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Tame Ware Ronin! (Ronin vs MFR/Forge)
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Author:  Lia MoonFlower [ Mon Jun 23, 2003 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Tame Ware Ronin! (Ronin vs MFR/Forge)

Stretching lazily, Lia Moonflower looked about her at the pristine lands that housed the troops and peasants of the followers of Foret, Maxim's Finest Regulators, and the Alliance of the Forge. Smirking to herself, she climbed down from the tree in which she had been sitting in, the black leather of her shadow gear blending in with the darkened cover of the leaves.

"Lovely night fer a war, eh?" she murmured softly, to no one in particular. Pressing the onyx inlaid ring that adorned her right hand, she whispered instructions in Elvish to her shadowfey commanders, letting them know what needed to be done - they needed information, and they needed it now - regardless of whether or not they were seen.

She leaned back against the tree casually, waiting for the word that they had the information that she required. When a soft buzzing interrupted her thoughts, she pressed the ring again, and the voice of her shadowfey came through, strong and clear:
"We have what you have asked for, Lia."

The elfwoman smiled and pressed the amethyst earring that she wore in her left ear. "It's time then." she whispered, before pulling a blackened hood over her flaming red hair.

It was time to bring balance to the lands of Maxim, starting with the children of Foret.

Author:  Squee [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 12:23 am ]
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and so the orders were finally given. After several delays the armies of Ronin were ready to move. Squee stood with his own men waiting anxiously for the orders.

Finally a message arrived with orders from the Jo-nin. The target were the followers of foret. After a quick check of his men, Squee unleashed his sorcerers and the power of isonia onto the lands of foret. Everything that was visible from the skies were quickly destroyed. Just as quickly lightnings appeared, silence came. However the silence was short lived as Squee's troops marched through foret lands with relatively little resistance.

This day was Isonia's. Her followers had done what was required of them and then some. Squee could only hope that they could continue to do so in future battles.

Author:  Chains [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 3:05 am ]
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"oh how I long for the days of sitting in the war room with the Ronin, an honored observer... It's good to see them war against heathens even If I am no longer faithful."

"Dispatch, an emisary to the ronin, offer them our graditute and our best wishes, and any supplies they may require and accept from us."

"Yes mi' lord.", came a sharp reply.... "but mi lord? Are they not heathens?".

"We fight for the faith, out of necesssity of cause, our gods have long since left these lands, names not spoken in many years now."

Author:  Desert Rising [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 8:30 am ]
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Smiling I look about the battlefeild of our triumph. It had been a good day with little casualties on our side and many on the enemies. Such a pity really I think to myself as I walk forward making sure the wounded and caputured are tended to correctly. This could of all been avoided if these heathens would recognize the superiority of Isonia.
Looking one last time over the broken remains of my enemy I turn and walk away towards my horse for this day was not done yet....

Author:  Sir Darius [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 9:28 am ]
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Sir Darius sat in deep comtemplation in the war room of Rockholm, waiting for the reports from the front. Yet again, the Alliance of the Forge was called upon to do battle with the cursed surface-dwellers. Their need for blood was unceasing, and it frightened him sometimes.

The war had come upon him swiftly, as he had been overseeing the rebuilding of his temples. They had been mysteriously burned during the day while he was away from his lands, and they had only just gone back up when the enemy attacked. "Just more wasted effort, I suppose," Sir Darius muttered to himself. "The followers of Isonia are just as caught in the grip of the ancient's spell as those who follow Darden. Perhaps they should go have a drink together sometime."

It was then that a small gnome, nearly dead from the many wounds he'd suffered, entered the room, quietly hobbling over to the table and laying a sealed scroll before Sir Darius. The young male then stood, calmly and silently while Sir Darius read the news. It seemed the Ronin had also struck out against some followers of Foret, the Regulators. Quickly digging out his reports on their strength that had yet to be examiend that day, he realized the truth. Those of the Ronin had struck a mighty blow, reducing their opponents to less than the weight of one million gold. Their own weight had risen to two and a half million, and all this had happened in a single night!

Sir Darius sighed. He nodded for the boy to go to the healers's house and rest, but the boy shook he said and spoke of his duty. Then the boy left.

Duty. What was a boy's duty? To wage war, to bear the scars fo battle? No, it was a boy's duty to be free, be happy, and grow up knowing that his life is his own to dictate.

