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 The Talisman Tavern (Tiavain\Open) 
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Post The Talisman Tavern (Tiavain\Open)
Deep within the City of Tiavain you'll find the Talisman Tavern a very friendly, and sometimes very busy and druken place in the city. When appraoching the Tavern you cross a small creek of water with a stone bridge to cross to the tavern. (Rails on the bridge for those very drunk people) When approaching you'll see a log tavern, with a few barrells on each side of the door. When entering you look around seeing tons of space, lots of tables and a bar to the left. and to the right you have all the tables with 6 chairs at each. In the back is a party table, that seats about 30 people to one long table. Everything is log built. Upstairs is a house for the bartender. The bathrooms are to the back of the tavern to the right. On the walls hang scribes, scrolls, and very old paintings. The scrolls are rememberance of all the great wars won by Tiavain and allies. The scribes are from retired or deceased members of Tiavain which have been dedicated and a big part of the city. But the most spectacular part of this bar is the Talisman in a Oak Case above the bar which is pure gold and was given to the tavern in rememberance of the founders of this great city.

This is aNo WeaponsTavern Please. This is to be aFriendlyTaverm.


Mirader walked along the streets coming from his mansion looking for something to do besides get in a fight. He remembered the taver downtown that attracted alot of people during the nights.Well I guess their's nothing else to do I should do that at least. Walking along the streets seeing people going in and out of the tavern Mirader walked across the bridge and opened the door seeing a hoard of townsmen inside.Wow Elrick lots of customers tonight I see. So how have you been? good business bartending? Elrick laughed and repliedHow could it not be good business with drinkers like you and Suna coming in here all the time? Mirader smirked Hey, keep it down. Don't wanna let everyone know we like our alchohol at times. Besides gotta keep you living to right. Elrick laughed and got Mirader his noraml ale. Mirader looked around seeing people sitting around in almost every place possible besides the bar. Sitting down Mirader looked at the scrolls along the wall reading a few of the wars that made Tiavain the great city it was, then the Talisman caught his eye like the first time he ever walked in here.

Elrick? How old is that Talisman? Elrick spun from pouring a ale for another man and looked over at Mirader.I dunno really, I don't think anyone really knows the exact age. But it is older then this tavern which this tavern was built not very long after the foundation of the city. Astavia Dovanucci should know if you ever see her around.Mirader nodded never have asked that question, he spun on the stool and watched two drunks armwrestling in the corner, laughing Mirader got up and sat beside them.You guys want a real challenge? They looked at him and smirkedYa I'll show you how to arm wrestle. Mirader took of his cloak and put the ale on the table, gripping the man's hand and elbow and looked the man in the eyes.Your gonna lose, I'm the champion. He laughed in drunkeness while Mirader just smirked when his friend spoke up.GO!Mirader took the mans wrist and slammed it into the table beating the man with no challenge.You cheated! Let's try again.Mirader looked at the man and shook his head in misbeleif. Again his friend said go, and bang his wrist hit the table hard again. Soon their was a crowd watching as Mirader laughed at the man making up excuse's.It's funny when your drunk you think you can beat anyone, let's try let's see, the "champ" and you two over there. All at once let's see what you guys have. The men all gathered laughing thinking they had it made.Oh you are going down whoever you are. What is your name?Mirader E'Vertai, and your gonna remember it after I beat you all.Smirking another man said go and Mirader relaxed letting the men look like their strong letting them beat him a bit, he then laughed and took his wrist and rolled it over the 3 men's and slammed their fists down.Your a freak!No, actually I'm just stronger then you, and I am a Vampire so good luck beating me in an arm wrestle. Mirader stood up and drank his Ale down as he began walking back to the bar as he looked at Elrick laughing his head off behind the bar.

You want another drink?Sure, why not might be able to give them a chance at beating me after a few more.

Mirader looked around as the men all gathered and began looking, pointing and talking quietly as Mirader could hear their words saying how strong he really was. Mirader ignored them and took another drink of his ale as the tavern started to return to normal, Elrick stood behind the bar serving people left right and center as the drinkin started to pick up.

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