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 Escape from the Stone Spider (semi open - pm me to join) 
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Post Escape from the Stone Spider (semi open - pm me to join)
The Master Bard settled himself in front of the fire, repositioned a cushion or two that where in his chair and then casually lit his tobac pipe. Around him the tavern was lively and loud. Men roared in the background as they played pokar, serving girls squealed as they were pinched by various customers, always followed closely by the resounding slap of a face and the laughter of the man. The Master Bard loved places like this.

So it was that when he began to speak it was in a soft voice, a low voice; but as he spoke, the tavern gradually quieted down and everyone’s attention was on him and him alone. He had the magic you see. The Magic to captivate a crowd and tonight he would use that magic to tell one of the rarer tales told in all the lands of Tonan. A tale to lift the heart, and fill the soul, a tale full of history and some myth but overall a tale to beat all tales.

And so he began to speak, softly at first but gradually loud enough to fill the entire room, so that even the mice in the rafters could here his voice and they too sat perched upon their legs, ears twitching to and fro, listening to his tale….

In the ancient times, before the gods warred against each other, there was one king over Maxim or Tonan depending on who you ask. In ancient times the land was called simply the Island Kingdom and its High King was a man named Yysillia Farseer. Yysillia was the last of the High Kings and as his reign did not do much of anything he is remembered as such, Yysillia the last High King. Of course only those learned sages and wizardly curious will remember the man.

It so happened that when the Great War started the King was out riding with his courtesans and, well one fell on the other and chamberlain after cabinet lords and so on until every member of the hunting party was wounded until death. The High King passed away a few days later, leaving no heir to assume the throne and of course by this time the war of faith that now grips the lands was breaking out and soon the once proud nation of the Island Kingdom was divided and then further divided and then further divided….but I digress.

The true story or one that is surely worth the telling; is the story of escape and danger, money and love, death and rebirth. You assume that I talk of a tale with heroes and heroines, dragons being slain and princesses being saved, but alas that is not this tale. This is a rare gem of a tale, more so because it is a true tale told to me by my master, and his master before him and so on and so forth all the way back to the Master Bard of those chaotic times.

This tale does have danger, it does have damsels in distress but it is not a tale of heroes, but of rather reluctant survivors. You see during the time of the High King, the High King dispensed justice across the land, his was the right to sit in judgment of those accused of a crime and in special cases, very special cases, and the criminal was brought all the way to the capitol city of Tonan itself to be judged in the High King’s court. Now those brought to the High King’s court, if found guilty, were sentenced to serve their time in the worst of all dungeons.

The High Kings prison was a place known as the Stone Spider. It was called the Stone Spider on account that it was a stone building and it had eight wards running off of a central courtyard. It was rumored that at one time it had been the seat of the High King’s family but no one but any thought to that as it was in one of the, if not the most, remote areas of Tonan. It was also situated in the middle of the largest lake of the whole Island Kingdom, Lake Upshanver.

You laugh at the idea of a lake being a deterrent to escape I can see it in your eyes, but let me tell you a little secret. Lake Upshanver may no longer be there, and it may be in a place known as Darden’s cauldron, but let me tell you that Lake Upshanver was no ordinary strip off your clothes lets take a bath lake. It was a hot lake, a scalding, and lava belching lake of pure death to anyone attempting to cross the waters by swimming, much less anything besides the enchanted boats that had to be replaced every three days because even enchantments can only do so much.

So it was that in the time of the beginning of the Faith Wars there were many prisoners in the Stone Spider. The Stone Spider itself also contained many officers of the High Kings who looked after these prisoners, some were warriors, some were wizards and some were even thieves (reformed of course). Well when the betrayal happened, and brother turned against brother so it was in the Stone Spider.

Followers of Isonia, Foret and Darden turned on each other in the initial throws of madness, for everyone was affected by the will of the gods and the wrath of the gods is a very palpable thing indeed. So the guards, for that is what the High Kings Officers on the Stone Spider truly were, fought each other, while the prisoners were locked away in their cells alone with their madness.

Many days passed and eventually sanity returned to those who remained on the island in the middle of Lake Upshanver. The guards now numbered only a handful, while the prisoners for the most part had remained safe, alone, behind the locked doors of their cells. Then the horror of it all sunk in to those who remained.

No new boats had arrived.

The town across the waters was in flames, as was the forest that surrounded the lake. No one was there to bring the boats; no one was left to cast the spells. This is when it happened, what those who survived the coming trials would call the Great Pardon. Someone, a guard it was, began to release certain prisoners.

The prisoners that were released where the most able, the ones most sane, the ones who could be trusted – to a point. It was then that in the great courtyard a meeting was held, secrets were revealed and hope took root in the minds of the guards and the prisoners who would forever after be refereed to as the Brotherhood of the Stone Spider…..

OOC: If you have read this far, then you must be interested in the storyline. Are you a guard or a former prisoner? PM me and let me know so that I can work you into the plot and we can truly begin the adventure.

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