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 House Nim'Ostas - Rebuilding (Invite) 
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Post House Nim'Ostas - Rebuilding (Invite)
{OOC: Will be Open soon, but feel free to PM to join before then}

At last time had permitted me to call upon the District of House Nim'Ostas. Sharing a carriage with two of my Clergy, we were escorted by a score of my elite guard on light horse. I was anxious to survey the damage done to the once strong District, besieged by friend and foe alike. The Clergy riding in my carriage continued with their report on the District,

With the Lady Judiama in battle outside of the City gates and Lord Aranor deserting, the District of Nim'ostas was all but defenseless, my Lady. It appears Lord Milabar himself destroyed the House standing in the District before the enemy even breached the walls, so great was his rage. Your daughter heard all of this early and left for the District with much haste, no doubt thinking of Lord Cameron. The force you sent soon afterwards secured the Lady Alice and did its best to defend the walls but they were too few. There best hope lay in defending the Temple where they drove many of the people to safety. But still the casualties were high. Less than a score remain and they are now attempting to bring order to the District until such time as we arrive.

Only a fool could not see the opportunity that was presented to me. A chance to strengthen the word of Isonia, uniting the Temples and spread the faith. The Temple in Nim'Ostas was a pale sister in comparison to the grandeur of the Bainev Temple, but yet it was appealing to some for its simplicity and charity. The faces of Isonia must be many for this is what the People need if they are to find their own Isonia. She must be both a public Deity for those who delight in being part of group spectacles and ritual, and yet She must also touch the heart and be a personal Goddess, a Divine inspiration to hold in the dark. House Nim'Ostas once known as Wingrider held a long-standing devotion to the Goddess, more so than any other House in the City. It had held onto its faith and despite the heresy of the other Houses, the Citizens of Nim'Ostas practiced quietly and with tolerance. Would now be the time for Isonians to raise their voices? The Lady Judiama was strong and pious, she would be a welcome ally.

There was another issue that needed to be considered. A small thing perhaps but I did wonder if it would be more difficult to achieve than the reorganisation of an entire District. For my daughter and heiress, the Lady Alice was betrothed to Cameron. No longer a Lord, no longer of any standing whatsoever within these City walls and most likely outside. It was unfortunate timing that led me to accept their proposal of marriage too early. So convenient originally, a marriage of love and also good politics. But now, useless. If I was to forbid the union now, it would break her heart and challenge our relationship. I may need to find another way to part them...

The carriage stopped outside of the Temple in Nim'Ostas. As soon as I stepped out, I saw what was left of my exhausted forces, haggard and weary. Nevertheless they stood up straightly, jaws stiffened and eyes respectfully lowered as I inspected them. I made sure to change before the visit into the violet and gray of a ceremonial gown. It was important for the People to know that a Matriarch of Isonia was here in their hours of need. A quick glance around was all I needed to confirm for myself that the District was a mess. Lady Judiama would be in shock at this turn of events that had destroyed her District, if she did not know already. Most of the spent guards were dismissed back to the Bainev District with my elite to take over while more forces were sent for. While being escorted to the private Temple chambers with the two of my Clergy, I sent off instructions to a guard,

Find out where Lady Judiama is, and respectfully request an audience with her at her earliest convenience.

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