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 Embracing the dogs.....with a leash. (EoN versus The Fides) 
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Post Embracing the dogs.....with a leash. (EoN versus The Fides)
Starting Stats:

Elementum Ab Fides 14 2,293,940 163,852
Embrace of Night 9 1,620,311 180,034

Here's to a good war even though it was a bad first strike ;p


Velvet night...

It always starts here, in the embrace of night - the sweet smell of living things in bloom, the delicate caress of the evening breeze upon the face. The gentle sigh of that same breeze as it rustles through the trees, adding only one more aspect to the flavor of the night...

The hideous snarls echoed into the evening sky, the thunderous, ungainly footfalls of beasts - a great many of them, to be certain - plodded on their own little path, heading out of the land that was beholden to the dead and none other. Their dark shapes in the pale moonlight were thin, insubstantial - as if, one moment they were there, and the next - gone. They camei n all assortments of shapes and sizes - large and humanoid, to small and many legged, with tentacles and limbs and eyes and things being in places where they shouldn't in fact be. Most of them had no right existing. None of them did, indeed, do such.

There was but one who did - a shadowy figure, draped in robes of the deepest velvet color, much as to the night. It moved along with slow, well thought steps, planting the staff in its left hand firmly into the ground with every other step. Light glittered off of fangs, barely seen 'neath the pool of shadow that collected around its face.

Rei walked along, enjoying as best she could the serenity of the night. It was a place of comfort - it reminded her, vaguely, of her home, deep underground. Aside from the shimmering stars in the sky, it was alike in most every way.

He raised her head suddenly as the roars, half heard, almost as if they passed not through the ears but straight into the mind without passing through the space between. Her eyes were illuminated by the crescent moon, two orbs of firey crimson. She slowly smiled as she recognized the roars as the cries of excitement up ahead, and was soon rewarded with the sound of pained screams, and the faint, distant sound of combat. She relished the sound, and reveled in it, quickening her pace to get closer to it, nearer.

She slowly crested the hill she had been walking upon, and grinned with morbid fascination at the scene below her.

The city was aflame, whomever it had been that owned it - the corpses littered the street, and even as she watched, she observed the slaying of several gaurds. The men of this township attempted to slay what did not exist, and found their souls drawn from them and consumed. No mortal man, no mere human being, could ever endure long against the Mahriel - at least in their present state.

"And so....the cycle of war, continuous and un-ended completes another circuit. Elementum Ab Fides - your time is coming. Lay your lives down for your beliefs, or choose to convert to the bitch godess Isonia - whichever way you choose, it is not the follower of Isonia you fight this night. I will slay you all, man woman and child..."

She sighed heavily, wincing at the pain from an injury recieved in a previous assault.

Let the Embrace of Night follow whatever they will, and fight for whatever purpose they seek. She would fight for the only god she knew, and in his name, consume the innocent and guilty alike...

Doesn't work well with others.
How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?

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[OOC] Congrats on a ballsy uphit, sorry I was online to heed your progress

Amalric woke to the smell of smoke, his room remarkably bright for this time of night. He rushed to the windows and threw open the curtains, the familiar layout of his vast empire had greatly changed. Rapidly he ordered his men to erect new temples lest he lose Foret's favour.

Hastily he grabbed some men, threw black paint on them and threw them into the streets laying in wait, watching carefully. Now the new temples were catching fire, but this time reports started pouring in: "Enemies from EoN have been burning our temples!". Amalric cursed, rapidly dispatching messengers to his neighbouring kingdoms, knowing they would not arrive in time. The burning was again under control, the city awakened from the commotion.

Amalric retreated to his study to compose detailed messages to key allies. When he returned to the window a terrible sight greeted him. Buildings lay in ruins, massive piles of rubble all across the landscape. Then in the distance he saw armies approaching. Realizing he could only withstand an assault for a short while, he hastily shrunk his borders realizing he could better defend a small area.

By the time the enemy armies managed to breach his defenses, his lands where less than a third of their previous size. The enemy looked around bewildered, not understanding his devotion to Foret... not understanding that he could best serve Foret by minimizing his enemies bounty.

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just gotta say you guys have guts, props on the uphit. Takes real guts to do somethin like that


Lance smiled from atop his horse as reports of his fellow guilds mates being burned and hit came to him,

"ahh, war again, my blade shall taste the sweet feel of victory and blood mixed together once more."

His grin grew wider as reports of the burning of his temples were brought to his attention; once the scribe finished he blinked as he was prepared for the worst. Lance smiled to the scribe and said

"send some extra gold the churches way and see that they begin to build the temples back up, and tell my second he is in command right now for it is time to strike back."

With a bow the scribe took his leave and Lance road off to his army again smiling he shouted loud enough for all to hear

"Men again we are called to fight, let us show what we are made of once again and this time no letting up, I want each one of you to come back with heathen blood upon your hands."

With that his men eurpted into a loud roar and he pulled his sword free of its scabbard as he charged sword first, along with his army following closely behind

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The news of war from Almaric came to her in her sleep. Before she ever woke, she could see Almaric scrawling the hurried messages, his city being waylaid in her Dreams. She woke with a start. Her nymph was just reaching to wake her, messages in hand.

"Mistress, the Isonians of EON are reported on the outskirts of our borders..Lord Almaric sends news they've declared war."

Maenas slipped from the bone-carved bed, taking the letters with a smile, she replied, "Thank Foret, I was having a hard enough time matching up a decent war for us. Send out the troops, order conscripts if need be, send our scribes out to call the Faithful action!"

