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Tiavain Streets ~Magic Shoppes and Colleges 6~ Open To All
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Author:  Petula and Caldrelle [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Tiavain Streets ~Magic Shoppes and Colleges 6~ Open To All

[OOC: This thread is continued from: The thread is open to all faiths and guilds, literally to everyone. We'd love to have you join us.]


The City of Tiavain invites all of Tonan to visit their City and their Magic Shoppe in particular. You may find items of all kinds for sale, but know this, we will track the buyer through magick means to ensure that items are used as intended.

The City Gates are warded and it will be impossible to continue into the city with a bladed weapon, as the wards make it a very painful experience for visitors to wear metal blades. Therefore all bladed weapons are to be left with the guard upon entrance to the city. We regret that we are not responsible for those weapons or your safety or lives while visiting our fair city.

Within the gates, it takes little searching to find a guide and bodyguard to accompany, should you so desire. There are many citizens in Tiavain who make their livlihood this way.

Should you have brought a bladed weapon to be enchanted or to discover what enchantment may be upon it already, then the Wizard or Lore Master you have contacted regarding this, is the only one who can pick up your weapon and proceed with it into the City.

Enjoy your stay.



Within the Shoppe:

"Now there be many things here lassie, that I'm sure would be nice to see upon even your silky skin. But, the massa has instructed me to make sure both of the owner view over these items. First, he has given a whole library of magical books it seems, that the lower class doesn't require anymore having updated and rewrote them over time. They are in order of rank, plus type and style. Then I have a few wands, trinkets, rings. Just some stuff unwanted anymore."

So, is a lassie like you intrested in what you see?"

Caldrelle turned various shades of red. Silky skin? Her? She looked around to see if perhaps Teranok were talking to Petula, although, her skin was more smooth than Petula's. Petula had spent all that time adventuring of course. Many hours in the sun and exposed to the elements. That was surely to cause a roughening in the skin, especially in humans.

She opened her mouth to reply and nothing came out the first try. She closed it and tried again, avoiding looking at Teranok, for he was so attractive he made her nervous, which was not difficult, especially today.

"It.. it.. it's all very nice." Nice! Nice? Oh she was such a blithering old fool. Of course it was nice. What would Petula ask?

She picked up a ring. "What is this rings purpose? I suppose we should make an inventory of these items and then Petula can decide what she would like when she returns." Caldrelle felt quite proud of herself. Why she had actually said something quite intelligent and useful. She allowed herself a quick look at Teranok, the quickly regretted it as she became nervous all over again.

She grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill, pulling a pot of ink close. "Let's begin, shall we."

Author:  Cruella [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:13 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar:

The faint, sweet perfume of roses wafted over the heady mix of aromas which filled tent. It caused more than one head to be lifted as they caught whiff of it, for it was a feminine scent and there were many men within the Bazaar and not so many women, especially women who smelled so sweet.

It was obvious, after a brief search, to pinpoint where, or rather who, the perfume came from, and eyes followed the figure, cloaked as it was, in what seemed to be a living, walking rosebush. This caused even more interest, for it was not often, perhaps, never, that one saw a person wearing an interwoven mesh of roses. The leaves were a shiny, dark green, the red flowers, bursting forth in various stages of bloom, the petals velvety perfection. For those close enough to observe, there were also thorns, many thorns, the spikes sharp, large and strong.

The woman walked through the Bazaar, seemingly oblivious to the stir she was making, for after people had done marveling at the cloak, their eyes settled upon her head and face which were not hooded and were unadorned, but for their own beauty. Her lips were as red as the roses which trailed from her shoulders, as red as the silk gown she wore and as red as the single red rose which was woven into the gilded belt which girdled her waist. Her eyes were a deep, rich green, rivalling the richness of the canopy of leaves which adorned her, alert, bright, intelligent, and very observant. Her hair was loose, spilling down her back, in a tumble of shining waves. It was black, shot through an amalgam of colors, silver, platinum, bronze, copper, gold.

Her stride was purposeful. She moved with the knowledge of someone who knew where they were going, for she never hesitated and did not stop to browse at the various stalls or ask for direction.

Her walk took her to the back east corner of the Bazaar, to the walls of black cloth which to many meant nothing, except perhaps to signify a storage area. She pushed aside a curtain and stepped behind it, leaving the rest of the Bazaar behind.

Before her stood Gor, deep in conversation with another man. She nodded to them both and turned to study the cloth, fingering it lightly, to allow them to finish their business.

Author:  Mantella The Merc [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:52 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar

The black clad mercenary strolled through maze of shoppers and shops of the Bizarre Bazaar. He had no purpose for being there he was simply exploring. Tiavain was an expansive city and while he had been employed there for some time Mantella had not yet had the time to examine the entire place, so when he was not occupied with some task for Lord Bainev the illusionist he often wandered the streets.

The black leather armor he wore was not the most common clothing where even under the shade of the tent the sun seemed to oppress everything. Though it seemed this day he was far from the most oddly dressed. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the cloak, which looked more as though it had been sown and not sewn. He chucked to himself briefly as he thought of his employers nickname of Lady Astavia, the Rose of the Dessert. The subtle laughter abruptly stopped as his gaze rose to the face above the garment. It was a face he recognized, a face he thought dead. His pure blue eyes widened behind the shadow of his hat.
"Ilharess." he found himself muttering under his breath without even thinking about it.

