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 Wanderings of a lost soul (Open) 
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How many times had he done it? Gods here were nothing to him, he had changed his alliegiance so many times, he hardly even knew if he believed in them at all. The mighty magic spells that he watched were the only assurance that he had. Had they ever spoken to him? Nor had he even heard of such an occurance, the gods, what a funny notion indeed.
The night was black, like all of them, no light, just Ravan and his thoughts, and many he had. Time was almost all he had, it was all that truly mattered, not wars, not friends, not even families. How could you know what you stand for if you are not sure of yourself? Many roads lay behind him, many near deaths, many corpses, as it was with everyone in these lands, no peace, just war to amuse the gods. Fighting to be the most powerful in hopes that your god's eye would notice you. How very unlikly that was indeed. It almost made him want to laugh. Almost.
Thinking back to the past, they brought many good memories, from Ordo Draconis with the valiant Seska Dragonslayer, truly a worthy leader. To the almost forgotten past, where gods had different names, one shined through the mist, Barnabas, and as always when he thought of Barnabas, there were the Knight of the Flame. Truly a magnificent time, Sephrenia Wingrider, she had taught him much more than he could ever have thanked her for.
Sighing to himself, these times were gone, Sanctum Officium was now gone as well, OAFS was newly departed, what else now? How long would it be until the smiling faces of memory be raplaced by new faces, how many people would leave these lands in search of better places, peace, smiling faces of the long gone. Smirking to himself, he could not help to think of the great halls of Valhalla, where the souls of the dead heroes would go to rest, what a grand idea, if such things were possible, Ravan was sure he would have allowed himself to die in battle long ago, simply so that he would never forget the past, and always see smiling faces of friends, allies, even the brave enemies that he had fought against. They all deserved a long rest, a peaceful one, without worries of famalies, the people they ruled over, anything like that.
Thinking to himself as he walked across the deslolate lands, Ravan wondered what the future would bring, more wars no doubt it, many deaths, why even bother? But then again, that was the way of the world, it could not be changed by one man, no matter what tales you hear sung about in the taverns, one man was simply one man, no matter how much he tried, one man could never make a big enough impact to change a nation. Sitting in the cool grass, Ravan closed his eyes and enjoyed the sound of wind rushing through the long blades, the smell of nature in its finest. Looking to the sky, Ravan wondered where the constilations of the great Agelique, Barnabas, and Leto had gone to, even the minor Oleana, she was the youngest if his memory served correctly. Taking a deep breath, Ravan decided that these were enough troublesome thoughts for the night, many more would haunt him later he was sure.

Forgotten in the sands of time, a stranger in the mirror.
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