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Reality's Interlude Tavern IV (DR/Open)
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Author:  Crynus [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Reality's Interlude Tavern IV (DR/Open)

ooc: New tarvern thread, the old one is closed, thanks ~Cry /end ooc

So in these days of war and sleepless nights, did Crynus scour the news brought to him by the scouts of the guild. Many were the candles that burned down the hours, leaving puddles of red wax upon the oaken table where the maps were strewn about, and parchments of ancient writings mingled with freshly written reports of exotic cities far away. Some news was rumored to be heard in the East, but this was nothing more than whispers on the wind, his scouts were beyond driven, spending weeks out in enemy lands, listening and watching, recording all that transpired, hoping for that one moment, the one word that would lead the guild into the right direction, to find the beginning of the trail and hunt those responsible down mercilessly. So was his focus, and his demon's anger, that cities that stood in the way burned with heathen's bodies, and blackened ash followed behind his every step.

Again he searched his books and writings for a clue, feeling the vague rememberance but when he tried to focus on it, only frustration greeted his efforts. Exhausted he opened the door, seeing those at the tavern regalling each other in story and verse, he felt a great feeling of shame, the feeling of helplessness he was not accustomed too. Striding out the door of the tavern he began a slow walk down the darkened streets of the city, to mull over his questions and hopefully find clarity in the cold night's air.

Author:  Venorik [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 6:44 pm ]
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Venorik was leaning back against the bar enjoying his drink, when he noticed that Nerieda was motion for him to join her and Nether at her table. Venorik raised a brow in amusement as he looked over at her curiously. Not being one to turn down the invitation especially when some chaos might come of it. The demon grinned to himself and made his away cross tavern. Claws clicked across the floor as he moved the bottoms of his wings swirling around his legs and feet. Venorik stopped at the side of the table his great ebon form towered over both. For he was larger even then Nether and they where both sitting. Venorik looked down at Nerieda his eyes locked with hers for a second as the spun slowly drawing you into their depths.

"You beckoned?"

Venorik asked as he glanced over at Nether. He was rather curious to see what Nerieda wanted of him. Max followed his master soon after. The hound looked around lazily and then with yawn from one of his heads he curled up under the table between Nether and Nerieda's feet. With a sniff from one of his heads at Nerieda legs the twin headed dog closed three of his four eyes one ever alert. Venorik took a drink from the cup still in his hand as he watched Nerieda waiting to see what she was about.

Author:  Nerieda [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 7:37 pm ]
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While setting with the young demon from the bar another draws his attention, the man was walking out of the tavern. The look in the dark demon’s eyes caused concern in the back of her mind. As he watched the man leave she noticed the other demon walking to join them. This man raised some questions but that would come later, after they had finished introductions. She wanted to learn who these demons were and where they were from. The taller demon had made it to the table, his dog following close behind.

“Beckoned? Well asked for your company maybe.”

She looked deep into the crimson eyes of the demon, and raised an eyebrow. He had known her name, but how well that would come later.

“Since your friend seems to be tough tied, may I ask you if there is a stable for my horse Azeman near?”

Author:  Venorik [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 11:20 pm ]
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Venorik looked down at the women and rubbed a horn in thought his razor sharp claws making scratching noises as they ran across it. He took another quaff of his drink for good messure his tail swaying calmly behind him. Several patrons of the tavern have to make a wide circle around the back of the demon to avoid being impaled by his multi-spiked tail. The demon hardly noticed this though pondering what the women had said. He smiled down at her at last his razor sharp teeth gleaming dangerously in the light of the tavern.

"To tell you the truth I am unsure. You see I have no need for a mount. Mostly flying wherever I need to go. I do believe there is one off to the side or behind the tavern. For surely these others that vist the tavern keep there mounts somewhere. I shall have to look into this."

Venorik said as he finished his drink. He placed his glass on a passing wenches tray and stopped her for a second to order himself another glass. With that done the demon turn back around. The demon stretched muscles rippling across his powerful frame his wings reflexively stretching to their limits. He quickly brought his wings against his back to nestle against the crismons sword inbetween. For his wings took up far to much space to be spread within the tavern. Adjusting his loincloth the only thing the demon chose to wear, Venorik return his attention back to Nerieda.

