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 Vengeance ((OPEN.)) 
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Post Vengeance ((OPEN.))
It was funny how everything he thought could be so strong could crumble so easily under a heavy gauntlet. Almost as if his whole world had been a vial broken against the floor, he'd never be able to put all the shards back together.

His life had been simple. His family had worked their days on a thin strip of land, feeding themselves. His father driving the ox that pulled the heavy steel plough, grinding up the muddy earth. His mother sowing the seeds and tending to the single cow that provided their daily milk, amongst other chores about the house. His sister too, lovely little Beatrice, barely seven summers, still did her share collecting up each and every egg the hens had laid.

He and his elder brother Dirth had collected firewood, and hunted and brought in water fresh from the river that ran a border to the sleepy little hamlet. That very morning his brother had left him by that very river, filling the last few bottles. Had waved to him, telling him not to be too long.

But he had decided to bathe, to wash the muck from his body in those pure waters, thinking idly of the life that lay before him. One day he would marry, a girl was already in mind. Sweet Eleanor, beatiful happy Eleanor. So quick to laugh, filling the air with her musical voice, and bringing a smile so easily to his face, nomatter how long the days were. And he would have children.. a little Beatrice of his own. Innocent little Beatrice, with her golden hair in pig-tails. Bright blue eyes, and already as bright as a button.

He coughed as the smoke from one of the last fires still burning clawed at the insides of his throat, and wiped sweat and soot from his forehead with the back of his hand. His grey eyes were red rimmed and stung fiercely from all the tears he had shed. Closing his eyes against the danger of still more, he patted down the earth before him, and picking up the branch-cross, drove it gently but firmly into the ground.

Damn them. Damn those who would call themselves righteous. Damn them who would call themselves noble. Liberators! Nay.... naught but savages with airs and graces. Evil hearted men who would destroy in the name of a God! A simple life. All the seven families that had lived here had wanted was a simple life. A life without oppression or rule. Just to be left alone!

He opened his eyes and looked at the cross, then lifted a little rag doll with a blue dress and large button eyes from the floor and placed it against his simple marker.

All he wanted was to stay there and waste away... perhaps some day some soul would find his rotting carcass and lay it's body to rest with the others of his family. But something gnawed at him from the inside. Something begged justice. Retribution!

He walked away from it all, almost without realising, and before he knew it he was half way down a road on his way to the heavens only knew where. He looked wretched. His thick light brown hair still stuck to his matted to his face and neck, his light white cotton tunic covered in blood, soot and muck. His brown woolen breeches were torn and burnt in places and his feet were bare. He hadn't even thought to grab his boots from the river.

That was his old life... nothing mattered now but putting one foot in front of the other.

Tue Mar 23, 2004 3:57 pm
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Post The voice.
How long had he been walking in despair like this?

He looked up at the sky and noted the position of the sun. It was drawing to dusk, and with the diminishing of the light came te rolling black clouds of a storm. Rain would be falling soon. Rain that perhaps could erase some of the blood that had soaked the earth that day. But no amount of rain could cleanse the anger in his heart.

He realised then that he had abruptly stopped. Had he heard something just then? It had sounded like little more than a whisper borne amidst the last calls of the day birds that would soon be replaced with the musical voice of the nightjay.

He listened attentively, tried to search it out, but could hear nothing more. But as soon as he started to move again he heard it all too clearly.

"The Gods that are have turned their backs upon you my child. None looked kindly upon your family when the dogs of war were loosed upon them. They abandoned you all to your fate."

He shook his head. He must be going mad.

"Trust in me my son. I shall show you the way. I shall save you from your lonely road. Believe in me and you shall never be hurt again."

"Leave me be!", he shouted to the sky. "Leave me be! Is it not enough that I have lost, for my sanity to be taken with it?!"

"Those that hurt you shall pay dearly. I have the power to grant you what you desire. Through you I can act upon this world. Partake in this game, and hold you high above all others as the champion of a true, benevolent God.

Could it really be that some deity had taken interest in his ordeal? Had understood his pain? Was now giving him the means for retribution? That above all was what he desired. "How would you help me? What would you have me do... my Lord?" It mattered not who he obeyed, as long as he could make the enemy suffer.

Go to the town of Utgart. There you will find another of my followers. He will provide you with a blade. He will ask you to perform the ritual that will bind your soul to me. Then, and only then will I show you the way to finish your oppressors.

"So be it."... yes... so be it. To Utgart. He set his jaw in grim determination, and checking his bearings, broke off in a run to the East. He would arrive there soon enough.

The rain began to fall, and thunder boomed over the land. The Shadow began to grow stronger.

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Just imagine there's something witty here for now. I'll get back to you later.

Thu Mar 25, 2004 4:37 pm
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