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 RKOR goes BOWLing on NV with TEN times the numbers 
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It caught me by surprise; it shouldn't have, I knew it was coming. Still, it surprised me.

Me and my trusty crew were making our rounds, gathering information, leaving choas in our wake, the usual. Then came the sound.

The Dardenintes are coming! shouted one man, and he wasn't kidding.

What looked like the combined armies of at least three kingdoms came at us with the rage of the Demon himself. We were bombarded from every angle, our death seemed imminent.

Then the calvary came.

Fellow guildmates save us that day, but not without cost. No less than half of my people were dead. Still, among them were countless followers of Darden, who my people, even with their dying breath, had given the opportunity to die for their god.

What I saw next surprised me even more. The dead Dardenites were wearing the insignia of at least three different guilds!

Wonderful, I spoke out loud to no one in particular, the Faith War has begun again.

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Mon Jun 02, 2003 7:51 am
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Steel woke up to the clash of swords in his kingdom. He jumped out of bed quickly and noticed that much of his land was in enemy hands, half of his men were dead, and hundreds of buildings destroyed. He exited his castle to go figure out everything that had happened. He noted every kingdom that had done any damage to his and then thought to himself,

Revenge will be a bitch

Mon Jun 02, 2003 11:49 am
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It had all happened quite unexpectedly. The orders to prepare for war arrived only a few days before they were to set out. Delynne had been somewhat caught off guard, but she had the land and the manpower to quickly assemble a good sized army. Scouts had poured in that evening, arriving from various sources and informing her what exactly they were up against. Word came from their leader, informing everyone that this would be a tough battle to win. And indeed it appeared that way from the beginning. But despite Delynne's lack of war experience and leadership qualities, she felt they were as ready and prepared as they could be as they headed into battle on that fated night.

Only a couple days had passed when word had reached her from the kingdom. A messenger rode into their camp that evening carrying the dreaded scroll. Delynne had read it over briefly the first time around, believing it to be nothing more than an update on the status of her kingdom. They had as many troops as they could possibly assemble, and none of the Darden heathens had broken through their defenses yet. But upon a second reading, the words faith war stuck out plainly and boldly, sending a shiver down her spine.

What the hell is going on? she'd demanded of the messenger.

Just what it says, m'lady. The Dardens have declared a faith war on the followers of Isonia and Foret. T'is mighty nasty of them, if you ask me, he'd informed her.

Delynne had sent the messenger off hastily, deep in thought. She'd never been involved in a faith war before, but the idea angered and disgusted her. "Nasty" was what the messenger had called them, but nasty was too courteous a word. But she'd supposed it wasn't much of a surprise. The night the war had begun, the lands of NV had been attacked by well over twice the amount of Darden kingdoms. She thought it was as obvious a display of Darden's weakness as it could get, but it had turned out Delynne had been wrong in her earlier assessment. She'd wondered how anyone could follow a god who offered victory in the most cowardly of ways, shaking her head in disgust at the mere thought.

The first attacks had arrived that very evening, and Delynne watched in horror and sadness as her valient warriors fell to their early deaths. Orders had immediately been sent for more men. They had been broken, but they would not be destroyed. Delynne refused to let the heathens bring her down - even if she had to die in the name of Isonia. More soldiers were on their way. She would get her revenge on the cowardly Dardens no matter what it cost. This she promised herself and her troops.

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Mon Jun 02, 2003 11:50 pm
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