"But where are my manners? Venorik Klaw, Demonlord of the nineth sphere of hell at your service, my lady and you would be?"

Venorik said with a slight bow. He still watched her careful for he was yet to determine what she was about and one could not be to careful. Even it one happened to be a demon. Not the Venorik feared for himself, Never that. However he would not willingly let any harm come to his guildmates.

Author:  Nerieda [ Fri Feb 06, 2004 1:42 pm ]
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Nerieda had watched the tall demon walk to table. Now that he was here she could make out his full size. Looking up into his red eyes, she could see his distrust. Keeping her thoughts in the back of her mind, she smiled warmly.

“Thank you. It’s my pleasure to meet you Venorik. I am Nerieda. Will you be so kind as to join us, it seems your four legged companion has already. Tell me does your friend speak? He sat down but has not said a word."

While Nerieda waited to see if he would take her offer of the seat she glanced under too see the two headed dog sleeping. Looking back atop the table she could feel the other demon’s eyes move from the door back to where they were.

Author:  Tekmet [ Fri Feb 06, 2004 9:19 pm ]
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The journey from old to new had been perilous. From water, to fire, to brimstone, to ash, and back into water...this journey had been torment...and that was only the round of drinks.

Tekmet's head spun. He looked around...looked at the floor, the ceiling. Crynus' face swam and jeered. It seemed like old times, but something was different. In the background, the taunts, and stories, and laughter, and argument all seemed the same...and yet...

Well, no matter. Tekmet, bellied up to the bar yet again and opened his purse strings. A few copper and some silver glinted back at him, seeming to say "you don't need us anymore, you'd be better off with another round for your friends!"

"Well, to hell with you then!" Tekmet retorted, as he slung his coins onto the bar. The barkeep, eyed him warily but served up another round...he didn't trust Tekmet the warrior anymore than he had previous ages. Tekmet's sword and staff were always at the ready, too ready, to rebuke sass and sarcasm alike. It was a bad habit, but one Tekmet nurtured and spoiled, like all of his bad habits.

He stumbled back to the table, seeing Crynus eye him as well...

Half the drinks had sloshed onto the floor and the tray before Tekmet made it back to the table. No matter, they were for him anyway. The others had long since stopped....except for Tek. This was his way of forgetting.

Author:  Kaemon the Wicked [ Fri Feb 06, 2004 11:33 pm ]
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I look up from my drink to see a face that hasnt graced this tavern in a long while. I find a smile deep within my anger over the common bullshit associated with war. Time and time again I downsized all land to keep those who would bloat themselves alive, too big to piss straight, let alone fight a war like this. These days weren't like the old, hell, even the old days could get shitty in a hurry, people seemed to forget that. So Tekmet stood again, lands ready for the burnination that he was famous for, already the largest in the land felt his wraith, and all was good. Now however he'd have to watch his step a bit, the guild and Crynus had no use for loose swords, but this he knew and he would find more blood and honor here than wandering the lands bannerless.

Hell, they all deserve it anyways, I say burn them all, watch their children wander to their outstretched parents hands dripping burning skin, while my laughter echoes across the frozen death that awaited them. I stopped my musings and stared in my mug, damn this was some dark beer, dark enough to make even your thoughts turn evil. Thats what I'm talking about, the darker the better.

"Hey! Tek! You're a wee man, you can't drink all those beers yourself, let me help you." I slapped his back hard enough to make his eyeballs flop out, but he's from a stouter stock than half these dogless bitches these days, back when fists stung with anger, and tempered hands broke honorless bones, healing heathens with pain, for lessons learned through loss were remembered best. I raised my glass and gave him the old Eternal Dynasty salute.

"Prepare yourself, and take twice what you give."

Author:  Dark Sage [ Sat Feb 07, 2004 9:18 pm ]
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And his master was leaving again, so he would once again have to manage the kingdom. Luckily, he had trained his subordinates well during Taldric's last absence, so he had the time to enjoy a drink, or several. His underlings would know where to find him if anything major went wrong. Until then, he would amuse himself here in the tavern.

