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 A true calling; A Tiavain Reunion 
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Post A true calling; A Tiavain Reunion
It had been long since the sorceress had been with her fellow Tiavain members. In fact, such a long time, that she could not remember when was the last time she had a good laugh with them. It was sad really, being away from these people, for so, so long. This mansion she had been living in was isolated from all civilization.

Why she chose to live there for almost a year, she didn't know. But Suna knew, that now, was the time to show her face to sunlight again and show herself to the world she had been hiding from for so long.


She sat at her desk, writing invitation after invitation. How she ever got them finished was beyond her. So many new members from Tiavain had yet to meet her. Or so she assumed that there were new faces that she'd never seen before. She hoped there were at least, so she could go back to the 'family' she loved and missed so dearly.

A sigh escaped her blood red lips as she signed the last letter:

Dear Member of the Tiavain Guild,

Although you may not know me, I hope that you have heard of me before. Many people who have known me in the past have surely spoken to you about me. But in any event, if you have already met me, I wish to say, hello again!

It has been far too long since we've been reunited and hiding away in a hard mansion was definately not my idea to begin with. I cannot bare to retell the nightmares that have been haunting me this past year.

However! I have fought my demons, and I am back again. I do hope you will accept this invitation, that will be held at my new home, in Tiavain city. My home will not be as big as this haunting mansion, but it will be big enough to fit all my dear friends and newcomers!

Please do attend. My home is not hard to find, it is the last biggest house at the edge of the city, to the east. You cannot miss it!

I will send these letters once I reach my new home. I am running away from this one, and hope to never see or think of it again! I hope to see you very soon.

Lady Suna Tur'Inai

A small smile curved on her face as she neatly folded the parchment and slid it in a discolored enveloppe.

I had better hurry. Just in case my messengers are faster than I think...Tiavain awaits me.

However, there was one special enveloppe, sent to a dear friend of hers. One she had not seen in such a long time. Mirader E'vertai. The thought of him put such a smile on her face. Suna felt as if she could brighten the world with her smile.

Krystal, come here please.

The petite young servant came with a hesitant, tired smile. Yes miss?

With an encouraging smile, she proceeded.

Please tell one of the messengers that this letter is to be sent as soon as he can take off. This letter is exceptionally important. A dear friend of mine, that I need to see again. Tell him to do whatever it takes to find him again and deliver this letter. Please.

The young lady servant left with the letter, and rushed downstairs to the main corridor to deliver the letter to one of the messengers.

Let the reunion begin.

Sorceress Suna

Thu Apr 29, 2004 6:04 pm
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Walking the lonely barren desert outside of Tiavain Mirader had been walking for miles upon miles and remember along his journey's a small oasis to the north of Tiavain there he would spend his night where no one would bother him and all would be well. He walked the way to the oasis he could feel the cooler air, the temperature change was very little but compared to the blazing heat of the sun above shining down on his face he could feel that slight chill. The sun was blazing as the sweat ran down his forehead, dropping off his chin it didn't even hit the ground when it dissappeared and evaporated. The day was getting long when he reached the Oasis he took his shirt off, and sat under the few trees that grew near the water source his body sweating and tanned muscular and strong he sat down his muscles were smoothe and toned very nicely. He laid back and looked out into the desert. The sun would be going down soon so he decided he'd get his sleep now and be up early when it is cooler.

Leaning back Mirader's eyes fell slowly as he drifted off into a deep sleep in the heat of the late afternoon. His body had slid a bit lower and was laying almost completely in the cooler sand under the trees. His eyes were like bricks weighing down his eye lids the long day of heat had tired him out. The dreams were coming quickly and clearly to him as he pictured the one he had a crush on.

She stood slender and tall, a body of a goddess ruby red lips that were so tender and soft. He could remember the day he actually got to kiss her, her lips made him feel warm inside and loved. She was more then a friend she was a angel and the one he wanted to be with. She was always wearing a beautiful long dress always exotic something no one had ever seen. She was always the one that stood out in a crowd she was the talkative type that Mirader loved. Opposites attract he was the shy one but she would always drag him into talking to others, she would threaten him but all in fun. The days of being together had been long ago they always did their thing together going out to the tavern going on journeys he had always been there to help her or protect her, I guess it was his way of silently giving his love to her. She seemed to have an attraction to him as well. Not recoginizing it himself he never believed it. He could feel something but never thought it was true. She was always that angel he could depend on when he wanted to say......

Mirader woke up his heart was racing and he felt like no time had passed he was still tired and exhausted the moon was still up and the sun would be peering up over the horizon within the hour. He stood up and tucked his shirt into the bag in his hand as he stood up and walked out form behind the tree and washed his face in the water and took a quick drink.

Well that had better make it to Tiavain so when I pass by I can get a bunch of water to carry with me. I've been wandering for no reason I guess the world has just become my path to walk.

Mirader stood up as the water was still dripping from his face and his hair was soaked and hanging slightly on his forehead having very short copper hair while he walked he looked down at the sand knowing he was walking south by the patterns that the wind was blowing the sand. It was always that same direction everytime he came by.

Suddenly he felt something and looked up seeing a man walking through the desert fully dressed in all those Tiavain clothes to shelter him from blowing sand and the heat. Mirader stopped as the man must have noticed him he ran towards him at a fast pace. Mirader stood calmly seeing he had no weapons and he seemed to be of no threat to him.

Are you......

He looked at the envelope and squinted a bit and looked back at Mirader and then back to the letter and back up to him.

Mirader E..... Mirader E'Vertai?

Yes why do you need speak my name? I don't know you.

Mirader looked at the man as he handed him the letter. Mirader looked at the name then looked at the back seeing the stamp holding it closed, opening it carefully he pulled out the letter and read it slowly to himself as the messenger stood silently.

She's in Tiavain? Where what house does she live in? I have to go see her....I need to do something important.

Yes sir she does, if you follow me I will take you directly to her place of residence, you will like it it's a very beautiful place.

I dont' care if it's beautiful or not all I need to do is see her, she's the only thing that I consider beautiful the house will be a house beside her. Now take me to her now!

Mirader looked at him as the man nodded and they began their long walk across the desert travelling a few hours and they would arrive at Lady Suna's the woman he had waited to meet again for years.

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