"So much war has come to those under the surface, and every time it is those who seek happiness who take the greatest losses. But to actively seek out battle is to condemn oneself to a life of war, and a life of war is a life of confinement."

He let several tears drop from his eyes, for the loss of so many weighed down on him much. Then he began to write a letter to his commanders and his allies:

My friends and allies, we are called upon once again to wage war. This time our opponents are the Ronin, followers of the woman named Isonia. They have struck deep into the Alliance and Regulator lands, and have taken much. I do not know if the battle was fair to begin, for emotions and logic can be crowded when war strikes. All I can say is their hand is mighty, seemingly mightier than an equal opponent could weild, though I'm sure they would argue otherwise. I can not vouch for their honor, for I have never known them. However, outmatched or not we must fight to protect the lives of our poeple from a bloodlust that drives them to murder the innocent. Good day, my comrades, and good luck.

He signed the letter and rang a bell. A scirbe came in from a side door, and Sir Darius asked him to make copies of the letter, one for every realm in the Alliance and one for every leader of the Regulators. When they were finished, Sir Darius delivered them to the stables to have them sent right away. He watched as several small boys, similar in age to the one he'd seen earlier, ride off quite quickly to the path to the surface world. He hoped the letters would find his allies well, for the sake of the boys who delievered the letters at the very least.

Author:  Ruune Hakko [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 10:19 am ]
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The sound of bones shattering floods the silent night. With each step, the devastating sound builds beneath his boot. The scent of blood fills the air, stale and putrid, just as it should be with Heathen Blood. He can almost taste the bitter flavor of death. Looking up, he notices a slightly red haze standing over the horizon. The sun began to rise into a new day for MFR. One that meant victory, destruction ... vengeance.

He had lost a great deal in the night. Should one desire an easy battle, they had best not look to his land, despite the shattered defenses. The people of Foret held long and hard to the war front. Though small in size, their hearts were strong. Nothing, not the greatest army on this god-forsaken island, could defeat a strong heart.

He raised his foot, bringing it down on a heathen skull. The satisfying sound drew a disturbing smile to his face.

Author:  Scovaree [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 6:17 pm ]
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(OOC-Since for obvious reasons, Ronin has chosen NOT to put up the stats, I thought i might as well:

Last update Mon Jun 23 22:20:00 2003.

Guild Members Total Netw Avg.netAvg
RONIN (Ronin) 9 2,719,591 302,176
MAXIMS FINEST REGULATORS (MFR) 8 1,922,766 240,345
ALLIANCE OF THE FORGE (Forge) 4 No Rank No Rank /OOC)

From the buttress outside of his study, Scovaree watched as a mear child struggled to find his way to main gates of his keep. The poor lad was ever so cautious as he went from bush to bush, tree to tree, and rock to rock, always casting furtive glances around and behind to make sure he was not seen. Frowning, Scov knew the boy would find no gate, no grand gaurded entrance. There was little left. Still, he had to admire the determination this child was displaying. He could only imagine the fear the boy was dealing with. He himself was indeed almost scared... Clot, go fetch that young boy and find out what he is about, would you? Please try to not frighten him any more than he already is. He must be a child of Foret, and therefore, of no threat. While I would not put it past the heathen Isonian bitch followers or even that of the lowly Dardens, to send a boy to do what they themselves fear to do, this child is on an errand of justice.See the way he moves? As scared as he is, his divine purpose can not be overshadowed!

Clot lit out after the child immediately, and it was but a short while untill he returned. The young boy had become a man this day, though he had no idea of it. Such is the innocence of youth. Still he beemed with pride in having done what was asked of him. Scovaree doubted he even was aware of the terrible danger he had just passed beyond. Your name Sir? must be tired and hungry, we have little to offer but you are welcome Scov said, doing his best to show this boy the respect he so richly deserved.

Steadfast in his dilligence, the boy could only stammer FFFFF...Filimont, S...S...S..Sire. I must deliver this missive from Sir D...Darius, of The Alliance of the Forge...I'm sorry but I have no time for pleasantries, and must return with haste bearing your reply... Scovaree could not help but admire the determination and courage emenating from one so young.

