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The Cost of Freedom
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Author:  Anarane1 [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 5:21 pm ]
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The message had been sent to the Patriarch. Ana had turned her back to her brothers motioning for them to follow her inside. They walked up the stairs to her chambers. As they entered the room, the signs of fire scorched the walls in many places. They were symbols of her lost of control lately of her magicks. She didn't really notice them anymore. They were a part of the way things were. The only thing that had saved her the last time was the Kain was here with her. That fire had been different from the rest that she was the target of the fire. It had not burned anything, it followed her as Kain took her from the manor.

She called for Jessel. When the girl arrived she stopped at the door. It often saddened her that the servants were afraid of her. Jessel knew the sun would be down in a very few minutes and there would be a change in her Mistress. Ana shook her head slowly. She motioned to the girl to come into the room.

Jessel, these are my brothers Guidion and Maer. I want you to see that they are given food and a place to rest, if they wish it. Now go quickly before... Ana's voice trailed off.

Jessel back away as she saw the change come over her Mistress. She all but ran from the room. Yes Mistress. She looked at the two men in the room. It was quiet obvious to them that the girl had become even more frightened then she was when she come into the room. She spoke softly to them. M'Lords, what can I get for you? Your rooms will be prepared and ready when you are ready to rest. May I bring you something to drink or some food?

Farene looked up at the girl. Get out of here girl and do what you were told. There had been subtle changes in her appearance. Her eyes took on the red demonic glow. Her face became more gaunt, her cheeks seem to become more hollowed looking. Her lips had turned up into a slight sneer. Her fingers even appeared to elongate. Her posture completely changed.

She moved across the room before she turned to face the two men. So these where the brothers of the elfess. One of them had been with her earlier this day. The other, her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, was the brother she had lost all those years ago. The one that had been with the elfess one the day that Farene had become a part of her. Her eyes flashed.

Well isn't this interesting. I would say it is quite brazen for you two to come here. Into our City. into the lands of my Master. Did you not understand the power my Master holds? He can reach us wherever we are. You had the elfess away from Kain far off on a mountain top and still he finds her and brings her home. We belong to him and there is nothing you sad little men can do about it. The Master will not let you interfere with the training of his fledgling. He has great plans for her. So why don't you leave before you feel his wrath?

Her hand had gone to the pendant that hung about her neck. It glowed red with the essence of her Master. Shaped in the symbol of the House Risetti. The pendant prevented her or the elfess from causing or allowing harm to come to either. She knew that there was nothing she could do against both of these men, but she knew also that they would do nothing to hurt their sister. Her eyes flashed again and a sadistic smile touch the corner of her lips.

Just as she was thinking of the things she could do to the elfess and the control that the elfess gave her over Kain. The girl returned with the some warm tea for the guests. Farene glared at the girl. As she sat the tray on the table, Farene back handed her. The force of the blow knocking her off her feet. The spot where her hand made contact left a welt and cut. The blood running down the girl's cheek as her hand went to her face. Her words were harsh and cold.

You know better then to enter the room without knocking girl. Next time I am not be so kind. So if there is nothing else get out of here and don't return until things have been prepared for our guests.

Jessel coward on the floor, her hand over her face, where the blood streaked down her face. She found her voice, though trembling she spoke.Mistress, the messenger has returned with word that Lord Solis has granted Lord Guidion an audience. With the stipulation that all will be respectful while in the House Risetti. Lord Solis waits your arrival with your brothers. Jessel was slowly inching her was to the door as she spoke.

Farene glared down at her. She spoke to the girl as she turned to the two men in the room. You have delivered the message now get out of here before I do more then just slap you. Jessel's scurry from the room as quickly as her legs would carry her. Well it seems that the Master has granted you permission to speak with him. We shall leave in a few minutes.

She turned and walked from the room. She went to the bed chamber and changed her clothes. She was not going to go to her Master dressed in this peasant's dress. She changed into a black outfit that cling seductively to her form. As she looked into the mirror a twisted smile caressed her lips. Thinking to herself this was more to her liking. She took down a rich black cloak that had a bit of red stitching around the hood that matched the red of her eyes. She returned to the room where the men waited and motioned for them to follow her.

They made their way down to the street and to the gates of the House Risetti. She announced to the guards their arrival and waited to be taken to Lord Solis.

Author:  Neve [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 5:59 pm ]
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House Risetti, the center of power for the Black Monolith in Tiavain, and therefore the darkest place in the city. The Manor grounds were dead, not a living thing grew beyond the thin, iron gates of the grounds. The manor grounds looked almost deserted, yet there was a feeling of eyes all around.