The mercenary began to push through the thick crowd towards the rose garbed woman. Many voiced their displeasure as he shoved them aside but one dared lay a hand on the mercenary, grasping his shoulder. Mantella was not to be deterred. With a swift movement the pale skilled mercenary's fist struck the desert dweller in the throat, dropping him gasping to the ground. The crowd seemed more willing to move out of his way after that. The Silver Hawk slipped into the shop he had seen the woman enter and found himself standing nearly. A faint smirk crossed his face.
"I didn't think I'd ever be seeing about again Ilharess."

Author:  Cruella [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 3:08 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar:


The woman's back stiffened beneath the Cloak of Roses. The title, the voice, the intonation brought back flashes of memories, things which had long since been pushed to the back of her mind. She turned slowly, all thought of eavesdropping upon the shopkeeper and his customer forgotten now.

Her green eyes gazed upon him. He hadn't changed, or had not appeared to have changed. His name came to her without hesitation and other memories also. She had trusted him implicitly once.

"Nor I to have seen you." She replied. "Vendui Mantella." She shot a look over her shoulder at Gor and his customer, who were both staring at them, Gor, his one eye glaring menacingly. "Perhaps we should continue this conversation outside the stall."

She brushed past Mantella, lifting the black cloth and stepping out into the bustling Bazaar.

She waited for him to emerge. "What brings you to Tiavain?" Cruella remembered enough about the man to remember that gold ruled his life, his soul and won his loyalty. If that were still the case, then he would once again be a lucrative ally.

Author:  Mantella The Merc [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 3:36 pm ]
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The mercenary was pleased that the former leader of the Velve recalled him and he smirked as he followed Cruella out of the shop.
"I think you already know the answer to that... I was drawn here by the same force that draws me anywhere... profitable employment. This is a city of the Istari, but it can be quite the interesting place to live for those of my proffession as well." he paused briefly. "I do though wonder, what is that has brought you so deep into the desert. I doubt you come for the same reasons I did." Mantella had been questions for his former employer, they had parted ways on rather mysterious terms. Of course once he was out of their employment the mercenary rarely cared what became of his employers in fact on many occassions he had taken up employment against them and brought about their end himself. But Cruella was different. His service in the Velve had of course been profitable, but it was more than that... he respected her, which meant quite a bit for few could earn the respect of the cold hearted killer. For she understood the way the world worked, as he did, one should also act in his own best intrest and profit from his power. She had understood, but much time had past since then. Had she changed, while he had not?"

Author:  Cruella [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 4:01 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar:

"I doubt that we are so very different." Cruella replied. "One must go where one stands to gain, for there is no point in choosing defeat or loss, is there?" She smiled slyly at him, looking up at him through semi lowered thick black lashes.

She was not about to tell Mantella that she had come here to get as far away from Reshenkeil as possible, as far from the near past as possible and as close to the darkness which could hide her from the what she was. No doubt he had never even heard of Reshenkeil, or the mysterious Seer of Reshenkeil. He still saw her as L'Ilharess d'Velkyn Velve and that suited her for now. The memories of what she had been during that time and what she had done, were dark and terrible and had horrified her at one point, during her recovery in Reshenkeil, but when she was faced with life in the Forests there, she had run. Run back to the underdark, back to the tunnels and the people who corrupted her, who did not accept her, did not trust her. Deceit and lies and darkness were her friends. She felt comfortable with them. She knew them, knew how to manipulate them, twist them to her own means. Life above had grown foreign. It had been the life of her childhood. A life of dreams and faith, dreams and faith which had been destroyed. It was her destiny they said in Reshenkeil. She had been born branded, chosen by the gods. To deny that birthright was a mortal sin and she would suffer, she had been told. Surely she could not suffer more than she already had suffered with this so called gift from the gods. The pain it caused, it had almost driven her mad more than once, and so she ran from it again, shunning it, refusing once again, to use it.

Idly, she twisted a strand of dark hair around an index finger, her face composed despite the rampaging thoughts in her mind. "The tunnels beneath the desert are no different than the tunnels beneath the central plains or the forests of the north. I keep to them. I make my living as I may. I work for no one, yet I can be bought for a price."

She released the curl and it sprang from her finger. She combed it back with her fingers to join the rest of the waving tendrils.

"You have business with Gor? I am in need of some of his wares. Perhaps when our business is done, you would care to have a drink with me?"

Her red lips curved in smile at him, as the man who had been speaking with Gor left the stall, pushing by them, without looking at them, obviously in a hurry and in some annoyance.

Author:  Gor [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 4:23 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar:

Gor recognised the woman when she entered the stall. He did not recognise the man who followed her in and he held a hand up to the man he was talking to and he stopped talking.

They watched the two until they withdrew from the space enclosed by the black curtains.

Gor winked his one eye at the man, his face and voice stern. "Thumbs then."* The man nodded catching on immediately.

Gor continued. "Outside the beggar maker's. The pigeon won't leave afore. He'll be parting with the yellow tin he owes us, or you'll be serving him tea with the pigs."*

The man nodded and left, his orders secured. He pushed by the two who had entered the stall earlier. Gor had been right to use cant. Who knew if they had been listening in or not.

Inside Gor took down a couple of vial and placed them on the upturned crates which served as a counter. Then he waited for the woman to return. He knew she would.

*Translation: "Midnight then. Outside the tavern. Our man won't leave before then. He'll be paying us the gold he owes us or you can torture it out of him."

Author:  Mantella The Merc [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:06 pm ]
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Ah, so it seemed she had not changed after all. Or so it would seem at least. The mercenary did consider the fact that she could be lying to him. It takes one to know one as they say; and Mantella was most certainly a liar, and so more often then not he could tell if he was being lied to. But Cruella was certainly not lacking in the skills of deception, she did deal with the Drow after all. If anyone could deceive him, it surely would be her. He put that out of his mind for the time being. He saw no reason that she could have to lie to him, and he did not think her a threat, though she certainly could be if the fancy struck her.

