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 In Search of A Ghost (Closed RP) 
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Post In Search of A Ghost (Closed RP)
She sat at his feet, her back to him, the silence stretching between them becoming uncomfortable. Listening, she heard the horses in the stable. Whickering as a door opened, spilling latern light briefly across the courtyard; its soft glow reaching over his window ledge, ushering in the breeze that stirred her white streaked hair.

She was aware of him looming over her, but she made no motion, no comment, comfortable in his presence even now as she was in few others'. Finally he moved, his hand touching her shoulder, but she remained unaffected, the moon beyond his window holding her gaze.

"Can you say nothing?" his voice was almost pleading, wanting something of her.

She moved then, turning her gaze on him, drawing away from his touch. "What do you want me to say? 'I will support you in your decision, do what you have to?' ...when all I want to say is I hate you!" her voice was a passionate growl, stinging him with her brutality.

"Yes. I suppose I wished that is what you would say. But I wish you meant it."

She unfolded herself with her uncanny grace, moving to the window then, leaning into the wind's caress as she fought the pain of broken dreams. "Twenty years of lies. Remember what you told me?"

He watched her, the slim graceful Falcon limned in moonlight, and the image of her there was right as he weighed the words she spoke. Thinking back, he remembered the lies. Lies she now condemned him for. But, to the Leviathan, they had once been truth. "It was to myself I lied," he said flatly, reaching out to her though she was far out of reach.

Those piercing blue eyes turned on him and he felt trapped within the ice of that gaze. Her expression softened, only a bit, but it was enough to give him courage. "I know what I said, Falcon...," the name fell cold, wrong, upon his tongue, and cautiously he changed it, "Dai...Dai, I meant what I said. The Hunt is all that I am, my blood, my truth. But I am no longer what it needs, the Storm needs a voice of greater strength than mine. It needs you."

She denied it, a shake of her head, fists clenched at her side. But as he said it, she knew, remembering his concerns, though he'd never spoken the full truth she suspected. He had told her his doubts, his inability to know which were his thoughts and which the former Warders were whispering to him. Rages and indecisions she'd witnessed, irrationality, the way he had clung to her in those dark nights like a child to its mother, as he mourned and struggled between the Leviathan and Jenner. But still, he had sworn to her loyalty beyond death to the Hunt. For herself, for the others. Was loyalty beyond sanity any different, she wondered to herself.

"Jenner..." her voice bereft of grace and music, "I am not a leader. I am a thief..." Her voice broke on the words he'd said to her 20 years before, "...a loyal thief." She took a step towards him, and he touched her, feeling her body tremble. Her hand raised to touch his face before falling away. "I am no leader, Jenner. Don't make me. I will fail..."

Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:48 pm
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She awoke from a dream, her first realization that she was alone. Her mind was still. No ghosts haunted her thoughts, no whispers which came from no where. It was comforting.

And at the same time, crushing. The Hunt had been her life since the age of fifteen. What was she now? On her own....alone.... She had no role in life. She had no belief.

Isonia? It was a word to her...a ghost she had followed because it was the will of the hunt. Because it most suited the wild ones that the Hunt hosted. But had she believed? No. And now it remained that she must decide what it was that she DID believe. Would she ride now for Isonia? For Foret? For Darden? To which would she pledge her allegiance. Which deserved the martyrs blood that the ghosts of the Hunt had bequethed upon her. She would never again be her own woman. Always would she work for a cause...simply because now.....she did not know who she was and needed a cause to define her.

Sat Jul 12, 2003 8:38 pm
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