Relax child. Your mission is finished. You have far exceeded anything that was asked of you. You will not be returning to your lands for a time I fear. Were I to send you back to complete your mission, you would surely perish. I promise you, that as soon as it is safe, you will be escorted back to your home with full military honors. Your friends and family shall look upon you with great respect, and honor you as a hero. However, until such time, you will go with Clot and he will take you out of the lands of the REGULATORS and place you with friends for safe keeping. Foret needs every young person that is able to muster the courage you have shown this day, for the future. Now please give me the scribe, and I will make sure a reply is returned to Sir Darius. Rest assured, he will be truly informed of your bravery. Please, eat and rest a little, but time is short and you must leave soon. Scov glanced back over to Clot, the worry etched deep into his face. Clot had only to nod as he led the child away With that nod, Scov knew his old friend would hold this trust sacred, that NO harm would come to this child of Foret.

Scovaree moved over to his desk and sat down, tapping the scroll case lightly on the desk top, in no hurry to open it. From what the child had been through to ensure it's delivery, he knew it could not contain good news. But politics MUST be played. The heathens it seemed, would not allow it be any other way. They refused to allow the followers of Foret the ability to choose their own destiny. They were too much the fools to realize that Foret is the chosen one. They deluded themselves into believing they could deny manifest destiny, blinded by the falseness of their gods. This would be their undoing in the end, and they will pay a heavy price. Enough thought Scov he thought to himself, and broke the seal on the case.

"My friends and allies, we are called upon once again to wage war. This time our opponents are the Ronin, followers of the woman named Isonia. They have struck deep into the Alliance and Regulator lands, and have taken much. I do not know if the battle was fair to begin, for emotions and logic can be crowded when war strikes. All I can say is their hand is mighty, seemingly mightier than an equal opponent could weild, though I'm sure they would argue otherwise. I can not vouch for their honor, for I have never known them. However, outmatched or not we must fight to protect the lives of our poeple from a bloodlust that drives them to murder the innocent. Good day, my comrades, and good luck."

Scov read the scroll, and had to chastise himself. He had seen mention of the word honor and the name Isonia in the same sentance, and he had at first thought Sir Darius to be a fool to utter such nonsense. But upon re-reading the scribe, he followed everyword and understood their true meaning. When this war was over, he would have to travel to the underlands of the Forge and applogize to Sir Darius in person. Even though the man would have no way of knowing these thoughts, scov felt it was a thing he would have to do for his own peace of mind. He picked up a quill and began to write his reply, but at that time yet another wave of attacks from cowardly heathens began at what was left of his walls.

Author:  Lia MoonFlower [ Tue Jun 24, 2003 8:38 pm ]
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[OOC: "Since for obvious reasons, Ronin has chosen NOT to put up the stats" - You mean, since this is MAXIM which is a ROLE PLAY game. Stats don't mean anything in the land of RPing.]

Lia listened closely to every bit of news that came her way, along with the scouts that were coming to her with news and information from the realms of the Forge and the Regulators.

"Lia, they're sayin' the hit was unfair." One of her spys reported, his eyes troubled. "Now, y'know that I love fightin' fer ye, and I have fer years, but I cain't believe that th' Ronin would -ever- fight someone unfair. y'know?"

Lia nodded, a pensive look upon her face. "I know that, dearie, and lemme tell ya somethin'. 'Tis a fair fight. They have a member advantage before us, with 12 o' the stinkin' Ferrets fightin' fer them compared t' our nine. While it may seem like our realms were 'bigger' than theirs, I remember seein' their lands all encroachin' upon us, fingers comin' out like great silvery phantoms t' claim our souls an' our lands fer their god."

The scout paused, his face thoughtful.
"So... y'mean that you saw 'em as a threat an' y'all did what y'could?"

"A'course they're a threat. Any mangy follower o' Foret be a threat. They were climbin' and there was no doubt they were prob'ly eyein' us too. They're prob'ly mad tha' we beat 'em to it. Y'see, we Ronin got a bit o' a problem. When we try lookin' fer targets, we never seem t' find 'fair' ones, which be why we're always gettin' hit first. Last night, we found ourselves a decent lookin' target, an' an ally o' theirs. All th' Ronin were eager, an' when ya got all o' us there, ready t' rock an' roll... well, it ain't pretty, that's fer sure."

"Aye, y'all had quite th' turn out last night, didn't ye? I was impressed. Th' whole guild.