"No, I have no business with Gor. The wares he peddles I can create myself, and if he needs my wares he can come to me. But there is an in not far from the bazaar. I will wait for you there while you conduct your business. Unless you had some other place in mind."
Mantella would perhaps be able to learn more from her about why she had come to the city and what had become of her during the time after the fall of the Velve as they took drinks together later.

Author:  Ayashah [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:19 pm ]
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"Again I apologize Mi Lady. I am Quinn Lockheart I am rather new to Tiavain and decided to come to the shop. My cousin has talked of me going to the ball that has been announced for all of Isonia, are you going to it as well."

With the Gatekeeper occupied with the proprietess, Ayashah gave Quinn a smile as he introduced himself. So far nothing had been handed to her to put in the bag so it was still being held loosely in her hand.

"My name is Ayashah, well met. Hmm, I hadnt heard about a ball so I couldnt tell you if I was going or not."

That was curious that no talk had been amongst those within her class earlier in the day. Granted, it was not a class where one had idle moments but still. She would have to find out more about this event. Cocking her head to one side, the auburn-haired, emerald-eyed elfess studied Quinn.

"When is this ball being held and for what reason?"

Author:  Cruella [ Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:33 pm ]
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Under The Tent of The Bizarre Bazaar:

Cruella nodded her head to Mantella's reply. She could understand why people would prefer to mix poisons themselves. It was a trust issue. Because she trusted Gor, did not mean that others would. Gor was highly skilled at what he did. He had made it his life's study. He carried poisons or could obtain poisons that most had never heard of before. Subtle poisons, poisons for any and every purpose.

"L'alurl abbil zhah dosstan. I understand. I shan't be long. I shall see you in the Inn then."*

With a smile, she swept around, the roses upon her back emitting more perfume with the sudden movement. Lifting the black cloth, she stepped into Gor's stall, looking back with intent green eyes at Mantella before the cloth dropped, shutting her off from view.

*Translation from drow to common: "The best trusted friend is yourself."

Author:  Aeyliea [ Thu Feb 26, 2004 8:50 pm ]
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Talons raked at the sand, sand which slipped between outstretched fingers. She drug herself forward another inch, a look of anguish upon her face, speckled and smeared with dried blood that sand stuck to obssesively. She stopped, grimaced, and lay there in the sands, very close now. So very close to the gate.

She slowly attempted to gain her feet, and staggered upright. The gaurds at the gate had their attention focused now on her, for it had seemed as though a desert djinn had appeared from the sands, smeared with the blood of the fallen. In fact - the blood still glistened, wet, dripped into the sands thgat swallowed the life blood greedily. She took a few staggering steps forward, managed to get within the shadow cast by the massive gates, and then collapsed, heaving for breath upon the desert sands. The sands darkened beneath her, she felt herself going quite numb.

Tiavain. Back to this city again, this time in less than favorable circumstances. She listened vaguely as someone tried to speak to her, saw the blurred faces that she should know so well. So well.

ANd then she felt herself being lifted, felt the blood trickling from open wounds on her arms, dripping into the sand that was ever so ready to take up the precious vitae. Coolness, shade, darkness, the sound of a door opening and closing.

"Send for a healer - this one won't survive much longer unless she recieves help."

A door opened. A door closed, and with that brief moment, she could feel the heat of the desert blow in like the breath of hell. Senses remained dull, though....

"You'll be allrig-"

Claws reached up, almost as if they had a will over their own, and gripped the mans neck tightly. Sesnes, dulled to prevent the early warning to the mages of this city that she might be other than what she appeared, sharpened to a razors edge. She sat up, and looked the terrified man in the eyes. His collegue reached for his sword belt, and came up with nothing, and scrambled to reach the far wall.

"Who...who are you? What do you want, djinn of the desert!" He stuttered at her, and she merely grinned.

"If you give me what I want, I'll go away..." She hissed at him, grinning with terrible fangs flashing dimly in the torchlight. The man made a pathetic whimpering sound as she brought her face closer to his, her lips, coated in blood, pursed to deliver upon him a kiss.

"I want....your life!" She spat at him, and the kiss turned into a wide mouth, filled with teeth sharp enough and a jaw strong enough to bite through steel. He made another pathetic, helpless noise, and then she pressed her face to his, and bit hard. Blood spattered into the air, and his dying scream trailed off quickly as she squeezed his neck tighter. Bone shattered, his skull cracked and caved from the forcwe of the bite, his neck snapped at the forced of her grip. Slowly she stood, blood dribbling down her chin, grey matter oozing from the cracks and torn flesh of his face, and then and only then did she release him of his deadly kiss. She stood upright on the stone floor, his body held at the throat in her hand. And then she dropped him, and licked the blood slowly from her fingers.

" I detest the hypocrisy of this city, how I hate its inhabitants. Its thieving inhabitants..." She muttered under her breath in hissing gasps. She turned, and caught the other gaurdsmens' sword slash in mid air, hiss in pain as the blade scored her hands open. He tried to take it from her grip, but she had dug her talons into its steel, and was looking coldly at him. She twisted her wrist, turned the sword point to the ground, and grinned all the wider at him. "You all thought and sought to keep me from this City simply because you thought your magic superior, your ideals higher..." She growled, then twisted harder. With a quick push, the blade broke in her hand, and a quick movement later the man lay on the floor, screaming in agony. She dove upon him, pressing her body close to his, feeling the warmth of his blood and body, his entrails pressing against her bare midsection, splattering on her thighs. She whispered to him as one would to a lover, relished the look of terror in his eyes as he screamed, and then silenced those screams with a single rake of her claws across his throat. Ge gasped, and convulsed, unable to draw breath, and she relished ever jerk and thrash, thrusting her hips forward to meet him with every dying convulsion. And then he stiffened, and relaxed, and she could feel his body grow colder. She rolled over in his viscera that had spilled onto the floor from her slash at the outset, and lay on her back in his entrails, a pleasure she rarely got the chance to enjoy. But before pleasure. She stood slowly, as if getting up from a rousing night of intimate pleasure, and stretched for a moment. The ruse had, of course, cost her, for she had slashed her own arms to make it more real to the fools. She dipped her hand in the blood of the dead men, and walked to the wall. And then she smeared her message on it.