With a whirl of his fingers, the mage conjured a silver goblet before him. The sparkling, wine-filled chalice slowly rose from the smooth tabletop. He picked it up and took a sip. After swishing the flavorful liquid around in his mouth for a while, he quickly tired of the taste and overturned the goblet. Muttering an incantation under his breath, the sorceror caused the liquid the float in a quivering globule in the air. Dark Sage toyed with the ball of wine as he summoned another drink for himself. This time a simple mug of ale. After several similar mugs of ale, the orb of alcohol twirled more and more erratically through the air, it's machinations growing ever more flamboyant. Seeing Gandar on the other side of the tavern, the mage decided he looked thirsty. The globe whizzed that way.

Author:  Tekmet [ Sat Feb 07, 2004 9:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Eyes popped out...

"Damn you, Kae!" Tekmet slurred. He raised a glass, threw back the remainders of a pint of ale, then threw the empty glass into the hearth. The barkeep looked up, annoyed, but held his tongue when he saw the instigators. A drunken Tek, and a swaggering Kaemon were nothing to gawk at for too long...

Then, without warning, he hoisted another pint and brought it down on the table top. Frothing brew and glass sprayed all around...they cursed and spat all the while, fleeing the table like women running from a mouse. All except Kae. He glared and smirked. This was the old Eternal Tek that he had come to know. Swarthy and full of rebuke as well as laughter.

The two had been brother long ago...with Crynus...before the dark days came and all in the land, learned the ways of fear and crawling.

Handing the remaining glasses to the kin around the table that bothered to sit back down again, he hoisted his pint. "To the Reality and the Demons that reside therein!" He waved his glass and drank deep! "May you long grace these lands, and teach the lessons of pain to those who would not listen."

Author:  Gandar [ Sat Feb 07, 2004 10:29 pm ]
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Gandar watched the new arrivals to the tavern, making note of their appreances and personalites as is his habit. Suddenly he blinks a few times in surprise as he notices that Eisheth is no longer in the tavern but dismisses it as some trick of hers. There were unusual aspects about himself that had yet to be revealed but his clearly demonic guildmates had surprised him a few times with their tricks like expanding the walls of the tavern.

Unfortunetly for him he is too distracted by these thoughts to notice the org of alcohol sent his way by Dark Sage until the last second. He moves his head to the side quickly but part of the orb still hits his cheek, the rest splattering against the wall behind him. He pulls a dark green square of cloth out of his belt and wipes his cheek with it, a minor enchantment causing the alcohol to be absorbed and disappear. Replacing the cloth in his belt he glances over at Dark Sage and lacking any magical tricks to respond in kind he takes a small throwing dagger from his belt. Years of practice let him throw the finely balanced dagger and hit Dark Sage's mug, knocking it over and spilling the ale.

Author:  Ammon [ Sun Feb 08, 2004 6:13 pm ]
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Ammon had found his way to the DR tavern. A drink sounded greats. Hearing the noise from inside, something hit him. Drunk demons, just great. This should be fun. Chuckling to himself remembering his last encounter with drunk demons, Ammon opened the door and stepped inside.

ALRIGHT you yellow backed cowardly drunken imps!! Wheres the mans brew at?? You ugly, wheres ma beer at??

Author:  Venorik [ Sun Feb 08, 2004 9:22 pm ]
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Venorik's tail whipped out behind him in a lightening fast movement, barely perceptible to the eye. The spiked end hooked around the leg of a nearby chair to send it skittering across the floor to stop right behind the demon. Venorik sat down wishing they would get some bigger chairs better suited for some of the demons in the guild. He got comfortable in the chair as it groan in protest under his large weight. He return his scrutinizing gaze on Nerieda once more.

"Thank you for the invitation, my lady. As to my young friend here, he has been know to speak at times. When that is, is his choosing though."

Venorik said as he looked over at Nether a glint of amusement in his swirling crimson disks. He wonder what the other demon was about anyways. Venorik was never one to sit idly by though. For doing such rarely lead to chaos and demon's main goal was to cause such. Venorik leaned forward placing a clawed hand on the table as his eyes shifted back to take in Nerieda.

"So what is that would bring you to a tavern full of demons and warriors? Most would avoid such a place."