"Aye. O'Course, I was with Yoshimutsu when he got a message from th' master o' the Regulators, tryin' t' tell him that he was still fightin' with some Darden followers. Acourse, we made sure no one we were lookin' at were fightin' 'fore we hit. 'Sjust not our way, y'know?" Lia added, her green eyes twinkling. "Y'know, we got lucky last night with our hit. It was a good one, an' they're just upset 'cause they ain't destroyed m' lands yet. 'Slike a tenet of ev'ry heathen - "Kill Lia when ya go to war wit' Ronin. An' I'm still alive n' well." she giggled, wiggling her toes slightly. "An'ways, enough yappin'. Yah, we hit 'em... and it was as fair as we could make it, even throwin in s'more higher ranked heathens t' fight wit' em. We were there, an' eager, an' they can't fault us fer that. So.

On yer way! G'on. Start scoutin' ya silly thing. I need ta do m' job. G'on!" Lia shooed away the scout, and began to rifle through papers before standing up, ready to get back to work.

Author:  Armand Vlad Tepes [ Wed Jun 25, 2003 7:38 am ]
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The battle raged, the losses were extreme as were the gains and the bloodshed was abundent... Corpses littered the massive field within a huge aura of death and decay... The smell would be sickening to anyone else, but it attracted Armand... He was perched atop a nearby cliff and watched the carnage in all of it's glory... The glistening moon behind him shivered as if it had entered forbidden territory as the last of the army in this area claimed victory amidst the ground of flesh...

Armand opened his hand as the first drop of rain fell in his palm out of instinct to save it from washing the blood away, it ceased it's travel at the leather strap wrapped around his palm endulging itself with the dryness of the leather...

He looked back down on the battlefield in time to see the remaining army making stabbing rounds on the dead when a whisper came up behind him...
"My lord?"

"Yes, Korfex? You've grown awfully brave lately... And have now followed me to a battle I will not participate in... If they happen to find us, they will kill us in claim that we are their enemies, our words will not matter" Armand hissed while keeping his eyes fixated on the human behavior at work down below...

"That is true, my lord. But this is urgent. A letter, with no sender. Just this odd symbol that I think-" Armand reached behind his back and snatched the letter from Korfex's hand... Taking one more glance at the battlefield as the rain began to pour alittle harder, he opened it with one hand underneath his body and began to read...

He didn't have to read it... Just notice the marking at the end... His past, so far away, came back in flashes... He smirked
"When was this sent?"

"Yesterday evening, I've been searching for you since then. Luckily our hand maiden overheard your trek to this forsaken place" Korfex replied with a shiver as he gazed down below as the corpses of the deceased were set on fire, the fire started surprisingly well despite the heavy rain that was beginning to put the entire area in a dream-like mist...

"How interesting... All I wanted to see here is over, let us depart... I have some planning to do" Armand rose in front of the moon detailing a distinct sillouette amidst the only light out this night...

Author:  Sir Darius [ Wed Jun 25, 2003 9:29 am ]
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The Isonians came again and again, different armies from different lands all hitting different sides at different times. It was hard to keep up with, and Sir Darius wondered how they kept coming with so little to fight or take. Still, he guessed that was the way of the surface-dwellers's wars.

He ordered his men to retreat into the earth yet again, holding the gap to the underground tunnels at all costs. And they did, most of the time. On a few occasions, the raiders entered the city of Rockholm and slew many civilians who had never even seen the light of the sun. It was a desperate time, and many died who did not have to.

Sir Darius also wondered whether his runners had reached their destinations, praying more for their safety than the safe deliverance of their letters. His allies could help the situation, but there was not much left to salvage after the savagery of the Ronin.

Author:  Agramon [ Thu Jun 26, 2003 1:14 pm ]
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Agramon was out checking on the land that his armies had taken from the heathens in the initial strike when he was interrupted by one of the Raksasa generals...

My Lord, I have an urgent message from the Aswang scouts.There are several armies descending on the realm as we speak!The peasants have been slaughtered and they have destroyed our homes and claimed our land as their own!

The man was clearly shocked by what had happened.

Agramon grabbed the man by his collar and lifted him off the ground until he was eye to eye.

Listen to me!You will go now and bring any troops that you find to me...The heathens may thank that they can take the land as their own, but they have no idea what they are up against.

As hee strode back through the camp to his horse, he passed a group of heathen prisoners he intended to question later.One of them glanced at him, and Agramon drew his sword and sliced off the man's head with one fluid motion.

Blood sprayed a crimson rain as he wiped the blade on the cloak that the man had been wearing...

