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 Road to Rescue (open) 
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Continued from Charyham, please read before posting:
Part 1
Part 2


Coren reined in his horse just outside the gates, taking a moment to survey his surroundings. The road to the south was clear for several hundred yards, no doubt to allow those in the city to see any who approached it. After some distance the road disappeared into a lightly forested area.

He turned to his companion for the journey; indeed, the sole reason for undertaking the journey. Fallon bit her lip nervously. "Do you think we'll really find him?"

Coren didn't say anything at first. Fallon's father, the noble Knight of Whispers, had been imprisoned by Lord Argant, many years ago. Fallon had come to Charyham to look for her father, knowing only the symbol that he wore. Coren had met her there, and they'd gotten the information they'd needed--though with some difficulty--from the city's magistrate. After returning briefly to Coren's lands for some supplies--horses, medicine, and money, chiefly--they'd returned to the city, and now stood outside its gates, looking towards upon their path. The road led southward into Lord Argant's realm, where they hoped to find her father--alive--after all this time. It seemed an impossible task, and one Coren was still not quite sure they could succeed in.

"Well. I know that if we don't go, we certainly won't find him." Their route, at least, was a simple one. Three to four days' ride due south along the road, and they would reach Argant's borders. Another similar distance southward along the same road would bring them to his keep.

Of course, they'd be caught and captured themselves long before reaching his keep, if they stuck to the road.

Crossing the border would be the first challenge, and he had some time yet to think about that. "We have a few days until we reach Argant's border, let's get as far as we can while it's still light then strike an early camp, no need to exhaust ourselves just yet."

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"We have a few days until we reach Argant's border, let's get as far as we can while it's still light then strike an early camp, no need to exhaust ourselves just yet."

She nodded in ascent, willing to believe and do whatever he told her. Perhaps she was naive to entrust her wellbeing to someone who had been a stranger only a day before. But she didn't feel that way. Something in the man beside her, inspired trust and she believed if she listened to him then her fondest wish would come true. She would find her father and she would be able to help him escape.

Yes. I...will be keep to the road or will we follow the woods?

She knew the road would be easiest, but the thought of being out in the open, filled her with unease. She pushed the feeling down. It was likely just her nerves from everything that had occurred. The fact that a thief had tried to stop her, hadn't been far from her thoughts. She worried that perhaps worse things than thieves were about, but she didn't voice the worry. She would trust Coren.

Perhaps I will be able to find us something to eat before dusk. We can save what we hold in our packs....

She blushed, realizing that she was beginning to prattle. She hoped he wasn't offended by what she said. She hoped he didn't think she was making a comment on his own ability to take care of things. She wasn't used to having a companion- especially one that she was relying on so heavily. She hoped that she didn't offend him by mistake.

I'm pretty good at finding berries....

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