Venorik inquired as he rhythmically tap his claws on the table. He was interested to see why she was here. Interested to learn what she really might be about. Venorik examined her again lightly sniffing at the air. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but something was different about her then the human women he had meet before.

Author:  Nether [ Fri Feb 13, 2004 10:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nether ran a finger along the edge of his mug as Nerieda and Venorik conversed. He had the intention of starting a conversation, however, once he arived at the table his mind went blank. No matter though, Venorik had shown up and occupied the dead air with his monstrous voice. He talked so much infact that the oportuity to speak didn't present itself. Out of desperation Nether nudged Venorik with his foot. Nudge? More like kick the hell out of him. It was his turn to speak with Nerieda and he'd be damned if he let Venorik have her all to himself.

"I speak often enough when the mood suits me. I however have a little more restraint than my friend here."

Nether shot Venorik a quick glance as his lip curled into a small smirk, nothing hostile. He then turned back to Nerieda and watched as she sipped from her mug.
"As for your question M'Lady, strange as it may be my Name is Nether."

Author:  PhaeMyst [ Fri Feb 13, 2004 11:37 pm ]
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The sign outside the building read "Reality's Interlude". She had heard that the members of DR gathered here to quench their thirsts, and to perhaps get a little better acquainted. She supposed this would be the best place to meet her new guildmates.

Entering the door, she drew glances from nearly everyone there, as most were demons, and she but a small fairy. A little larger than most, but still, when compared to the demons, she could easily get lost in the room. Making her way to the bar, she introduces herself to the bartender, and incidentally to any nearby.

"Good evening, my name is PhaeMyst. I have just joined the guild of Demonic Reality, and I understand that this is where we all meet sometimes to socialize and relax at little when we can. I wonder if you would have any Elven wine? " The bartender nods, and she continues "Oh, wonderful. It has been a long time since I have had any and it would hit the spot perfectly just now. May I have a glass?"

The bartender turns away, and shortly returns with the wine, for which PhaeMyst pays from a pouch at her waist. She gives enough to leave a decent tip, for the man looks rushed off his feet.

"Thank you" she says with a smile. Taking the wine, she turns while sipping it, and looks to see her guildmates, as they converse.

It is a very diverse group, but one that seems very comfortable with each other. She was going to like it here.

Author:  Warburton [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:11 am ]
Post subject: 

ooc "this Character will only be used for a couple post. He is to help keep another thread going by tying the threads somewhat together."

Warburton walked out of the war room completely incensed whit Phillo’s idiot brother Phillox. Who did that idiot think he was? Nobody! that’s who he was; a pesky boy in a mans body trying to act like he was in charge. He would just as soon cut out Phillox’s tongue, then listen to him give any orders.
He need to do something quick before all went thing went to hell, and the only thing he could think of was to go to that tavern where Phillo was known too frequent. He figured there he would find either Crynus or Nether, and if he was lucky maybe both.
It was well past night fall, though he knew he could handle just about anything lurking in the dark. He thought it might not be the wisest thing to get him injured, with Phillo being indisposed. He ordered to of the royal guards to accompany him, and they would see what they could find out information wise, on there own about Phillo’s condition The made it a very quick ride, dismounted and went inside. Upon entering they announced to the whole bar that they were there to see the leaders of The Reality, and then waited to see who would approach.

Author:  Crynus [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 3:58 pm ]
Post subject: 

Crynus had heard the din from the tavern grow, so much so that the arcane symbols that had been sketched over every available inch of the guild's planning roon under stairs in the back of the tavern, flared brightly to incease the room's ability to remain as quiet and peaceful as Crynus had demanded. The symbols were invisible to the untrained eye, but they served many functions, from keep the candles in the room and fireplace burning brightly, to being a portal for the imps that were summoned to do the tavern's repairs or miscellanious tasks.

Even now an Imp had appeared silently, a small cloud of black smoke as the beady creature turned its yellow eyes toward the leader of the Reality. It waited silently, hopping on one foot then another, a sure sign of impatience for their kind. There was one in the inn that had asked to see a leader of the Reality, and the imp had scurried off immeidietly to find Crynus.