Oh yes, they will pay dearly..

Author:  Desert Rising [ Thu Jun 26, 2003 2:55 pm ]
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Looking around at the sudden onslaught of the enemy I shake my head in anger. 'How dare they deign to attack my lands in force!' I think to myself in furry, but alas I know who is truly responsible for the sudden counter attack. I had been over confident in my belief in my superior forces and had not thought to leave reserves in the case of a counter attack. Now that mistake had cost me dearly.

Taking out a roll of parchment I write orders to my generals to fall back to defensive postitions and prepare for a counter push to get the heatens off our lands. This day may be the enemies for now but soon they would again taste the bitter antidote of defeat...

Author:  Rip [ Fri Jun 27, 2003 12:19 pm ]
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The guard woke up slowly and stretched his arms still holding the half full bottle of wine he held the night before.
Swirling the bottle to see it still contained its sweet juices,
he greedily drank the warm liquid that was calling his name..

Looking around, struggling to get his eyes to focus, he noticed the town had once again been destroyed.

It seems as if it was only yesterday that the overwhelming numbers of TEN had laid waste to the Regulators, after a long hard fought battle had seen both TEN and RFC below their ranks, the Guild Council finally agreed upon a cease fire with the Dardens..

The guard had finally had a chance to relax as the war with RFC/TEN had taken its toll on the realm, and finally a cease fire with the Dardens and the next day the Isonias had decided to attack MFR knowing the Regulators were rebuilding from their war that was still active in the Declarations..

The guard finished his bottle and looked around once again in disgust and closed his eyes muttering under his breath the whole time as he slipped back into unconsciousness.

If they wanted his 5000 acres that bad, let them come and get it..


Author:  Sir Quodomass [ Fri Jun 27, 2003 12:54 pm ]
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Returning to his realm after engaging the Isonia's in battle, Quodomass returns to a realm that had felt the same fate as he enjoyed..

Battered and broken but still standing there screaming "phuck the heathens of this World"..

Entering the destroyed gates of his realm he spies one of the realm's guard sleeping on the wall, he knew he was sleeping because he heard the drunking fool's snoring from a hundred paces..

Kicking the guard awake, Quodomass growls, " Soldier, gather your arms and stand up. If we were not at war at the presence moment, I would have you thrown in the dungeon..We will give nothing to the Isonia heathens, nothing is free in this World..Now round up any peasants able to carry a sword or pike and protect the walls..Foret will not allow the Isonia heathens to gain from this ill timed war on MFR.."

The guard staggered up and hurried to do as ordered and did not dare speak a word to the Lord Quodomass.

Watching the guard hurry away, Quodomass yelled at nobody in general,
" Damn Dumb Asses, I will never lay down to any heathen that invades my lands..I will study my enemies and find out who has done the most damage to my realm, and they will feel my wrath, in this Life or Next, Foret's Will will be done, This I promise..My resolve is strong, I do not live my Life in search of glory or rank.."

Quodomass took a second to gather his rage and not let the hatred control his thoughts..His mind would have to be sharp to figure out ways to hurt the Isonias attacking his realm, at the moment they were a lot stronger, thanks to their act of finding a rebuilding guild still at war to declare on, but a lot can change in a blink of an eye in Maxim..


Author:  Dainichi [ Fri Jun 27, 2003 10:38 pm ]
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I heard the uttering and complaining of the heathen captives as I passed by the dungeon. Just out of war ... Unfair advantage ... I could not help but wonder just how foolish they thought we were not to verify these things! The Isonians had given the heathens an advantage of twelve to nine and were very close in land and assets. Ronin it's self had only been out of war for several days yet knew in these perilous times that strong alert and war were necessary to survive.

Surly they knew we were coming, how could they not have noticed their every realm scouted with two heathen realms having spotted the Ronin scouts. Yet storms were raging that night and the weather was not fit for beast, let alone man and war and Isonia stood down to the forces of nature. I even pondered that the alarms set would set forth a first strike but knew surly it would cause the Forets to increase their forces ... yet by the time the sands of the hour glass could no longer be counted and another day had ended, the time for war came again and the Isonians drew first blood.

The battle raged on with causalities on each side. I discounted nothing or no one and closely watched all that was going on the battlefield day and night.