"I am back Tiavain. I have come to collect what is mine..." She said, then sprang to the top of the single table in the room and out through the window in back, scaling the wall of the building beyond using her claws an talons of her bare feet. With each step, she left a bloody, shity smear from her recent kills.

She would have what was hers, and no one would stop her.

The blood ran lazily down the wall from a message that stated rather simply: Give me what I want, and I'll go away...

Author:  Tanarri [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 1:23 am ]
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Since the day started something annoyed Tanarri was he woke. It was a nagging feeling of something familiar. He couldn't put a finger on it. He began to understand that these feelings were sense of people of some kind. Someone was coming. He dressed as he did but through the morning he was waiting looking occupied and troubled. He paced about his front lawn for hours skipping breakfast. He waited for this person to come closer and closer so that he may pinpoint where they were.

A hand rested on his the hilt of his sword the entire time. The sense grew stronger now and he took this time to leave his grounds. He walked slowly and thoroughly through the streets of Tiavain to investigate every shop and person in sight. He would know if the person stood yards away from him. His face was grim and people tended to avoid him and never to cross his path.

He walked the streets all through the early part of the afternoon. Lunch had gone by and it seemed he did notice that hunger was getting to him. The sense loomed about him but he just couldn't find where it was eminating from. The smell of blood dabbled the air just a little...faintly. But it could be anything. The meat market or the butcher.....

He took measure foot steps out on the main street where most of the important shops were like the smoke house, Petula's Magic shop, and much others. His mind was so focus ahead of him that he didn't bother to notice anyone familiar on the streets. If they said Hi he wouldn't even know it. The feeling and sense drew him to take the path down for some reason.

A scent....soo vaguely familiar. He stood now infront of closed doors and looked at for a while. He smelled fear....demons could sense those things. Why fear in a place of local aid. Then it caught up to him...death. His brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed. Slowly he paced forward his left hand out stretched to push the door open and his right hand gripping his sword. He forced the door open caught the specs and glint of blood on the wall then the pool of it on the floor. He tilted his head to peak further in as he pushed the door further open. Then in a haunting sight he pulled his head back at the sight of her.

Yes.....he knew her. The firey red hair, shabby clothing, a disstilled aura, and manic eyes. It was her when he they encountered one another on a moving caravan tavern. Yeah he got an arrow in his ass shielding her when bandits hit them. That day was in a confusiong and lost track of her since then. Now she stood before him in unjust scene....why?

It's you! What have you done?

He stood on guard however didn't act in hasty pursuit. He remembered what she was. If it came to blows this would be a hell of a match. Half Dragon and half in happened it cant be known but he picked her out sure enough. He locked his eyes with her.

Author:  Aeyliea [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 1:47 am ]
Post subject: 

It was a certain feeling...a sixth sense that all possess but few learn to use. She was being watch. She had made her escape, and still clung to the roof tiles of an adjacent building, and someone was watching her intently. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and the growl she uttered was a clear indication that she was most displeased with this fact. She rocked forward once, then backflipped over the ledge of the roof, and peered back down over its edge, and saw him.

Memories. Scattered and shattered and hard to follow, yet they still existed - ghosts of a quickly diminishing past that was being swallowed by madness. She had struggled to retain what humanity had remained, but it had slipped through her fingers long ago.

But there was a face. A face to match to the one looking intently at her now. A man. A man, and an arrow, an arrow that a man had taken to protect her. Somehow, she felt she should be kind to him...but the feeling were overshadowed by the darkness and the voices that consumed all that she was one step at a time, a day at a time. She snarled, revealing her bloodied fangs and teeth, and flexed her claws so that the stonework of the building crumbled beneath her grip.

"MA...Makoto. Go. Leave, and tell the people, the hypocrits that rule, tell them I have returned. I want what was mine, and I want it now..." She hissed and spat at him, fidgeting restlessly as she did. She started to leap forward, and held herself from it. She did not need the added attention of fighting and killing a better known person, in public view. The killing she would do of such people would come at night, while the slept restlessly knowing that she was here.

She shuddered for a taste of his blood, and again, kept the urge to kill supressed. Only this once, she told herself internally. The darkness growled, howled back.

"Tell them I want it back. Give me what I want, and I'll go away...if not, I'll kill you one by one until the city of magi is the city of the dead! They know what I want...bring it..." she hissed, then roared, and finally vanished quickly from the rooftop, leaping at maddening speed from one roof to the next, in an effort to get away from her blood bath.

Author:  Thenician [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 2:30 am ]
Post subject: 

Thenician was finishing his stroll about town, all that was left was to pass by Petula's Shoppe to see if the sword he'd left earlier had been identified yet. He set his course accordingly and walked at his usual brisk pace. Taking care not to look rushed, but busy enough to not be bothered. As he often did however, during any walk, he began to gaze about his surroundings and pay little attention to where he was going. Luckily, most people noticed this and got out of his way without too much hesitation. It wasn't too often when he'd bump into someone while he wasn't looking. When he walked past the busier places in town, he would tend to be more observant of his navigation.

