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 Angels Fly Into the Quiet Chaos (INCA vs NV) 
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Zomb were away in an errand in the far west. He had only a small bunch of soldiers with him. They had put up a camp for the night on the top of a small hill. He had just walked into his tent as a messenger came in.

And who may you be sir?

I bear a message to you, from ryloc. Shall I read it?

No no, that won't be needed. I learned how to read some years ago now. Just hand me the scroll thank you.

He browsed the paper quickly and ryloc wrote about a war with INCA. INCA were pretty strong at this time but they had a pretty good chance to beat him. Anyways he were more needed at home than here in this warm and discusting desert landscape.

Tam, we are riding back home in early morning tomorrow. Get some men to get up a bit earlier and prepare the horses so we can get away from this damn desert in good time. After that you can resign.

He sat down at his desk to write a reply to Ryloc that he were on his way back. Tho he were pretty far away and didn't really now how long it could take for him to get home. Those lands were pretty unpredictable...

Sat Jun 28, 2003 7:11 pm

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I heard the armies fighting throughout the night, both my allies calling for aid and the defense of the realm. Steadily losing ground and war beasts, with almost nothing left to lose I call for my head engineer, my head priest, and my General at Armes. Dismissing my intial thoughts of making a poor joke when I see my three mourning advisors gathered together, these sometimes bitter enemies, always wanting more for their devotions within the realm. I speak first with my engineer: "I need you to construct more temples, don't worry about where to put them just yet, we'll have a place picked out for you when the time comes."
Turning to my priest for his directions: "Your first task is to promote all your acolytes, and have them begin instructing the populace in the proper Nyamafu Vurumai way of venerating Isonia and requesting her aid in our struggles. It is a most vital that you select only those whose true beliefs lie with beautiful Isonia, those who would die for her honor."
To the general, "I know you may feel at a loss for the moment, but the tides of war carry us in our lifelike vessels up and down. As gamblers are wont to say 'You win some, and you lose some.' Do the best with what you have, fight for what you believe and you shall never regret that you have done so. Isonia has called many of our brethren home, but we are left here, and much work remains. All I ask of you is that you and all the forces you can rally defend these temples and all the folk who come to pray there to the best of your ability. Fail not, for Isonia is our hope, her beauty is our beacon, and her honor is our strength. See to it my old friend, and take care, if the opportunity arises stop by the temple, and please allow any of your fighting force a chance to come and be blessed. I will be in the monastary preparing myself."

Sat Jun 28, 2003 8:51 pm
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Phadraig had fought hard to stay atop in the constant stream of battle and it appeared to be slowly paying off. With help from his, he had come far too close to losing all his lands to the hordes of NV. As it was many of his own men lay dead and thousands upon thousands of acres charred. His people had suffered deeply but remained steadfast through it all. It was time he repaid their unwavering faith..........

Ceart laidir abu
Sart, peace eternally

Sat Jun 28, 2003 10:23 pm
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“The war has begun…. This war wasn’t an ordinary war, it was between NV and all the Darden guilds… Slim was prepared for this war…. He has waited long to kick some heathen’s ass…” Slim thought to himself while he sat on the edge on a cliff, looking at the rising sun, he waited for instructions of the war from Ry… The birds begun to sing while the full sun had risen from behind the mountain… He saw one of the messengers coming this war from where he was sitting, he knew what this means… He got up and ran back to his keep and told all his people: “The time has come!!! Get ready for war, we are going to kick some heathen’s ass today!”



Sat Jul 12, 2003 4:08 am
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