Author:  Yoshimutsu Watanabe [ Fri Jun 27, 2003 11:29 pm ]
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Sohei had sent word of the war as it occurred, detailing the events of the day. The Ronin had won the day on the first assault, taking down everything that stood in their way. He recalled listening to the queries of some of the junior advisers on the 'fairness' of the war. He'd dismissed them, saying it was war, and fair because he deemed it so.

Surely if it had not been fair then the imbalance would have been redressed by the Ronin's old foe, or one of the guilds of Foret?

It mattered not - War was war, and war had been brought to Ronin in all guises before; it was time for Ronin to bring war to others. Poring over the reports as the war went on, Yoshimutsu noted amongst them a simple dark vellum scroll wedged amongst them, as opposed to the paper notes that the Ronin scribes preferred.

Yoshimutsu drew the vellum from the pile and laid it flat, his eyes widening at the spidery viridian script that flowed across the scroll like green fire.

Watanabe, I trust this finds you well? A shame. I should perhaps assist the Regulators...or not. You'll see. But the pressing matter I wished to inform you about, your woman, Takara? When the Silver Lotus took her from you that day?

She was with child.

Enjoying your war still, Watanabe? I know I am.


Yoshimutsu's hands balled into fists as read the note before bringing them together hard upon the desk, making papers bounce with the impact. Abruptly getting to his feet he buckled his swordbelts to his waist and stormed out of the keep to the stables. In moments the stablehands had his horse saddled and ready, the expressionless Yoshimutsu mounting and riding out of his holdings at a gallop, the shoji to his room still ajar in his haste and fury.

Sohei would have another pair of blades by his side shortly.
And all who bore the accursed name of Foret upon their lips would feel them if they stood in his way.

Author:  -Lare- [ Sat Jun 28, 2003 3:40 pm ]
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((usually stats are posted in the first post of a war thread. no need to get hostile))

Her kingdom in ruins, she walked around kicked the refuse around her feet . She was troubled. A kingdom hadn't fallen by force for her in quite some time. Many thoughts and questions swelled within her mind, some easily forgettable, but not willingly at this point. She was full of strife and growled under her breath. True she was the only one of their kingdoms that had fallen as of yet, and she wished to keep it that way, but one is more than none. She felt like she had somewhat failed...

* * *

As time passed slowly, she rebuilt her kingdom along with her thoughts. She was up and almost ready to step upon the battlefield once again. Her will was ready now all that needed to be done was recieve orders and complete her building. She was ready to take down these heathens that took away her land. Everything was going along quickly by this point and she stood in line with her fellow Regulators.

The time has come to take back what is mine. She just feared that they would soon declare peace, and if that were the case then she would have to find vengence somewhere else, maybe the new court jester.

Author:  Scovaree [ Sat Jun 28, 2003 6:58 pm ]
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Lare had come to Scovaree, head hung low in shame. She was troubled by her self perception of inadequecy. But she was oh so wrong! Oh so VERY wrong! Scovaree did his best to console her. He knew that deep down inside she was a fighter through and through and a fine leader for the people in her Queendom.Even if she preffered the title Princess over Queen, she was a queen. Lare...princess of MFR...This is not your fault. Your lands fell with much more dignity than they were afforded at the outset of this campaign. There has been little that any of us has been able to do since the initial onslaught. Save for killing Ronin realm after Ronin realm. You have had your share in that. You have nothing to be ashamed of gorgeous!

He knew she might be uncomfortable with it, but still he felt compelled to embrace her, to hug her as a father would, hoping to bring her some comfort. He let go the embrace and backed off just a bit, grasping both shoulders firmly,yet gently, and said Raise your eyes to mine ,girl...look right here...You have done your best. That is all that has ever been asked of you, and you have given so much more. You live!! Many of your people still live! They are still loyal to you, as you are to you are to the REGULATORS. As the REGULATORS are and always will be loyal to you. We have gotten some crappy rolls on the die lately, but we still LIVE! We shall overcome this, we always do. One day, it will again be our turn. I only wish I could tell you when that will be...

Author:  Norgarth [ Sat Jun 28, 2003 10:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

This had been a frustrating war for Norgarth. He had been in the vanguard of the initial strike, his numerous shadow-walkers scouting and burning across the enemy lands. Unfortunately some of the ferrets had managed to survive long enough to identify his forces. The result was that his realm, optimized for scumwar, was crushed in the counter attack.

He had rebuilt, once again burning and scouting in support of his allies, but again his forces had been spotted. Again his defences crumbled before the vengeful Forets.

