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 The fall of Silverwolfe (open) 
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As Silverwolfe lay there he was pulled from the dreamless sleep that Manhael had bestowed apon him by a song. As his mind regained control of his body, he unravelled the magic that kept him asleep and cracked open his eyes. It was Helania singing, and Silverwolfe let a small smile come to his face. He would wait until the song was over until he spoke.

Once the song was over, Silverwolfe grinned.

"That was a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful voice, owned by a beautiful woman. You should sing more often. I had to hear the song that roused me from my magic induced slumber."

Silverwolfe grinned at Manhael.

"While I appreciate your concern for my health, Please try not to force me to sleep in the future. What if someone were to attack, I would not be able to help."

Saying that he attempted to sit up, but was hit with a rush of dizzyness and lay back down.

"Heh. I guess I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway."

Looking around, he spotted Car`vel a good distance away from camp, wrapped up in a couple blankets.

"Please try to be kind to Car`vel. Although he was the leader during battles, he is young and foolish. He was most likely convinced by the others to turn against me. His parents were good friends of mine. They were killed in a rockslide. Thats when I took him in and started teaching him the sword. Now, he is a better swordsman then me. That is why I believe we will need him not depressed. Once we get to the Red Forest, we will need his skills to combat some of the creatures living there."

Looking around Silverwolfe let out a low chuckle. "Oh, I see we are already here."

Looking at the stars in the sky, then at the moon he got a bearing for time.

"We really should get some more rest you know. There is a long and dangerous trip tomorrow. We must make it through the forest by nightfall tomorrow. To be in that forest at night is suicide."

Then Silverwolfe took Helania's hand, and kissed her fingers.

"Thank you Helania for staying beside me. When you are around, I don't feel so alone in this world. And I was serious before about what I said. You have a beautiful voice. You really should sing more often."

Kissing Helania's hand again, Silverwolfe held onto it, layed his head back, and fell asleep, still exhausted from the fight that morning.

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Tue Jun 15, 2004 2:56 pm
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Helania blushed at Silverwolfe's words of praise for her song. She rarely sung, it was not something that she had ever had much time for in her life. When she had travelled with her father and his mercenaries as a child she had met more than her fair share of minstrels and bards. From them she had picked up some of the old songs. Her voice had been fair, nothing spectacular, nothing that would ever have made it worth her while to take up the lute and the histories. But good enough still to occasionally sing if only for her own pleasure and that of the mercenaries that she had grown up with.

But still somewhere along the way the songs had started to dry up and she had sung less and less. Perhaps the disappearance of her father and her father's men had been the cause of that, the cause of the songs' silence. When they had vanished there had seen a lot less to sing about, the joy and happiness of her life had seemed to fade and wither away. It had taken a long time before the music had returned to her heart and an even longer time before she had felt the desire to sing outloud once more.

It had taken friends to give her the songs back. People that she cared for and who cared for her.

The elf looked down at Sileverwolfe who had fallen asleep, apparently exhausted from all that he had gone through. He held her hand even when asleep, their fingers intertwined, skin touching skin. He has asked them to be kind to Car'vel, the young elf who he had dueled and who had almost proved to be the end of him. Almost. So close, so perilously close to losing him and after they had only just pledged themselves to one another. If she had lost didn't bear thinking about. Helania didn't want to lose him, not now, not ever.

But somewhere out there Khelestra was waiting for them, or for Silverwolfe at least. There would be no peace in their lives till the demoness was dealt with once and for all. But when would that be? She had hoped and prayed to any God that would listen that the next time Silverwolfe went against the demoness it would be the last, that the foul creature would finally die by Silverwolfe's hand and let them live their lives in peace. Sometimes she feared that that would never happen, that the demoness would forever plague the lives of the man she cared so deeply for.

She raised Silverwolfe's hand to her lips and kissed him gently on the back of his hand. The archeress spared a nervous glance towards Car'vel, hoping that Silverwolfe was right about the elf. He deserved a second chance she supposed, anyone could be taken in my the demoness's tricks. She smiled gently, saying, Goodnight Car'vel. Then laying down she let herself get lost in dreams of old times and of a mercenary company long lost to her knowledge.

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The large wolf had been running for days, tracking Silverwolfe down. He had heard that there was a rebellion in Silverwolfe's kingdom, and that Silverwolfe had been captured, but had later escaped. He knew that Silverwolfe would jump right back in though. He would not let his people be led by anyone else but him.

After Warhound had gotten to the edge of silverwolfe's kingdom, he had almost immediately picked up his scent, and began to follow it. He found a campsite where silverwolfes scent was mixed in with three others, and took them as silverwolfe's travelling companions. One of the three he recognized as Toph's, for he had met Toph sometime earlier. The other two he didn't know, but took them to be friends.

He then rested for a few hours, then set out again at full speed. Soon afterwards he found a battlesite. There were fourteen dead men on the ground and the scent of blood everywhere. He checked every man, and could recall the name of each of them. They were Silverwolfe's Elite Guard, the best soldiers that Silverwolfe had. Then he came across a large patch of blood with no bodies nearby. It was Silverwolfe's blood, mixed in with Car'vel's.