Yet there was an unknown quality for the area that the Manor occupied, a darkness that could not be penetrated, for a dark god had enveloped the whole area within his cloak. No spell of scrying could penetrate the grounds, no spell of location; the place might as well have not been there at all, yet the manor could be plainly seen.

The gates swung open, two men dressed in black leather armor bowed to Lady Anarane. The area looked unprotected, but those who had been here knew nothing could be further from the truth. A man in black robes stepped out into the street, inclining his head slightly. He had a pendent around his neck that resembled the one Anarane wore, but his was made from bronze, not silver. The man had white hair and his skin was wrinkled heavily as if by age, but when he spoke his voice was quite youthful, as were his pale blue eyes. I am Byan. The Patriarch awaits. Do follow me and do not step out of the prescribed path or I cannot be responsible for your well being.

With that he turned, allowing the group to follow. The grounds had a few scattered small buildings. There were a few work sheds and a small area that was closed off. The main house was very large, and the windows streamed light onto the dismal grounds. As they approached the entrance an individual wrapped in brown cloth opened the door. As they passed they might have smelled the scent of something rotten.

The parlor itself was beautifully decorated, exotic carpets and tapestries hung from the wall. Byan led them down one of the various hallways to a large room. Inside was a very large chair that was carved from solid oak. There were no other furnishings, and the room was bare save for the carpeting and a few tapestries. Seated in the chair was the Patriarch of Risetti.

Never Solis was not a large man. He was fairly thin and garbed in a plain black robe. His head was bare and he had no hair. Lord Solis had a plain, unwrinkled face and gray eyes that held no feeling. Leaning against the chair, in the crook of his arm was a large staff; at least as tall as he was standing, made from a strange, black metal. The head was carved in to a wicked parody of a skull, larger then usual and sporting wicked teeth and eyes that held a very faint malevolent glow.

Off to the side of the chair was a very large person garbed totally in black with a black cowl and hood. The man was easily seven feet tall and stood motionless, as if a statue.

Byan led them in and shut the door.

What brings you to me, my fledgling?

Author:  Anarane1 [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 6:38 pm ]
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Farene nodded to the two that bowed to her. Her eyes flashed with excitement at being once again at the manor of her Master. To her the grounds were inviting and almost friendly. She looked back over her shoulder at the men that were following as they made their way to the manor. Neither of them seemed to show any emotions or reactions to what lurked about the grounds.

As they were let to pass through the door Farene recognized the smell of the one that opened the door. One of the risen dead that her Master controlled. This cause her lips to curl into a sneer.

Byan lead them through the parlor and down a hallway into a large room. As they entered her eyes moved to the figure in the only seat in the room. She lowered her eyes as she saw her Master and bowed slightly. She said not a word, letting the men that had come with her to see just what power they were dealing with. If they had been watching her at all, they would have seen a sense of her being home. Her eyes grew a brighter red. She had come alive in the home of her Master. Her eyes, as they had before, moved to the staff that her Master held. It was like a magnet that drew her. She heard the door close behind them and the words of her Master.

Farene took a step forward and bowed to her Master, before she spoke.

Master, These men wish to speak with you concerning your fledgling. They are the brothers of Anarane. Guidion Tengwargul and Maer. I know not what their purpose. It was Anarane herself that sent the message to you before the sunset. The one Maer, is the one that threatened my very existence. The one that you had Anarane take from and brought home. That is all I know, Master.

Once Farene finished speaking she made her way across the room to where her Master sat. She bowed once more to her Master, before she took her seat at his feet at his right hand. Her hand moving up and pulling the hood from her head. Her long raven colored locks fall down her back. She red eyes staring back at the men she had left behind.

Author:  Azrael [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 7:01 pm ]
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You almost make me regret sending my daughter with you old man. I fear she will not know what comassion is on her return. I fear she will forget to love as you have. I thank you for hearing my brother's plea, but I will handle this situation.

Snorting and chuckling in a high pitched tone Azrael raised his hands in the air.He yelled out his words at Guidion's back as he walked towards the portal.

Thats fine by me you mongrel. As long as nothing happens to my daughter and granddaughter, I can care less if your sister turns into a toad let alone be controlled by a demon. Its not like she is the only one in your family who is weak of mind, so far it seems a family trait.

Understand one thing you dullard, my audience is something gifted not expected and when its rebuffed it is not offered again. Greater men than you have asked for my assitance...
Azrael paused as Guidion entered the portal, and shouted out his last sentance just as he began to disappear.

Do us a favor this time though, if you get yourself killed, stay that way!

Azrael wasn't sure if Oriana had heard his words for she was busy tending to Kain. Once she was done and turned around, Azrael's mirrored eyes bore into her.

