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 Twixt Fitzes 
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Oh certainly, we'll leave you in peace. Peace is a very good thing, all peaceful and so on. Though I think it'd get rather boring after a while, but that's the same with all things isn't it? Too much of a good thing isn't good at all, as they say. It's like too many sweets aren't good for you, one or two on their own though...well that's find. But if you have too many then you'll soon find your teeth growing black and falling out. And then you're stuck eating soup for the rest of your life. Not that that's any bad thing, I mean I like soup, it's very nice, especially when it's a cold night out. Nothing nicer then than a hot bowl of vegetable soup with a big slice of bread to dip.

Aurelia paused and seemed to suddenly remember where she was and what she was supposed to be doing. She waggled her right index finger disapproving at the man whose life Fitz and herself had just interrupted. Now don't you be doing that, getting me all distracted and talking about soup when we were actually talking about something else altogether. Not that she could actually remember what she had been talking out. She was willing to wager that it had probably been about wheat or something, after all why else would she be talking to him about soup and crusty bread?

Sometimes it really was amazing what subjects Aurelia could get to from a completely different starting point. She seemed to have an uncanny ability to link up completely unrelated topics in her mind. To her it seemed logical, to everyone else it probably seemed rather confusing.

The tiny elf sat herself down on the ground while she waited for Fitz to sort himself out some clothes. She hadn't followed him indoors because...well he was going to get changed and she was a polite young elf. A good young female elf didn't go around watching men change, it just wasn't done. Aurelia wasn't entirely sure why but it had been a lesson that her ma had been very sure to knock into her offspring's head at an early stage of her life. The general logic behind the move had been to try and limit the number of paces that Aurelia caused trouble in. Strangely enough it hadworked, Aurelia always tried to ensure that she lived by the various odds and ends of useful information that her Ma had told her when she had been growing up.

As she sat waiting for Fitz the dog that she had hit on the nose earlier slunk towards her. It kept its belly close to the ground and made soft begging noises in the back of its throat. The dog at least had decided that it was probably easier just to appeal to Aurelia's softer side, or at least to that side of her that wasn't holding a saucepan. Oh there's a good doggie, she said, patting it with her free hand. I'm sure that I must have a treat around here for such a good doggie. She reached into her pockets, searching around for a while before pulling out a fairly large fluff-covered piece of toffee. The tiny elf threw it towards the dog as Fitz called her for an opinion. The beast gobbled it down, apparently not even pausing to give thought to the state of the sweet.

Well mr. Fitz you look...very interesting. And I've always said that interesting is a good thing, much better than being boring that's for certain. Though I must say I'm not entirely sure what people will think of you carrying that knife, it looks rather dangerous.

Nothing is fool-proof, fools are very resourceful
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