

The heralds had been sent out on the fleetest Isonian steeds to once again summon the old intrepid warriors of the Vurumai back to the colors. And quickly they began reassembling their power.
Their ranks quickly swelled until TuT felt the need to speak his mind.
"Ry,we shall be needing to close the door now if we are to stay lean and mean"

As nearly always the case Ryloc agreed with the Sage's wise advice. The heralds were hastily recalled so that the lords and ladies of NV knew where everything stood.For now they knew who would be with them thru thick and thin. Trusted warriors each and all.

Signs were then readied and posted along the paths fellow Isonians were likely to follow to the lands of the Vurumai. A simple yet poignant message each sign carried for they read..The Door is Closed

It did trouble him a bit to have to have this step taken yet, it was the best for each and every Isonian.


Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:49 am

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Batlord came in front of the closed door

What is this?

I have never seen a closed door before in the lands of NV

I bet it is a good decision not to let everyone in anymore.
Too many things happened in the last months and with a tight small community you are better off these days.

Less work and bigger fun!

Normally i am against closed doors but now i only praise the decision!

*adressing to Ryloc*

Good work lord Ryloc and co.
I bet you are ready for some hot action

Fri Mar 07, 2003 2:14 am
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As TuT stood at the battlements and watched with unbridled excitement as the steady stream of gallant warriors and their armies rode through the gates to proclaim their allegiance to the Vurumai. As he waved to his old friend Zomb, he did a quick tally of who had already paid a visit to his leige.

hmmm .... fifteen

As he strode off, deep in thought, to meet with Ry, he recollected a much earlier event.

Copius quantities of ale had been consumed the night the he met up with The Dark One after his return from exile. It had been a chance meeting, TuT's purse was full with Darden gold but that night the tenants of NV were re-examined in much detail. Long did the barkeep stay up, as the tavern was filled with loud and near incoherant utterances.

The days of leading 30+ warriors to war was to be a thing of the past, the long hours associated with plotting, planning and waging war with such an unwiedly Isonian force had taken the shine off executing the heathen.

But much else was remembered from the debauched evening, the first being that of a small, tight knit group of warriors would ride shoulder to shoulder against the infidel. The number agreed had been twelve.

Mi'Lord - 15 of Tonan's finest have already joined us, we now run the risk of having to work harder than we like. Might I suggest that we recall our invitations and close the gates - for now.

tactics are like water

Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:18 pm
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