You should know by now daughter that personally I do not have not one iota of feeling for that man's well being or his family's for that matter. In my opinion he has been nothing but a bother and a drain on our own family. The only good thing he has done is fathered Tierney, and even then I give you most of the credit for that.

The only reason I put up with it is for you Tierney, and now Gabriel. Do not bother from this day on to even consider asking me to do anything for him. He has no foundation for his arrogance, no basis for his ego, and no brains for his skull. As far as I am concerned, I wash my hands of him.

I am taking one of the guest rooms, don't bother to tend to me. Just come and let me know when Tierney is ready to depart.

Spinning away in a fury of black robes, Azrael made his way to his room feeling more relieved than angry. He would rather pick his toenails with a rusty nail than to demean himself by dealing with a paultry demon.


Author:  *Kain* [ Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:30 am ]
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You are not alone Kain, I am here beside you in what you think to be your darkest hour as I have promised to be.... as Guidion asked me to be.... Kain was indeed a wreck, and drowning deep in his own thoughts, his own worries. It was the truth however, she was only only trying to help him. Apparently Guidion was as well.. no Guidion was helping his sister... Kain had no complaints however, he had betrayed the man. A very good friend of his, he started coming to, when Azrael spoke to Oriana. Spoke of how Guidion was nothing to him... Kain gritted his teeth. Azrael was a powerful mage, one of the last remaining of the sidhe, he had fought under the banner of Sircko Asacorto Onicel, under Azrael's leadership, and alongside Guidion. It saddened him that he thought so lowly of Guidion... who was he to say anything however, he had betrayed the man. Kain still had the guilt hanging over him, like a dead weight trying to crush him.

He was still full of pain.. agony, all of this, he could feel the link between Ana and himself.. no Farene and himself, she was now in control. He shook his head, Oriana was right in keeping him here, for if Farene and Kain were to come into contact again... he sighed heavily. Last time she had won, she had him under her control, simply by torturing his elfess with images of Kain dying, or in pain. Kain had scars on his hand, arm, and chest from that wretched demoness.

He had been so engrossed in his love for Ana, so wrapped up in her, that he had forgotten about the badtimes. He had been so happy with her for days, happier than he had been in his entire life. For nearly 40 years he had walked this world without one who loved him, without truly living. He shook his head, and got up.

You are right Ori... thank you. He gave a weak smile.

Author:  Oriana [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 2:46 am ]
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There were times when Oriana wanted to wrap her hands around her fathers throat and strangle the life right out of him, but she knew better. For one, he could strike her down without so much as a drawing of his breath if he so chose to, and second, she knew, no matter how much Azrael might annoy her, bait her and completely frustrate her, she would be utterly shattered if she did not have her father near. Hearing his words to Guidion she managed to shoot him a cold stern glare, but that was the extent of their exchange, she knew from day one how her father felt about her husband and she accepted that simply because she could not force Azrael to like Guidion any more than she could force a bull into giving milk. There was a time and place for bringing up her fathers behavior, now was not that time, she would mention the scene to him later in idle conversation, as if there were any such thing as idle conversation with Azrael, but she would not push the matter. Her attentions snapped back to Kain and while he informed her that she was right, she subconsiously unlocked the doors opening herself once again to any who possessed the power to reach her at the same time her ebony curls bounced as her head shook.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am right Kain, I only speak my beliefs in the hopes that maybe I can bring some sort of comfort and calm to those around me. This is a volatile situation, make no mistake of that, Guidion and Maer have gone to Never Solis with the intentions I think of trying to free their sister without having to take extreme measures....
If they fail.... Kain I am terrified that I will lose that which I hold so dear to me again, only this time, I do not believe I will survive, and should I survive, should anything happen to Guidion, to Ana, even to Maer, I am worried that I will use what I have been given for acts of vengence unlike anything this world has ever seen.I know I should not think the worst but I... my family has just started coming together again..... so you see Kain I am not right because for all the pretty words that I speak.... I am afraid....

Author:  Guidion [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:52 am ]
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Master, These men wish to speak with you concerning your fledgling. They are the brothers of Anarane. Guidion Tengwargul and Maer. I know not what their purpose. It was Anarane herself that sent the message to you before the sunset. The one Maer, is the one that threatened my very existence. The one that you had Anarane take from and brought home. That is all I know, Master.

Guidion walked up to the dark mage and knelt before him. He could feel the power eminating from the being. For this was no man that sat in front of him. No this being seemed to be made of raw energy tapped from beyond.