As Thenician progressed down Everent Road, he looked over to a nearby inn. At the same time, he noticed something seemingly splatter onto one of the windows. Out of curiousity, he changed his heading and went to take a closer look. He didn't notice anything moving inside, and decided it was probably one of those dumb artist types that enjoyed throwing paints and dyes around. Thenician turned again to continue on his way to the shop, when he noticed something moving out of his peripheral. Quickly, he reacted to see what it was.

He only caught a glimpse, but it was enough. He saw something that looked mostly human, but scaling the wall of the building with great ease. As quickly as he spotted it, though, it was gone. It had slimbed out of sight around the back of the building.

"C'ink?" Thenician immediately thought out loud. "Could he have escaped?"

He was uncertain. What he just saw was just a glimpse, but it certainly moved exactly like C'ink. The way it scaled the walls with what he assumed were sharp talons. He could resist no longer. He charged around the back of the building to see if he could get a good look at it.

When Thenician reached the back of the inn through the alley, he spotted something blurry move at the edge of the roof, obviously whatever it was climbed up there. If it was C'ink, he knew he'd never be able to catch him at this rate. If it wasn't, it would be unwise to try to without knowing more. That's when he noticed the blood. All along the wall where the creature dug its talons there was fresh blood. At this point, Thenician was almost certain it wasn't C'ink. C'ink was far too smart to behave this way in the middle of the afternoon.

Could Eltharion have created more monsters like C'ink? he thought. Maybe he sent this one to discover C'ink's condition since he hadn't returned after attempting to acquire Nixsyn for him.

The idea seemed farfetched, but he had to be certain. Thenician knew that if his presumtions were anywhere near true, he would be unable to get anywhere near this creature in his current state. When he faced C'ink, it was the same night right before he lost Virgo. With Virgo's aid, battling the monster was an attainable goal. However, if this thing was anything like C'ink, then he would be helpless without her. He decided then that if he was unable to reach it himself, he'd have to enlist someone who could.

Quickly, Thenician turned back into the alley that led back onto Everent Road and began his way to his home under Bainev's banner.


After a short jog. Thenician was at his house. A small, two floor house that doubled as an office where he made a fancy living dealing in rare artifacts.

He burst into the house in a hurry, and startled Aerin who was just in the middle of some minor cleaning.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

Thenician was relieved to see her alive, it meant that C'ink hadn't escaped and killed her on his way out. However, it also meant there was another of those things, or something like it, loose out there.

"No time, tell you later!" Thenician replied in a hurry, as he rushed past her and to a shelf that held various trinkets.

He quickly grabbed a goblet from the shelf. It was far from an ordinary goblet. Though it had no jewels or adornments, it had awkward carvings along the top edge. The carvings were not just small engravings, they were large chunks of material that seemed to have been purposely cut from the goblet. It was practically useless as a drinking tool. It's use was known the Thenician and those who shared his home however. He then rushed over to a small circular groove in a wall adjacent to the shelf and inserted the goblet, holding it right side up. He then lined up a design on the goblet with a matching design on the wall and pushed the goblet upward. It clicked into something, Thenician then twisted it one eight turn, which in turn made another click, this time locking the goblet to the wall. Finally, he turned the goblet one quarter turn counter-clockwise, so it seemed to be laying sideways in the groove. This causes one final, much louder click, in the upward leading staircase just beside him.

Thenician knelt down in front of the staircase, and grabbed the bottom step. He pulled up on it and it rose with ease. The whole lower half of the stair case rose and remained propped up by the same mechanism that kept it locked. He quickly entered the opening, which was a staircase leading down to a secret underground room. Within this room, Thenician kept his most valuable of treasures. Including one treasure that he wasn't sure he could control yet.

In the very center of the room, floated a magic ring. It was called a Static Halo. Basically because it was a large ring, about eight feet in diameter, that could hold things in stasis for an indefinite amount of time. Within this Static Halo, floated the body of C'ink. As it had remained in suspended animation since Thenician originally captured him. He marvelled for a moment at the precise level of magic and intellect required to create such a creature. Skin as tough as dragon hide, talons that were sharp enough to tear through bone and armor as easily as flesh, and a long heavy tail that could render even the most fortified man unconscious in a single blow. And what made this monster even more dangerous, was the ability to recover from wounds almost instantly. His regeneration is not so advanced as to allow the hapless severing of limbs, however his quickness is great enough to avoid an arrow fired at less than ten feet away. To this day, Thenician still wonders how he managed to get this ring around the beast.

Thenician touched the ring and muttered a command. "Awaken."

Immediately, C'ink was restored to consciousness. He began howling like a carnivorous beast in the night. However, the ring did not release him, only allowed him to be awake for the time being. Still levitating, he was unable to get any traction, and thus was not a threat to Thenician.

Thenician waited for him to quiet down and realize that he was helpless.

"You, I remember you!" C'ink exclaimed, clearly more than agitated. "I'll tear you apart and bathe in your blood when I'm free from this device."

"Keep talking like that, and I'll never let you down."

C'ink tried to spring forward to attack, but it was again useless.

"Stop wasting time and listen, I have a proposition for you."

C'ink laughed, "You know full well I serve only my creator."

"Why? You failed, to bring Nixsyn to him. If you had returned Nixsyn alive, like he wanted, he would've thought you a very useful tool. But that wasn't your plan, was it?"

"What do you know of my plans?"

