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 Swift running water, cool summer Breezes. 
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Post Swift running water, cool summer Breezes.
Sliding along the base of the river, powerful arms spread and split the water, his entire body flexing and thrusting like an otter, driving his body forward through he spaces opened in the water by mighty arms. rippling muscle, carved and chiselled, smooth and bronzed from many years in the bright sun, and rising and falling like the stones along the riverbed, a steady stream of silver bubbles rising from mighty lungs. Flexing up and cresting out of the water like a river otter, a great trout caught by the tail in his right hand.

flicknig his head back, tossing long hair and the loose water contained within back in a sheer spray he was content, 2 years and 8 months he had been here in the valleys that shadowed Raven's Peak, but its beauty never failed to impress him. As he waded ashore, wondering just how far upstream his boots were, he paused, noticing something very strange, and extrodinarily out of place. Pressed into the soft sand, just above the tidal point of the waves was the faint outline of a footprint. Light on her toes and agile, from the size and depth of the print he guessed young, a teenager or barely past, walking like she owned this valley; from the way the footprint had worn down, she had passed this way a day and a half, perhaps two days ago.

Straightening he realised that the footprint, and undoubtedly the owner of the footprint, this interloper into his domain was distinctly feminine, and he wondered immediately, just how far upstream his boots were, for they were sitting atop his pants when last he left them, and impressive as the belt knife he carried was, it did little for his modest.

Wed Mar 12, 2003 8:28 am
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The morning had been very good. The river was crisp but refreshing, and had been too inviting for her to pass up. She had spent a good deal of the morning chasing fish through the water, but her small body lacked the power to follow them into the faster current, instead, she contented herself with bathing.

The water caressed her thin body, washing away the layers of filth and grime. She held her breath and went under, letting her hair spread out among the minnows who zipped about her. She watched them for a few moments giggling to herself at how they moved. She shot out of the water and looked around, making sure she was not being watched. As her amber eyes scanned the banks, she reached up and pulled her long, wet, hair together; twisting the water from it. Her small body shivered in the morning air and she moved toward the shore, pausing to look at her reflection in a pool of calm water.

Her long red hair clung to her naked body, covering her breasts and shoulders in a soggy blanket. The tips of her hair was shock white, like the tail of her namesake in the dead of winter. Her tiny fingers reached up and touched the tattoos on her cheeks, the painful reminders of why she was here now. Her tribe had cast her out after the stunt she and Fox had put together. But she didn't really care about what they thought, Fox was always with her now. She smiled haughtily at her reflection and pounced out of the water, dressing quickly to avoid the chill bite of the morning breeze.

It was time to hunt.

Running Fox hadn't moved for several hours. She had spent the time watching the cool breeze sift through the fallen leaves, picking up pairs and thrusting them into a wild dance together. They moved together, twirling ever higher only to be ripped apart and cast aside when the wind was done with them.She marveled at the patterns and movements the wind inspired as long as she could, but her belly would not be denied.

Carefully she moved on, further up the stream, hiding her scent by moving into the wind, any food would have to hear her approach to escape. She rounded a bend in the river and with a wide grin, silently thanked Father Fox. She had been given a very fat, brown, rabbit. Her muscles were drawn tight as wire as she waited for the right moment. The rabbit hadn't a clue that she wasn't alone and took her time grazing on the sweet grass that grew beside the river.

The water bubbled and laughed at the poor creature as Running Fox sprang and caught her. Her tiny hangs clasped the mound of writhing fur and snapped the creatures neck quickly. The rabbit had only gotten off one high pitched shriek. Running Fox smiled to herself, she would eat well tonight.

As she turned to return to the safety and protection of the forest, something caught her attention. There was a scent in the air she had not noticed before... it smelled of salt and earth. Quickly she dove into the thorny bushes growing at the edge of the forest here. While not the most comfortable of surroundings, the bushes offered her protection and concealment. Biting her lip and keeping her eyes focused, she ignored the pricks and scratches as she made her way farther up the wood line.

When the scent was strongest she lay flat on her belly and waited for a long time. There was no sound, apart from the river's laughter and the bird's callings. She didn't smell anything new, and so, after several moments of patience she decided that she had done good enough and could now emerge to see what was giving off the scent. She laid her rabbit in a dense spot of thorns and moved slowly out of her cover.

On the bank of the river she found the source of the scent. Someone had left behind their boots, pack and weapons. She again paused behind some rocks and listened. Nothing but the birds' mocking cries and the water rushing past. The river was fast here, she doubted if she would be able to swim across.

She lifted her head slightly above the rocks and assured herself again that she was alone. She placed her hands on the rocks and hoisted herself over, landing nimbly on the balls of her feet, alert and cautious. She slowly made her way down to the pack, using her hands and the balls of her feet to balance quickly and quietly.

Something else caught her attention before she had opened the pack however. The man who had left his possessions behind also left his pants with them. She snatched them up instead, amazed at the size of them. She turned her head to the side as she marveled over how much bigger than she they were. Forgetting the threat that the owner might return for them any moment she slipped them on and laughed. Two of her could easily fit in these pants if not more. She slipped them off and tried to put both legs into one of the pan legs. Again, her laughter resounded off the water, carried up to the cold rocks that watched from their high view.

Running Fox hopped around in the pants, affording herself a moment's play, caution forgotten. She sprang forward, catching herself with her hands and began running around on the soft grass, bouncing and twisting like the minnows she had watched that morning. Her muscles flexed with each lunge, pushing her forward. Sometimes she would stop on her hands and twist her lithe frame into complex bends, altering her direction. She laughed and continued playing in this manner until the wind shifted and something else caught her attention... the scent of fish.

Wed Mar 12, 2003 10:38 am
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Post Dryad #1
Somara was the first of the Dryad trio, that had been lieing alseep within the treetrunks for a year, to awaken. After the massive destruction that had brought down their sensei, Nneji Nightshade, and entire school, Corinia, they had taken shelter in nature.

Somara stepped out of the trunk of an ash tree, stretched, and wiped her green eyes. She wore a purple headband holding back her long blonde hair, and a short purple dress that looked ready for spring. She stood about five foot tall and walked barefoot. She smiled at the frolicking fox girl and made her way to the water, holding a jar of white paste and a makeshift wooden toothbrush.

Then Somara settled down at the water and brushed her teeth vigoriously then washed her face. It was great to be fresh again, after all, she had been living in a tree as a mere essence for a year. Leaving the paste and brush on the bank, Somara slid into the water and floated very still on her back for a moment, letting the glorious sunlight kiss her cheeks and the cool water refresh her skin. She didn't care if her dress was soaked, it was good to live again. she felt a sunperch brush against her arm in curiousity, then swim away. She lay in the water, dozing and wondering when her two sisters would also awaken.

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Post Wait... 2 or 1??

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