Lord Never, I am known in these lands as Guidion, and indeed I am here in regards to my sister. I have it known that you hold the key which locks the demon within her. I am here to trade for her life. I know of the rules set by House Risetti in regards to membership and that is why I am prepared to offer you a life turn for hers.

He stood then after he had spoke his peace. He could feel the red hatred trying to needle into him from the demon at the lord's side. He simply clasped his hands in front of him and awaited the lord's reply. In the background he could hear Maer moan at the mention of a life in trade for their sister. Maer knew Guidion's vengence would be complete after all was said and done.

Author:  Anarane1 [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:00 am ]
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Farene held her tongue as the man spoke to her Master. It was by far not an easy task. It was her Master after that he spoke to and not her. This man too, threatened her existence. He wanted the release of the elfess from Risetti.

Farene thought for a moment. She realized whether this man did or not, that all he had requested was for Anarane's release from the house, not for Farene's removal from the elfess. She wanted to turn from the man to her Master to know what he was considering. He offered a life in return for Anarane. With the offer put forth, in Farene's mind, would that not be but one life for two?

Her red eyes flashed. The anger they held boring into the one that called himself Guidion. Whatever her Master's response, Farene felt that she was in the most danger here. There was only one release for her anger and she could not stop herself.

Farene set forth an attack on Anarane. Sending a most horrid site into her mind. She made her see Kain upon the stone stab, where he Master had begun her training. Farene knew that this would cause her more anguish the merely letting him bleed before her. She knew that this would have a deep psychological affect on her as well as cause Kain to appear to be in danger in this manner.

Farene may not be able to do anything to this one Guidion, but she knew the control she held over Kain. She chuckled to herself, knowing that Guidion would not know what was happening to either of them. Kain was not in the city. He was far enough away that there was no way. There could be no communications between the two men. This was the one thing that Farene knew she could do that only her Master could stop her from doing.

Author:  *Kain* [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:16 am ]
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I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am right Kain... I am afraid.... She was afraid too... both of them afraid to lose those they held dear. He thought about her words as he spoke of vengeance. If Never Solis brought any harm to Anarane, or refused to release her the Bladesinger would wage war upon Risetti. His men were loyal to him, and had faced armies much larger than that of Risetti, the necromancer was indeed powerful, but Kain would not stop until either Never had met his end or Kain himself had died. The anger was burning within the man, a deep seeded hatred, for he had felt Ana slowly becomming corrupted, tainted, led down the dark path. He would not stand for it, Never may be a powerful necromancer, but he hides under his black monolith, did he truly have any power at all? He needed to calm himself, his blood was boiling, fuming with anger.

Then a twinge of pain, terror, agony. It was Anarane, he could feel the link between them once again, and she was in pain. Kain got up from the chair and ran to a window, or a door, wherever he could to see outside. Oriana was unable to stop him. The sky was dark, it was Farene, she was torturing Anarane again. The link brought forth a great rush of pain to the warrior who crumpled, the charm that still hung around his neck betrayed what he was feeling to Oriana. Help please, make it go away, make it stop!

Author:  Neve [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 2:35 pm ]
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The Patriarch was silent momentarily, then responded, a small smile growing on his face. Intriguing. Do go on. The rules of Risetti are very stringent, but I would like to hear your proposal. I will have my own terms, but perhaps you may indeed sway me in some regard.

Never reached down to caress Farane's arm. So much trouble over a little elf that played with powers she did not quite comprehend. This was very amusing, perhaps amusing enough to warrant further intrusion into this family's foray. For indeed, had the elf and daemon not invited him when they entered his House? Risetti ruled here, and too many found themselves thinking they were so far above all others, including those who simply did not demonstrate their power.

It was quite refreshing to have someone enter with requests instead of demands. It became tiresome listening to threats that simply could not be carried out.

Author:  Anarane1 [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 2:55 pm ]
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Farene looked up at her Master as he caressed her arm. It frightened her somewhat that he was finding the offer intriguing and wanted to hear more from the man Guidion. Would the Patriarch really consider releasing the elfess? If he did what would become of her? If her Master released her from the elfess' body, how could she serve him without a body of her own? So many questions.

In response to her own fears, Farene increased her hold on Anarane's mind. Without thinking she was causing the elfess more pain. This was her place she knew it. She belong with her Master. Farene looked at the man that stood almost humbly in front of the Patriarch. Returning her gaze to the Patriarch, she knew he would see the fear in her eyes.

Author:  Guidion [ Thu Mar 04, 2004 12:52 am ]
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Intriguing. Do go on. The rules of Risetti are very stringent, but I would like to hear your proposal. I will have my own terms, but perhaps you may indeed sway me in some regard.

