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 Ashes in the wind 
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Post Ashes in the wind
He sits amidst the tumbled wreckage of the Second City and gazes up at the night sky with tearful eyes. He had always known the day of the last fall would come, the city itself had warned him of it and yet he had attempted to defy fate to save the only thing he had ever loved. He had searched for the reborn Saints and brought them back together, he had hired powerful assassins and warlords from the surrounding regions and brought them under the blanket of protection offered by the sentient city and yet stil he had failed. Fate had thrown him blow after blow and in the end he had been unable to prevent it from breaching the walls of his beloved and tearing it to the ground. The others had betrayed the thing which had created them all in its hour of most dire need, they had left it to wither and die without a care, considering only their own selfish desires and damning everything else to hell.
Dyvim manages a bitter smile at the thought of the other Saints, in their hurry to escape the fate of the city they had forgotten the most important thing of all, the fact that their own lives were entwined with the survival of the Second City. In its death throes the city was a vengeful creature and Dyvim knew full well that when its light was finally snuffed out it would take the traitors with it...but not him. No, for his loyalty he would suffer the most. For his loyalty he would be granted another scar upon his heart, another failure to haunt his nightmares and slowly tear his soul apart. He sighs and slowly hauls himself to his feet, gazing around at the tattered city and giving a little shake of his head.

I should've known better. Non of them were pure...not like I am. non of them could give up the temptations the city asked us to swear against, and now it suffers because of their weaknesses!
They betrayed the source of their power and for what? A temporary escape from final death? A sup of brew or the touch of some common whore?

He spits in disgust and turns his gaze to the heavens once more, the tears in his crimson eyes replaced by the fire of righteous fury as he continues his tirade in the confines of his mind. After several moments he tears his eyes away from the clusters of stars and begins to pick his way through the ruins of the city towards the entrance to the catacombs where he intends to meet with the core of the city for the last time.

Eddie Kim sends his regards, motherfucker!
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