Upon turning Cyrnus looked at the imp and heard its small croaks and gutteral squeaks, and understand what it wanted. Imp was a language very old, not that different from goblin really, which made his wonder if they shared a similar ancestor eons ago. Something to put on his list of things to research, his time was at a premium nowadays, he had no time for the study and pursuit of that which increased his knowledge of the lands, thus is the life of the leader of a pack of demons.

So he sent the imp to summon Warburton into the room, so that he may have an audience with the acting GM of DR.

Author:  Warburton [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Warburton did not have to wait to long before he was approached. An Imp came forward and motioned him to follow. He followed the creature to an out of the way room in the upstairs portion of the tavern. The imp lead him to the door and opened it, upon entering Warburton introduced himself and began to explain why it was so urgent, and pressing that he be seen. He told the man that at this very moment a mage was journeying to their realms to seek their sorcerer’s guidance. He told him that Phillox, Phillo’s bother had taken command or so he thought of Phillo’s kingdom. Then he began too try and explain what was going on with Phillo as well. How they came in the room to find Phillo being encased a stone like substance, and how the tried to break the stone but every tool they tried using only shattered. In all his years he had never come across any magic like this and what and how may break this evil spell. Warburton knew the man could see the concern in his eye’s and was hoping that he or someone could help.

Author:  Nerieda [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nerieda sat looking between Nether and Venorik. They seemed to look alot alike but had totally different personalities. It seemed like the young one was easily tounge tied, the other however seemed self-asured enough to calmly speak to her.

"Well Nether, its not called restraint its called haveing good manners to respond to someone who has asked you a question. Venorik here seems to know that."
Nerieda smiled a playfully evil grin at Nether her fangs glistening slightly in the light of the fire. She then turned back to Venorik.

"My good sir i'm not as innocent as you might think. I have come here to see if i have joined a guild worthy of my atributes. Would you care to show me the stables you spoke of earlier?"

Author:  Nether [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nether listened quietly as Nerieda spoke his eyes closed his mug to his lips.

"Well Nether, its not called restraint its called haveing good manners to respond to someone who has asked you a question. Venorik here seems to know that."

He smiled at this, she had a fire to her. However he would not let a comment as such go unreprieved. He finally placed his mug back on the table as he opened his eyes and spoke.

"If I deemed you worthy of a conversation M'Lady you'd have one. As of now, however, you do little more than annoy me with the scent of your filthy beast that stands at the front of the Tavern."

With a smirk and a light chuckle Nether stood and left the table. He quickly scanned the room for Crynus. This woman had occupied enough of his time.

Author:  Nerieda [ Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nerieda glanced at the young cocky demon. Taking her last drink, she slowly motioned for the barmaid to take away her mug.

"I had always heard that demons were afraid of those more intellegent then themselves, but don't despair Nether with age comes wisdom. The one you are looking for has left, you may do the same if you wish. You won't be missed."

Turning away from Nether, giving her attention back to the barmaid.

"Barmaid have you by any chance Blood Wine in stock? Aged Blood Wine preferably"

Author:  Venorik [ Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:56 am ]
Post subject: 

Venorik watched it all rather amused, the exchange between this women and Nether. Suddenly the demon's flashed a bright red and turned his head to look around the bar. Fairy? Yes he definitely smelled fairy and a familiar one too. A mischievous grin curled up in the corners of his lips his teeth glinting wickedly as he spied Myste across the way at the bar. That could wait for later though Venorik turned his attention back to Nerieda his eyes dimming once more. This one played a dangerous game, he thought to himself. Taunting Nether so, didn't she realize this was their bar, with their allies all around. Not that they would need any help, but demon's were quick to anger and he had seen others splayed across the room for far less. Once one of them fell into bloodlust it could quickly spread through the tavern. Why even Venorik himself could fall into and most likely would revelling in his darker side. Before they were stated much of the tavern would lay in ruin and many would be dead. Yes a very dangerous game indeed. However Nether seemed more amused then upset, so it didn't look like things where going to head in that direction yet. Venorik felt an urge to push it that way though, for what glorious chaos would fill the tavern then. He pushed such thoughts from his mind, many of those around here were his friends and allies, he would not see them dead.