Guidion stood then and looked back at his brother. The man stood at the back and sighed loud enough to be heard. Since this all started with the man it was his due to give his life for the one he had mingled with. Although Maer did not want it to come to this, he was prepared to offer his life in trade for that of his sister's.

Here lord Neve, here is the body that will host that which lies within my sister. My brother is strong in the arts as you can see. Although misguided at times he intends to do well. This is the trade I propose. A life for a life and naught more.

He stood to the side to let the lord judge the worthiness of Maer compared to that of Anarane. There was no doubt that Maer was the stronger of the two in the arts, plus the knowledge that Maer had possesion of was just as invaluable. Guidion was troubled at first to offer his own kin, but it was after all Maer who chose this path. Once more Guidion stood in front of the being.

What would be your answer then?

Author:  Neve [ Thu Mar 04, 2004 7:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Unfortunately I believe you have the circumstances of your Sister's service here confused. Anarane came to Risetti, as well as Farane. They are both members in that regard. You see it is not the daemon that must be satisfied, but this House. Our rules are in place due to the power this House teaches, due to those who would come to this House and learn, yet who would leave and misuse that knowledge, at least, use it in a way that would not bode well for Risetti.

Never looked down at Anarane's body, now occupied by Farane. The Daemon and the woman are one for a purpose, one that you have not seen or perhaps do not understand. I myself do not fully understand, but I do know that these types of bindings happen for a reason, one that should be let to play out. Risetti does not allow members to leave. Perhaps arrangements could be made, but you need to understand that the Daemon is not the deciding factor, though as a member of this House she has my protection as well as that of Tiavain's.

The Patriarch reached down with one hand, pushing back Farane's hood and grabbing a handful of hair. He pulled her head back slowly, displaying her neck. Her life is that of Risetti, to harm either is to harm Risetti. It is difficult to understand, but this is not a prison. Those who come here come of their own accord. I could have her neck cut right now, or I could destroy her mind, ripping her soul and the essence of the daemon from her body. But I do not. She is Risetti. They both are Risetti.

Lord Solis let go of her hair, his hand returning to the staff. You see? Anarane gave herself to Risetti as well as Farane. I am not unsympathetic to your wants, however. Provide me a suitable alternative. Tell me what you think should be done and what will benefit Risetti.

Author:  Guidion [ Fri Mar 05, 2004 12:45 am ]
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Provide me a suitable alternative. Tell me what you think should be done and what will benefit Risetti.

This type of binding was borne from malice. A simple loophole that the demon found to merge itself with Anarane. It did happen for a reason, but a reason only to come to life on this plane. She has succeded in doing so.

Guidion's jaw clenched. His teeth grinding on each other made a noise only his ears could hear. He took a deep breath and thought on the question put at hand. His thoughts went back to the black orb and how easily it was to separeate one soul from the other. Smiling he looked back up to lord Neve.

Indeed, the alternative I provide lays at my feet.

Maer had at that time sunk to his knees with his head bowed.

With your permission, I would like to show you a diffrent way of splitting souls. A way that would render one soul helpless untill transfered to a host body and leave the other as it should always have been. Once done you will still have your demon and the host. Risetti will benifit in learning a diffrent form of majik and keeping my brother's body which is twice as strong in the arts compared to Anarane. With this alternative you, your house will be ahead in the bargain.

He spread open his hands and waited with a bowed head.

Author:  Anarane1 [ Fri Mar 05, 2004 6:29 am ]
Post subject: 

Farene listened to her Master's words. She felt her Master's eyes on her as he continued to talk to Guidion. She continued her game with Anarane's mind. Because of the link that the half-elf, Kain, had made with Anarane, Farene could enjoy the pain that it caused him and feed off of it. She still listened to what the Master was saying well she toyed with them.

Farene felt her Master's hand come to her head sliding the hood back. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. As he exposed her neck, she could almost feel his hand touching her throat, though he never touched it. She trembled slightly because of the excitement it stirred in her. His words of what he could do to her or the elfess would have frighten the elfess, but Farene knew that her Master had no reason to cause her harm. He know where her loyalty lay. It was a let down when he released his physical contact to her. It was not often that she was allowed to feel his touch in that manner.

Farene turned her eyes to Guidion as he said that their binding was made in malice. Her eyes flashed as she glared at him. He was not there, he did not know what had happened to bring her to where she was now. I did not asked to be brought into this body but I did not refuse it either. It was true it was an escape from the abyss to this plane. And this she did want. That she used to her advantage, but it had been to her disadvantage as well, since she did not have the freedom at the time to do what she wanted to. But under the protection of her Master and the pendant around their neck she had found the freedom she hungered for. She didn't have the control she wanted, but more control then she had otherwise.