"I know that you planned to bring Nixsyn back to your master in pieces. After all, if you returned Nixsyn alive, he would only use that to create monsters superior to you, you would fall by the wayside as a tool that outlived its usefulness. He might've even used you for parts."

C'ink became outraged as he listened to Thenician's rant. He tried in vain to attack until eventually settling down again.

"But if you returned Nixsyn in pieces, then your master would think you superior to him. He would keep you at his side as his greatest creation of all time." Thenician paused, just for dramatic effect. He was far from the best warrior in the city since the loss of Virgo, and his magic abilities were limited to miniature spells and basic command of magic artifacts like the Static Halo. His charisma and skills of manipulation, however, rivalled those of Malcolm Bainev himself. Without even the need for fancy illusions. "But, like I said, you failed."

C'ink seemed to have calmed a bit, he was clearly enraged by his situation, but knew better than to waste any more energy.

"So what do you want from me?"

"I want you to serve me. I can force you, but I'd rather you do so willingly."

C'ink laughed again, "Force me? And how might you do that? Even if I agreed to serve you, what's to keep me from tearing out your jugular as soon as you release me."

"I can answer all those questions with one answer. Feel around your neck."

C'ink showed a brief moment of confusion, then did as he was told. As his talonned fingers approached his own neck, lightening sprang from a collar he wore. Zapping his fingers and leaving a burn mark on his neck around the collar.

"A little trinket an associate of mine acquired from House Tarrant. Apparently, that's how Tarrant keeps his people in line. Of course, I had another associate, a sorcerer, modify it. Tarrant only uses those devices to warn his people. This one in particular, however, has much lower tolerance for disobedience. Not only does if hurt much more than the original version, it can also fully incapacitate you if you try to attack me."

C'ink smiled a cocky smile. "Apparently you underestimate me." He tried again to touch the collar. This time not stopping as the lightening sprang from the device. He reached to grab it with both hands, but fell as soon as he touched it. He remained floating within the ring, smoke floating away from his hands and neck, and black blood dripping from his mouth.

"Apparently, it is you who underestimates me. The device will also incapacitate you if you manage to touch it in your attempt to break free. Furthermore, the more you try to escape, that harder it will become. Due to your marvelous regeneration ability, when you heal from the searing caused by the collar, your skin will become attached to it. Unfortunate side effect, however, since the item was originally property of Tarrant, it pretty much restricts you from attack him in the same way."

Thenician stopped for a moment to let C'ink recover from his escape attempt.

"Besides, why return to Eltharion? He already made another to replace you. I saw it today, in fact." Thenician was pretty sure that the creature he saw was not one of Eltharion's pets, but there was no reason to tell C'ink that for the time being. "Now, I want you to find this creature, and prove to me what you wanted to prove to Eltharion."

Before hearing an acknowledgement, Thenician gripped the ring again and commanded it. "Release."

With that, the ring fell to the floor like any other large piece of metal. And C'ink along with it. After another minute of kneeling, C'ink stood up, fully recovered. He stared at Thenician for a second, and Thenician replied to the stare with a vicious grin. He knew all too well that C'ink would be unable to resist trying to attack him.

And just as he expected, C'ink leapt at him a moment later. This was the part Thenician was uncertain about. Binding the collar to C'ink was easy, but binding the collar to Thenician's will was more complicated, the sorcerer said he didnt know if it would work until he tried it. He braced himself, but the only need for that turned out to be to catch C'ink's limp body. Thenician laughed and dropped the creature on the floor. "I last saw your mark on the roof of an inn on Everent Road, near the Bizarre Bazaar. Now quit slacking off and get to work!"

Thenician left C'ink lying on the floor and went upstairs.


After a few minutes, C'ink slowly climbed the stairs and was met by Thenician holding a large brown leather poncho, and a large brown leather hat.

"There, I believe these were your clothes. The other creature is not being so subtle, so finding it should be easy. No reason to bring the same attention to yourself."

C'ink growled, but obeyed. He threw the poncho on and docked the hat to his head. The door was already open and C'ink quickly turned to make an exit. Then stopped at the door.

"What happens if I try to leave the city, or the desert completely?"

"Nothing, you may travel as you wish. The collar is merely a precation for me, it isn't a leash. I want you to think of me as a business partner, not a master commanding his dog."

"You interfere with my goal, you imprison me, you torture me with toys like this, and you think to call yourself a friend?"

"Don't play the wounded child with me, C'ink. I know all too well of your deeds outside of Tiavain. I've had several people tell me quite a few stories of your exploits in Tismad alone, needless to say any other places you may have travelled."

C'ink smirked and let out a slight chuckle, "Well then, business partner. I guess it's time for me to see if Eltharion's skills have begun to fade."

Thenician watched C'ink leave the house and close the door behind him. Gently. This confused him a bit. Seeing C'ink so non aggressive. Perhaps he was still feeling the collar. He knew, also, that sooner or later, C'ink would evolve beyond the restraining power of the collar. Hopefully, he could be tamed by then.[/i]

Author:  Six [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 2:41 am ]
Post subject: 

"Holy shit!" said another voice entirely as Aeyliea bounded over it's owner's head. A head of short, straight and strictly sable hair came up from a sudden drop to the rooftop. Intense indigo eyes glared as Six spun on her heels to follow the path of the provokeing party. Several exceedingly dramatic feet of coruscating crimson danced dashingly around her in the form of a good-sized cloak. "Figures," she muttered, watching the redhead skitter along. "All the self respecting freaks hang out on the roofs. I'm goin' downstairs again."