It wasn't long before the scribes were running breathlessly between the front an' the various war tents that were set up in haste along the western borders. Once she saw to the defense of her own lands, Maenas made her way out to the western front. She could nearly smell the Isonian's sorcery in the air.

The first night past.

The second night was well underway. Standing in the main war tent, the sounds of heated battle rising like a thick fog, she stepped out surveying the horizon. Troops were milling about, finding quick food, maybe a quicker rest, before heading back out to the fray. Stepping into the wet ground, Maenas smiled a bit sinking her toes into the muddy earth. The dark soil seeped around the Elemental's feet, soaking into the leaves of her skin like smooth lotion.

She noticed a few soliders standing off to the side of the tents, around a small fire where hunks of meat turned over the flames. She stopped a runner, told him to gather five large mugs of cold ale an' follow her. The runner did as told, following his Mistress over to the solider's fire where the five men stood laughing heartily. Tired as they were, when Maenas approached, the men straightened up, showing each of them to be at least a head or more taller than she. They swallowed back their chuckles an' lowered their heads to her saying, "Goodeve Mistress," one offering her a piece of the roasted meats from the fire. Maenas shook her head with a smile, as the runner passed around the drinks she brought for them.

"Well? Share the joke now men, I'd like a laugh m'self."

The men looked one to another with apprehension, until one of them stepped towards her, clearing his throat he spoke up. "Mistress, we were simply sharing in the joke these heathen called a first strike...I mean really...we could've ...." Maenas' hand shot out cutting the man off mid-sentence with the back of her hand smacking soundly against his jaw, her other hand coming up wrapping around the back of his neck harshly pulling his face down to meet her eyes. She spoke to him quietly between clenched teeth, barely above a whisper, which, to all that knew her, was far worse than any screaming rant could be.

"These heathen fight well for themselves, even as they see the battle slipping away from them, they fight on with earnest against a now-larger foe. Respect thine enemies an' never underestimate them. If you so much as utter another word before this battle is finished I will yank yer tongue from yer mouth an' feed it to you." She shoved him away, ordering him back to the front with a single scrap of meat an' water.

His companions said nothing. Did not even dare raise their eyes to the situation before them until the other solider had gone. One that remained started to speak up, Maenas looked at him evenly an' said, "No need to say anything more. The rest of you fill yer stomachs an' take a night's rest before you report back to the borders.

With that she turned away, leaving the men to their dinner. She knew the leaders on the other side of this battle well, had many dealings with them in another time an' place. They had decided to bring war to the Faithful, an' those that Embraced the Night proved worthy opponents. She did feel as though their attack upon her own had been amiss, she knew too well some outside forces had to have played a part in that. It simply wasn't like these particular Isonians to venture into a hasty attack. She couldn't afford to wonder about those things now however. Back to work she went.

~OOC~ Well it's been said twice now, but I'll say it again, hell'uva hit up in TNW there EON, respect is certainly due on that note. Just a quickie to any ranks-watchers, yes I took a new member into Fides fresh from NPP, NO he is not involved in the war, an' yes EON leadership knows an' agreed with the circumstances of the added member.

Elementum Ab Fides
~Mistress to the Faithful~

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Thie tides of war are never a one-way affair. War can swing either way, regardless of whom had the upperhand to start with, and whom wass the underdog.

It was not so this time...the tides of war from the outset were noti n favor of the EoN commanders and priests. Numbers. Everything broke down to numbers.

The forest was teeming - at least, here it was - with the troops of Elementum Ab FIdes. Everywhere they encroached upon such land as had been tainted and conquered by the Mahriel magus - intense fighting broke out, between material things and things that had no right existing. Even though the forces that were arrayed against her...ghosts...had no means of defeating them in the physical sense, they had been quick to resort to using magical means to bind or dispell the apparitions.

Rei stood at the foot of a tree, panting from the exertion, blood dripping from her hands, running down her cheek and face, staining her robes which had become tattered and cut in combat. In front of her lay the bodies of a few of the Fides own troops - one savagely hewn into shreds of flesh and bone, the other bloated from internal bleeding, flesh scorched in places. Maghic and might - the keys to victory. She did not have much of either left.

She looked out over the fields of combat, at the advancing forces of the Fides, and spit in their direction - spit comprising primarily of her own blood. The old wound had reopened in the fighting, and allready she was finding it more and more difficult to breath, to move, and to think.

"Bastards....and I was so nieve to think that we would overwhelm those forces. Thought, I guess, is not one of my strong points."

Another fresh unit of...whatever they were crested the hill, and caught sight of her. She raised her stave with practised motions, and watched the fires of hell consumed those less immune to magic than others. She took pleasure in watching them thrash about to beat the magical flames which would not die, until they collapsed at long last, flesh and bone curling into the fetal position as their lives expired. The rest stayed back, if for only a moment.

"I haven't the time to play with you either."

She turned while they remained wary of her, and limped away, praying to be unharrassed so long as it took to get to a place of relative safety.

Again, as before, she would be forced to trek into the heart of enemy territories, alone save for a few of the Mahriel that could resist the magics of dispelling, to cause terror in their own borders. This time, she prayed, they would not catch her nearly as quick as the Demonic Reality had.

Doesn't work well with others.
How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?

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Eon RFC heathens heathens heathens. War, who is it that defiles our women, I cannot tell. What is sanity? Am I still sane I cannot tell. Do the men follow thier leader, Simon says follow the leader. Have I lost my rocker? Is my rocker rocking? Did I bump my head? Perhaps my face hurts. How was the war to play had the war played. Is this man sane? What is sanity? Do the men follow?

Perhaps I shouldn't lesten to what the voices in my head tell me to do, Is it too late?

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