Farene looked down at Maer as his own brother offered him in return for Anarane's freedom from Risetti and from Farene. She was not sure how she felt about having his body as her vessel. That, though, would not be her choice. She wondered what this magick Guidion was offering her Master, that would allow her to be moved from Anarane, without causing harm to either of them.

Farene turned her head and looked up to her Master. What would he do with this offer of a new magick for The House Risetti? As ever was the case, there was nothing to show what her Master was thinking. She lowered her eyes and brought them back to the two men that were in front of her Master. She continued her torment of the elfess and her half-elf, while she awaited his response.

Author:  Guidion [ Fri Mar 05, 2004 6:57 am ]
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Guidion stood there waiting for an answer. Thinking through all the words that lord Neve had spoken..

Her life is that of Risetti, to harm either is to harm Risetti.

That was it wasn't it. The demon was harming the half elf while she lay dormant inside of the body. He knew this by searching through Kain's memories while he lay sleeping back in his tower. How amusing that Risetti would set rules for their house to follow, yet not follow them. He wondered also if lord Neve knew of the torment that the demon was causing his sister.

Our rules are in place due to the power this House teaches, due to those who would come to this House and learn, yet who would leave and misuse that knowledge, at least, use it in a way that would not bode well for Risetti.

Lord Neve, one thing I do wish to bring to your attention regarding a statement you made. You stated that to harm either would be to harm Risetti. Does that also apply to members within the house harming each other? If so, I believe that your pet demon has been breaking that rule thrice and double thrice. While also tormenting the soul of another member of Tiavain, Kain from house Nim'Ostas. Is that the kind of servant you wish to protect. Again I lay before you my alternative. Let my brother's body host this demon.

He stood there with hands now at his side. He didn't know how much more of this bargining he could take. He had to endure this humility for the sake of his sister.

Author:  Oriana [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 1:57 am ]
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His pain became her pain, his waking nightmare haunted her just as if she were living the events herself, what had not been counted on, and this was something she was willing to bet her life on, was the power of the pendant and all its secrets. Ever so calmly the mage reached over placing on hand on the side of Kains face and the other traveled to the pendant hanging from his neck, her fingers wrapped around the precious item, its warmth comforting to her like the familiar black robes she donned each morning. With that comfort came anger, anger that anyone would dare invade a guest of her home in such a manner, none were to be violated in anyway while under her roof, her protection, she would be damned if she allowed the bitch demoness another inch.

Trust me Kain....

Her lips did not move though the air around her and the warrior grew thick causing the atmosphere in the room to crackle, small sparks flew from the mages hand resting on Kains face.......

This is my house you fiend, keep your treachory among you and your own.... invade again while he is under my protection and regardless of Anarane, I will see you dead.

A bolt of lighting transfered from the mages fingertips into the warriors mind leaving him unharmed but Farene would feel the full effects of her warning.....

Moments later Oriana brushed aside a lock of Kains hair and dabbed at his forehead with the sleeve of her robe.....

I'll not have it, not in my house, not in Guidions home, Kain you know I would never hurt your beloved, Guidion will find away to free his sister....

Author:  Anarane1 [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 3:24 am ]
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Farene had been intent on her game paying little attention to the man as he spoke. She looked up when she heard him mention Kain's name. She wondered what she had missed. She thought to herself, that of course her Master would want to protect a loyal servant. As her red eyes bore into Guidion as she went back to her feeding.

To Farene what that man had to say wasn't important enough to listen to. The only voice she listened for was that of her Master. The cold calmness of it brought her peace. She could feel his power strongly as she was sitting so close to him.

If as well she heard the voice of Kain cry out with hatred and anguish of the illusion she placed in front of Anarane all the better.

Farene's eyes flashed brightly as suddenly she heard a voice cold and threating in her mind, through the link between Kain and Anarane. She drew back slightly and started to turn to her Master to speak.

Master, I am......

Farene stopped speaking suddenly. She started to come to her feet. Her hands went to her head. She screamed in extreme pain as she felt the bolt of energy coursed through her body.


It was the only word she got out before she collapsed at her Master's feet. She lay on the floor writhing in pain.

Author:  *Kain* [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 4:41 am ]
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He was in a great deal of pain, that wicked bitch Farene was the source, he was on his knees at the door, unable to speak, but his thoughts carried to Oriana. Make it stop... make it stop... The mage rushed over to him, and kneeled down in front of the warrior. Trust me Kain.... He looked on confused as bolts of lightning shot into his brain, but he trusted Oriana with his life, he did still love her, and knew she wouldn't harm him. The bolts transferred over and attacked Farene's mind, he could feel her begin to writhe in pain, releasing the images she was feeding Anarane, and releasing Kain from his own pain.