Again he built, happily discovering that the realms of MFR and Forge no longer maintained enough shadow warriors to catch him. Unfortunately, the Forets, much like the other two faiths, had a information network in place, allowing the Ronin's foes to take advantage of the efforts of better equiped scumlords. And Norgarth was once more driven back to take refuge in the walls of Crossing.

So yet again Norgarth built, sending out his agents to find the enemies and locate the holes in their defences for the militaristic members of the ronin. Now he sould but wait, and hope.

Author:  Squee [ Sun Jun 29, 2003 12:32 am ]
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No matter how much destruction the Ronin caused, there seemed to be innumerable pockets of resistance. This would not be a problem except parts of Ronin were vulnerable. However this was the way of war and Squee and his armies had no intention of slowing down. They were gaining daily, making sure that the enemy couldn't mount a large counterattack.

Squee could only wonder how long this would continue. Although the enemy was still fighting, Ronin was still getting stronger daily. It puzzled Squee what the enemy was trying to gain. Nevertheless they would be beaten into submission, it just depended on how much of a beating the enemy wished to recieve.

Author:  Lia MoonFlower [ Mon Jun 30, 2003 2:50 am ]
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((OOC: Any hostility in this thread was begun by your GM. We don't post stats - it's a hearkening back to the old days of Mo'Pri when there were no stats to post. It's how we've always done things.))

Bleary eyed, Lia cautiously opened her eyes to the sun that was streaming in the window of her room. Groaning softly, she made a move to bury her head under the thick blankets covering the elfwoman's inert form when a voice disturbed her from her burrowing.

"Lia, you can't sleep the day away, no matter how hard you might try." the chiding voice of the Sorceress Xyen came, a smile playing about the merwoman's face. Lia shook her head at Xyen's intrusion, the room beginning to spin about.

"Bloody hell... I thikn I'm about to be..." Lia never had a chance to finish her sentence, because right then she leaned over the edge of the bed and was noisily sick into the bin that had been placed there the previous day.

"Tsk... too much to drink last night?" Xyen asked, her voice louder than normal. Lia groaned and shook her head.

"I dun drink durin' a war." She said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Kin you get this away from me? Please?" She crawled back on the bed, her face pale and breathing laboured.

"Most certainly." Xyen concentrated for a moment, the basin disappearing from view. "Will you be needing it again?"

Lia shook her head. "Nah. It seems like once a mornin' when I get up, I gotta get sick. I dun understand it. Is there a virus or somethin' going around?" She questioned, her eyes closed. "An' I wish the room would fuckin' stop SPINNING!"

Xyen frowned, and gently, she moved over on the side of the bed. Placing a hand on Lia's forehead, she felt for the signs of a temperature.
"Hrm... your temperature seems all right." Xyen commented, running a hand down to Lia's chest. Carefully, she sunk her awareness into the Elfwoman's body, looking for any sign of sickness in the lungs. "Nothing with the lungs..." Once more her hand travelled the elf's body, stopping above her abdomen. "Hrm... no, I don't see any illness that's making you sick..." she commented, frowning. "But there does seem to be something different. Hang on."

Closing her eyes again, Xyen fully submerged her consciousness deep within Lia's body, looking for the intrusion on the elf's health. A frown appeared on her face as she concentrated, and then abruptly, her eyes flew open. Xyen began to laugh softly, just shaking her head.

"What? Whaddya laughin' at?" Lia demanded, sitting up carefully.

"Nothing, dearie. You'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, I suggest you have two crackers in the morning before you try to move much. It'll help your sickness." Xyen snapped her fingers, and tin of crackers appeared on the bedside table. Lia frowned at Xyen, her eyes narrowed.

"Y'gonna tell me what this be about?" She asked.

"You'll find out. You're not sick, and you're not dying, I'll give you that. Now, you might want to consider getting up and getting dressed. Don't you have work to do today?" xyen smiled again and left the room, soft laughter issuing from her retreating form.

"Blasted Merwoman. She's done lost it." Lia muttered, gingerly climbing out of the bed. Placing a hand on her forehead, Lia groaned softly, wondering if she would ever feel normal again. Between the sickness that had plagued her in the mornings recently, and the rest of everything else, she felt tired all the time.

"I just want to fuckin' sleep." She whined, slipping into her kimono and grumbling.

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