The biggest problem with being a mercenary was being out of work. It almost never happened, the way things were with the wars and all, but when it did it was nothing good. Monetary issues aside, Six found that the worst of a very bad lot was sheer boredom. An elementalist by nature and trade, she found sitting still in any way shape or form to be anathema. The close-call with whoever the heck had shaved within an inch of kicking her in the head had helped a bit, but it didn't change the fact that she was out of work with few prospects.

Hopping down from the rooftops on a carefully controlled draught, the elementalist resumed her wanderings. It was going to be a long day.
Take, if you want a slice, if you want a piece,
If it feels all right.

~Soundgarden, My Wave[/center]

Author:  Avanth Lomician [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:04 am ]
Post subject: 

Booted footsteps upon cobblestoned streets echoed despite the fact that afternoon shone through and the gate and area surrounding it were indeed quite full. The Lord had chosen a rather magnificent day to arrive in the City for the first time....well, almost the first. His mistress had made an attempt to summon him before she left the city in war. He doubted that any of its citizens would truely appreciate what he was anyway.

The man stood massive, a full six and a half foot tall, well muscled, with the moonlit white hair that was rather a pride of his that hung to the calves. His armor had been replaced on this particular occasion with robes of black, odd attire for the desert climes, yet he really did not care. For his choice of clothes, he sweated none at all, and gathered only minor attention.

There had been no gaurds at the gate to take his sword, so her merely kept it, warding without thought the strong magics that the city had taken pains to weave into the walls forbidding bladed weapons. When it came down to it, the sword itself was merely another accent to style, since he had used it only three or four times in serious sword play, and of those times, magic had slain the offenders far more quickly than a sword could ever do.

He looked at the gaurd house, and smiled casually. The scent of blood and fear reeked, a pleasent compliment to the everyday stench of a human settlement. He shrugged half heartedly, and moved on, noting the way that his little girl had run off in with some interest.

Face it. In a city of magi, perhaps, he could have the closest thing to a day off from being an evil bastard as possible. The fact that one of his was stomping about the city and killing people was merely a secondary note. She could quite easily take care of mages and their pets, and if she couldn't....

Well, that bridge when it came. Otherwise, he was going to find himself a bar, and relax.

Relaxation. A human concept that at even he could appreciate, once in a while...

Author:  Quinn Lockheart [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 8:20 am ]
Post subject: 

He smiled at her he was rather nervous. What had he been thinking asking about the ball, then it hit him he ahd not wanted to go it alone.

I believe that the ball is being held in the lands of the Vurumai. I know it is to begin soon my cousin was talking of leaving soon for the ball. I was hoping before any events like this would take place that I would know more people here. I do hate attending events such as a ball without someone with me. I assure you I am much less clumsy when it comes to dancing and such. My cousin was planning on bringing a few from Tiavain if he could.

He sounded like such a damn idiot he was sure she would say no, and that made him nervous. He was not one who could usually easily talk to people.

Author:  Mantella The Merc [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 6:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

Mantella nodded to Cruella as she slipped through the curtain. He then turned his back on the apocethary's shop and filtered through the crowd towards the exit of the Bazaar. The black armored mercenary stepped out into the blazing sun of the desert and squinted his eyes. He hated the bright light and it hurt his eyes he was glad the inn was not far down the road so he could escape the sun again soon. Adjusting his hat a bit to give his eyes better shade he started on his way. Moving swiftly as if he were in a hurry even though he was not.

He entered the tavern and was glad for the reprieve from the bright light even though the building ofterred little shelter from the heat. The mercenary found a seat in a back corner of the tavern away from the other patrons and awaited his old acquaintance.

Author:  Six [ Sat Feb 28, 2004 2:06 am ]
Post subject: 

One surefire way to shatter a deadly doldrum was to run into an old acquaintance and proceed to get completely smash-faced on hard liquor. As fate would have it, Six was about to come very close to that mark. As she rounded a corner, she caught sight of someone who happened to strongly resemble a gentleman of ill repute whom she'd worked with in the past. To this chance encounter, she responded with a hoot of sheer jubilation.

In extremely short-order, she had one arm around Avanth's neck and a whole rack of knuckles running back and forth along the top of his head. "JOHNNY!" she proclaimed, radiateing dangerous levels of enthusiasm. "Holy crap on crackers, but the world just gets smaller don't it?! I havn't seen your crazy, pasty ass since that time down in the southlands with that giraffe. WOO!"

This last was projected directly into the man's right ear. Relaxing her death-grip slightly, she pointed at his face and addressed anyone who cared to listen. "Lemme tell ya about this guy...this? This is the guy right here! Boy can drink an opulent clear out of the chair! The times we've had...BOOZE!" she exclaimed, turning back to Avanth. "Let's get some! That sounds like a plan that could be phenomenaly successful!"
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And whether mice or men get second tries...

~Switchfoot, Meant to Live[/center]

Author:  Ayashah [ Sat Feb 28, 2004 3:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

"I believe that the ball is being held in the lands of the Vurumai. I know it is to begin soon my cousin was talking of leaving soon for the ball. I was hoping before any events like this would take place that I would know more people here. I do hate attending events such as a ball without someone with me. I assure you I am much less clumsy when it comes to dancing and such. My cousin was planning on bringing a few from Tiavain if he could."

Still holding the bag for the Gatekeeper of Tarrant, Ayashah's emerald gaze flicked over Quinn as he spoke. Slowly a smile curved the edges of her lips as he seemed to ramble a bit.

"Are you asking me to go with you or just speaking about the event? Oh, and where is Vurumai?"

She was pretty sure he was asking her and it was amusing and almost cute to listen to how he was stumbling over it. The auburn-haired, emerald-eyed elfess was use to such actions. It wasnt something that hadnt happened to her before. But this Quinn seemed nice enough and it had been a long time since she attended any kind of dance. Currently there was no war in Tiavain and perhaps she could be spared for a night or two.