"Ahh... but I never said you were innocent, my lady. For there are few who truelly are. Yet you would seek to see if we are worthy of you?"

Venorik asked a thunderous laughter escaping his mouth to roll around the tavern like the warning of a coming storm. Worthy of them indeed. For they were demons and dark wizards and things better left in nightmares of man. Sure a few of them where humans and fae but any that would ally themselves with demons where darker and braver then most. They were what kept heathens from sleeping well at night and would cleanse the lands of all those unworthy to stand before them. Venorik fixed her with his stare once more his swirling crimson disk seeming to bore into her very skull.

"As for showing you to the stables. Do you wish to go now or would you wait for your drink first?"

Venorik inquired, flashing her a wicked grin. Yes this one would do nicely, he liked her brazenness. Sure it might get her into trouble some day, but Venorik was never adverse to a little trouble. He drained the contents of his glass placing it back upon the table. Waiting to see which path before them she might take.

Author:  Caine [ Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

Caine stood outside solemnly watching the entrance to the tavern. He was not sure what to expect when he did enter, but for the time being he was content with observing his surroundings and those that were entering.

This place was new to him.

The world around him had changed much over the last few years. Hope, which had once been his biggest ally, had begun to abandom him. He wasn't sure what the future would bring but he was wearingly confident that it would bring much of the same that his war torn eyes had seen in the past... so much death... so much pain. The only difference would be those to which he fought alongside. Although strangers, they would become allies on principle and ideology. Old friends... new friends.... it made no difference on the battlefield.

Author:  Tekmet [ Mon Feb 16, 2004 1:11 am ]
Post subject: 

All that mattered in these days was the drink. In between bouts of fighting and raiding, Tekmet managed to exit the rain-soaked fields and seek solace in the warmth of the DR's local tavern.

All his new friends were there...wait a minute. Friends? Tekmet knew Kaemon and Crynus and Blinky. That was it...

WELL that had to change. Tekmet stood on a table and declared: "I will give 25 gold to the first man that can remove me from this table top!" That should get a few of the unknowns to come and meet Tekmet face to face. However, few people in the tavern even glanced up. What an insult! No one took him seriously. "I will give 50 gold to any of you slack-jawed, reprobates who can remove me BY FORCE from this table."

Any takers?

Author:  Venorik [ Mon Feb 16, 2004 9:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Venorik looked away from Nerieda for a second as someone jumped atop a tables challenging anyone to remove him from it and for only a measly fifty gold too. The large demon grinned the depths of his crimson eyes suddenly sparking with mischief. He looked at the one standing of the table for a second studying him. Venorik had never seen him before, he wondered who the nine hells he was anyways.

"This could be interesting."

He mused to himself. Then the demon leaned down and whispered something unheard into one of Max's ears. The hound got up with an excited bay his two heads looking in Tekmet direction. The large hound took off, his sleek black form like an arrow. He leaped into the air heading straight for Tekmet. Venorik wondered if Max would beable to dislodge him or not. The demon leaned back watching it a look of amusement on his face, waiting to see what would happen.

Author:  Tekmet [ Mon Feb 16, 2004 10:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

As Tek swaggered and glanced about the room, he did not notice the black streak vaulting across the floor towards him. His eyes were fixed on the men in the room...most of whom ignored him. "That's it!" Tekmet swore. "In Darden's Name, you are the lousiest bunch of cowardly do-nothings I've ever....

The hound hit Tekmet like a bolt of lightening. Now, Tekmet is no spring chicken-he's been around the ring a few times-and he sure as hell ain't a pushover-he's lithe and lean, but all sinew and steel-but this hound's velocity and mass threw him from the table top like a mouse on a catapult.

When Tek looked up, a large, black, two-headed beast sat on his chest and grinned-if that is possible in a dog...

Laughter erupted from the room. The drunk had been beaten by a dog...

On the periphery of the room, Venorik Chuckled and smiled.

Tekmet's visage dimmed; he had been bested by a mutt! And where the hell did this mutt come from? Hot anger rose in his throat as the laughter grew...

From a slim sheath on his thigh, a razor emerged...his arm crept toward the hound's throat.

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