The warrior nearly collapsed, releived that the tension the pain on him, that was it, that was the last straw. Kain knew what gave Farene power at night, and he knew that it must be destroyed. There was only one thing to do. Oriana... thank you... now you must trust me. The Bladesinger jumped to his feet, and ran into the scrying pool, drawing his sword he waved it over it. The warrior had learned much more about magic in his time spent in Tiavain. However it showed him nothing, but it was within the risetti house that she was. This he knew, this he could feel.

He had been discovering his ability to use his own soul to work wonders of magic, holy magic, magic that was the very Bane of darkness, and vile evil. He stood, exhausted, fatigued, but no he would not give up, not now. He may not of been there himself but he could feel her, and that's all he needed to do what he was about to do. His blade out, brightening the room he began to move in an intricate dance, whirling the blade, making it sing. The dance was dazzling, quick, precise movements, the weapon began to sing. Soon Kain began to glow white, and the speed of the dance increased, translated from song he was casting haste upon himself. This was necessary, as soon as the spell was completed, he move doubly fast, the sword squealing a high pitched tune that would hurt the ears, Kain began to glow more and more. A mere minute passed and suddenly with one sweeping arc Kain came to a standstill. He was aglow with white light, pure holy energy, a very peice of his being. What he had not told Oriana was that this spell might very well be his end.

Over in the risetti grounds where Anarane's body began to glow with a white light, it was Kain's very soul that attacked, no not Farene, but the amulet that gave Never power over Anarane and Farene. It grew with a white holy light and soon shattered, expending more of his own power Kain protected both Farene and Anarane from being harmed by the loss of the magical device. Kain then moved to supress Farene deep within Anarane, and held her there, now Ana... now you are free. He spoke into her mind as he collapsed to floor of the mage's tower, unconcious, bordering death itself, the warrior had used his very soul to do what he did, and even if he did survive... it would take some time to recover.

Author:  Anarane1 [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 5:39 am ]
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As Farene lay on the floor writhing in pain, a brilliant white light surrounds her. The warmth of the holy light bringing a protective shield around them. The pendant that lay against her body glowing brighter and brighter. Farene lay prone at the Patriarch's feet. Her body seemingly floating just an inch or two above the floor. Suddenly there was a loud crackling sound as the pendent shatter, pieces flying in all directions.

The body stirred still bathed in the white light. Anarane heard Kain speak to her.

now Ana... now you are free.

Anarane scrambled to her feet and ran to her brother. She held on to him as if her very life depended on it and perhaps it did. She looked up at him tears running down her cheeks. She had felt Kain collapse into unconsciousness. The warmth of his soul was in her and he felt very cold wherever he was. She kept crying out, Kain.. Kain... over and over. She had to stop. She had to get focused, it was not the time to lose control.

As she clung to Guidion she pulled herself together and concentrated on the link between her and Kain. Taking all the willpower and as much energy as she could pull together, she did her best to reverse the flow of energy back to Kain. She knew she did not have the power of control over it that Kain had, but her magicks were strong as well. She knew she could get enough of his soul energy back to him. Enough that would keep him alive until she could hopefully get to him and maybe her brother or Oriana could get it back to him. She could feel the the strain of what she was trying to do, but she could also feel that it was working. Some of what he had poured into her was going back. She was too weak from what Farene had been doing, to be able to do more. She felt her knees weakening as she held onto Guidion. She had done all she could.

Author:  Maer [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:37 am ]
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He took his sister from his brother's grasp. The one known as Neve had not made a move to either interfere or not. Maer twisted over the woman's body and chanted a few words. He looked up to Guidion with a pleading look in his face. Guidion knew what he was asking. He had to know that they needed to leave and soon.

Please brother. Let us depart this place.

Author:  Guidion [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:50 am ]
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Looking down at Maer and Anarane in his arms he did feel it was time to leave. With the pendant shattered it would be an easy enough task liberating the demon within Anarane and send it back to the abyss where it had come from. He put one hand on each of theit heads and finished the chant that Maer had started. The runes on his arms glowed a golden color as the majik passed from sibbling to sibbling. Once done he helped both to their feet and let them walk out the door. He stood there feeling for the rift that Maer would open up once outside. The sensation was a tingling on the back of his neck as it opened and both walked through to the safety of his own tower. He turned then. Looking at the lord of the house. He heard the door shut behind him.

Well Lord Neve, it seems that the options were taken out of both our hands.

He waited to see what the lord would do. Guidion was ready for just about anything that the lord would decide to do or say.