Author:  Quinn Lockheart [ Sat Feb 28, 2004 4:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

Well uh both I was telling you about the event since you did not seem to know about it. And ummm well I was asking you to go if you would want to go something like that. I was not sure if you would be, ah hell I must sound as stupid as can be right now asking you to go with me but I am not sure how else to go about this. I am not good with this stuff at all. Thier lands are part of the Isonia lands that is all that I truly know.

He was nervous and he was sure that it was showing more than it should. His cousins and brothers were all so much smoother and so much better at such situations that he felt almost foolish because of his reactions.

Author:  Avanth Lomician [ Sat Feb 28, 2004 10:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

The moment would have been cherished if an artist had ever been present for this kind of event. The Lord didn't resist the comradrie style headlock, though he could probably just as easily have turned the woman into a pool of sludge and the rest of the city into a cinder in the blink of an eye - BUT - this was a day off. The look of stupified confusion, though, was quite priceless.

He, who had ever been a powerful, godly creation upon the face of Maxim and other realms. He, who single handedly destroyed not only a people, but an entire land to go with it. He, whom held enough people in his thrall as to be capable of comandeering every major world government on the isle.

And for all the power and glory, the bloodshed and destruction he represented, never, ever ever ever had he had some mad woman just rush up to him and put him in a headlock. He allowed himself to be walked to a table, where he slithered out of the headlock, and looked at the woman with, dare we say, surprise on his face. The look vanished rapidly, and was replaced by the calm, seemingly charming composure he wore when he dealt with large numbers of normal people. He grinned, not unpleasently, and pointed to himself.

"Milady....who exactly are you?" He asked, again, not quite unpleasently, but definately demanding some kind of answer.

Author:  Six [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 1:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Six just favored him with a look of glazed confusion for a split second. Then she raised a finger up and gestured at him knowingly with it. "Ahhh-haha! Johnny! You've been gettin' into that absinthe again, havntcha?" This seemed to explain everything. "BARKEEP! BOOZE!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Then she dropped her hand and transfixed Avanth with the most terrible of glares. "Man, how many times I gotta tell you to lay off that shit? Screws up your brain-pan, Johnny! How else you explain forgettin' your best friend, Six? We dropped the hammer on Gorog the Black, and now you don't even know me. Fuckin' absinthe. You're a wizard Johnny, you can't afford to be screwin' up your think-tank like that. Next, you'll be seein' pink-polka-dotted dragons, an' twitchin' all over..."
I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball,
I had a million dollars, but I'd spend it all...

~Sublime, Santeria[/center]

Author:  Aeyliea [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 11:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Roof to roof, over the heads of people who had no idea what lurked among the cities skyline, a blaze of red and tan flesh. Something vaguely human, mostly in appearance, and very little in heart and soul. The mind of a predator, hot, inflamed, desiring the blood of many...but still, the mind of a sentient being that knew that blood could wait, that the time was yet not right. So...

So she had but one place to go. The threat had not been recieved by the city - they had yet to realise the terrible beast that lurked behind its walls, rather than from without those very walls. A sleeply little city, if it was looked at in the right light. A city that had never really known true terror, and certainly not true evil. The houses that presided as evil among these people had no concept, no notion as to what evil was like, especially when it is staring you straight in the face.

She dropped down from the roofs gracefully, landing on all fours and scoring the stones with talons like diamond knives. She stood, and watched a pair of street urchins slink off into the shadows...entertained the idea of flaying them alive and drinking their vitae as a light snack, but put the idea down as bad form. She was in this part of the city - the part that was formerly an Antarab district, a place where her House had stood. It had been destroyed by the godless Foret warriors, but in her absence, the city had reclaimed the once ruined waste. She looked about her, scented the air, and shuddered. It smelled so much different from before. She walked. The House was not very far from, and one of the only remaining buildings during that war.

And there it was - but for a split second did her eyes alight, and then she drew her breath in a hiss of disgust, quickly becoming ferral rage.

They had taken it, and occupied it as if it were just another building. Her eyes went wide. Her breath came quickly. There had been so many treasures in that house - even if the ones she sought were not there. So much power...

She growled, and stalked up the street, jumping agiley over the fence between the street and building.

There was a door, but that went away rather quickly.

Author:  Cink [ Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:51 am ]
Post subject: 

C'ink stood outside Thenician's home, furious at his situation. He had been enslaved. As he thought about it though, he wasn't really enslaved. He was free to come and go as he wished, he could kill whoever he pleased with the exception of Thenician, and apparenty that Tarrant, fellow.

As he stood outside, C'ink could barely contain his rage. He dug his talons deep into his own palm as he clenched his fist hard. After a minute, he calmed a little and brought his injured hand up to view. He opened his hand to remove the talons from his hand. Only a few moments later, the wounds began closing. It was only a few more seconds until they were fully healed.

Once this was done, C'ink was a little more relaxed, and he scanned the area around him. He saw nothing unusual. A few people going about their business on the streets. He teased the urge to just slaughter all of them. Certainly he couldn't kill Thenician, but he could always leave him alone in this desert city. He quickly dismissed the thought, as he remembered that this city was inhabited and protected mostly by mages. C'ink could probably fare decently against a few, but none could stand against all if they united.

He was just about to begin strolling the town, searching for this creature Thenician spoke of, when he heard the sound of a lot of old wood splintering. It came from deeper in the black area of the city. C'ink deduced that if the creature was being as obvious as Thenician suggested, then a loud noise would be a good place to start.

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