Author:  Anarane1 [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 1:09 pm ]
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Anarane felt Maer pull her down into his arms and shielding her. She was weak and with all that had happened in the last few minutes her mind had not really comprehended it all. She heard Maer begin to chant, then stop. She was trembling as she looked up at him, vision was blurred and could not see clearly as she looked from him to Guidion.

Guidion looked down at them and place his hands on their heads as the runes glowed. After a few minutes he helped them to their feet and Maer lead her from the room. As Ana leaned against her brother, he opened a rift and they stepped through it into Tengwargul Tower. She collapsed to the floor not realizing that Guidion had not followed them.

Anarane lay on the floor, Maer kneeling over her. The events that had happened so quickly over the last few minutes had taken their toll. She laid there trembling as though she was very cold and was nearly unconscious. Her hands had gone protectively down over her belly. She kept murmuring Kain's name, Kain......

Author:  Oriana [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:35 pm ]
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It had all happened so fast, brillant white light, flashes, even a pealing of thunder, so fast and so damn confusing, but that confusion did not last long. Maer and Ana had barely made it through the rift before Oriana was on her feet, her black robes trailing out like a dark banner behind her. Kain, her champion, her once upon a time love, her truest dearest friend had taken matters into his own hands, matters that even though he had not shared with her the severity, she was no fool nor was she some young apprentice, she knew how grave the consequences of his actions were, and if he lived through what he had done, she was going to kill him. Calling out behind her as she took the steps two at a time leading to the highest point of Tengwargul tower she seemed more a general of war than the lady of the house.....

Take my sister in law above, there is a room, the third door on the left. It is Tierneys room and the most protected room of this tower... Maer you will tend to her until I can be at her side, she needs rest, I know you two do as well but that babe she carries can be lost because of such stress and I will not stand for that. I MUST see to it that all wards and protections are in place, I will not have Never Solis thinking that he can retaliate in anyway against the people in this tower, this is my home and not one of those damn Tiavain houses, NONE of us who live in this tower owe alligence to any of those people and I will not have ANY of them thinking that vengence and violations are to occur here, it will not be tolerated, if I must I will call for Azrael....let Never try and take on my father. I am going to see to Kain.....

The last of her words died out as she turned the corner and immeadiately went up another set of stairs. She was trying her damndest not to let her worry for Guidion cause her to act rashly, after all the last thing Guidion needed was for her to do anything more than she had already done to create any more problems. Still she couldnt help the panic, the fear, Maer and Ana had made it to the tower, but her love was still on lands that to her reeked of malice. If anything happened to him now, house Risetti... no she wouldnt think of it.... Reaching the tower she slipped through the archway and what she saw brought a gasp from her throat and her hand went to her lips. Kain lay looking more dead than alive, his skin was beyond pale, he looked as if his soul had been sucked from his very being, She would not think the worst, there was no room for such thoughts then, stepping further inside the tower, her own sanctuary, a look of sheer determination crossed her face and her eyes gleamed as she crossed the floor and knelt down beside the fallen warrior....

This goes way beyond hammered shit Kain... way beyond and we have alot of work to do, I know your tired beloved, but you have to fight.... we have to fight....

The two faded from the room, carried on the wings of magic to a bed chamber within the tower. There was a long long road ahead of them all, but she was confident in the end all would be well....

Author:  Neve [ Sun Mar 07, 2004 5:47 pm ]
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You just made a very costly mistake. You violate my House in such a way and expect me to simply allow it? I think not. Lord Solis tapped his staff on the ground and wards flashed blood red around the room, along the walls and throughout House Risetti. There would be no more unauthorized access to the House without a passkey, period.

Walls slid to the side and Istari stepped out, as well as several large humanoid creatures with tiger heads. They carried great hammers and were over ten feet tall. There were nine Zaggoth (humanoid cat daemons) in all. The Istari already had their wands drawn.

What part of Anarane joining this House and making a blood pact of alliegience did you not understand? Not Farane, but Anarane herself. These rules were in place long before you or I were even of this plane. Concessions could have been made, but now you forced my hand. Do you think that I can allow someone to disrespect my House like this? You will remain here as my guest, either by choice or by force, until Anarane returns and asks to be released from this House. Then and only then will be be done with this, and I may forget this transgression.

Never whispered a word and enchantments sprang up around the room, centralized on his own form. One of the spells was clear as the area around Never darkened a bit, an evil, Unholy Aura surrounding him. The melovelence and sheer evilness was frightening and revolting.

This Manor is secure. Would you care to retire to your room or would you care to retire to a cell? Shall we remain gentlemen or shall I take this to a higher level and a place no one will be happy with?

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