Searching around the area, he had found that Silverwolfe had been loaded up in something and dragged off. The scent was stronger, and the other three that had previously accompanied him were with him too. He saw they were headed in the direction of the Red Forest. He decided he would get a little rest then Head after them. He slept till a few hours before sunrise, then he began running again, straight towards Silverwolfe.

He reached where Silverwolfe was camped at a few minutes before dawn, and saw that silverwolfe was already awakening. Warhound sat about tenfeet away from Silverwolfe and a wolfish grin came to his face, his head cocked sideways and his tounge lolling out. He decided he should let Silverwolfe know he was here.


Silverwolfe sat up with a start, and looked over at Warhound. Standing, Silverwolfe looked confused, then he walked towards the large wolf.

"Warhound? Is that you?"

As Silverwolfe approached Warhound let out a mischevious whine. Then he knocked Silverwolfe over and began licking his face. To anyone watching it would look as if the wolf had attacked him if not for Silverwolfe's laughter. When the large wolf finally let Silverwolfe stand back up, he looked at the others who had all awakened by now.

"This is a very old friend of mine. I raised him from a pup. His name is Warhound. Apparently he wants to come with me."

The wolf was very large. Standing next to Silverwolfe, its head reached silverwolfe's shoulder. As Warhound stood there, he let his wolfish grin come to his face as he stared at Toph.

"Woof. Wuff."

"When he lived with me, he hunted the red forest alot. He knows how to survive there, and with him around, the smaller threats of the forest will stay away."

Then Warhound looked at Silverwolfe, then spoke in wolf talk.

"Are you allright. I saw a lot of your blood back at that battlefield. What happened.?"

Looking back down at Warhound Silverwolfe grinned.

"Yes my friend. I am fine. Me and Car'vel had a little disagreement. It's over and we are getting along fine now."

Fri Jun 18, 2004 6:33 pm
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ooc: sorry about the delay. My isp uhhh.... died. Just got a new one. :end ooc

Whispering something in warhounds ear, Silverwolfe stood up, and the large wolf took off in the direction of the Red Forest. Moving towards his pack, he pulled some stale biscuits out of it and passed them to the others.

"This is all we are going to eat. We have no time to prepare food before we head out. The trip through the forest is very dangerous, and as I said before we need to get through it before nightfall. So, pack your things. We can gnaw on these biscuits as we move."

Silverwolfe quickly packed his blankets and strapped on his weapons. Then he looked at the rock hard piece of bread in his hand. Tossing it aside, he walked to the deer Manhael had killed the night before. Cutting a leg off of it, he ripped the skin off and held the limb in the air. Putting his hands at either side of the meat, it began to sizzle. As he did that the meat began to brown, then finally it was done.

"I changed my mind. Id rather not chew on a rock."

Cutting the meat into even pieces, he handed each member a piece.

"Hope you dont mind eating with your fingers. We are setting out."

Taking a bit of his meat, he hoisted his pack over a shoulder and began to walk, somewhat dizzyly towards the Red Forest. After finishing with the meat he looked to the others. They were right at the edge of the red forest, looking within. At this range, even those without magic could feel the utter hatred and evil emanating from this place.

"Before we enter the forest, I believe I should warn you all about some of the bigger dangers of the forest. In some places, the trees will lash out at you, so be wary of them. Also watch where you step. There are snakes and sinkholes all over the place."

"There are also several extremely dangerous creatures that live within. Although, I can think of only a few that may choose to strike at us with warhound by our side. One is an extremely large spider. It stands at the hieght of a man, and is three men wide. I believe all the ambient magic in this place caused it to grow so large."

"There are also the wisps. They are said to be the ghosts of the soldiers who died here in the last battle of the icarii. It is said that just to be touched by them can kill you. They are very visible though. They are a white mist, in the form of a man. They are why we need to get out of the forest by nightfall. That is when they come out in force. No blade can harm them. "

"The last is a very powerful, very dangerous creature. I believe that it was once a human that decided to live here. The magics of the place mutated her. She has inhuman strength and speed. A very strong resistance to magic. Her eyesight is better then an elf's. Her hearing and sense of smell are better then that of a wolf. Its said that her beauty can charm the evilest of men, and her fangs can pierce through solid steel."

"I've met a man who survived an encounter with her, and talked with him moments before he died. He had chunks of flesh missing, bitten off. He told me that it was his "love" had done it, and he wanted to go and give her more gifts. With the wounds he had, he would have survived if not for the venom running through his blood."

"I've also met another who had seen her, and from his descriptions, I believe she is a changeling, although with only two forms. He said that he was hunting in the forest, and saw a woman undressing by a pond, So he stayed to watch. He said as she entered the pond, she began to change. First her skin grew scaly, and her legs fused together. then she dove underwater. The man stayed to watch. He said when she emerged finally from the water, she gathered up her things, and well... Slithered away. The people call her the viper lady."

Turning back to the forest, he sat down., and turned his head to see the others. "Might be a good idea for you to sit too. Its going to be a little while until Warhound is back from scouting the path."

Twenty five minutes later Warhound returned, panting heavily. Walking up to Silverwolfe, he sat down too.

"The path is still there if not a little grown over. It looks like it has been a very long time since anyone has entered this forest. Most of the smaller creatures fled as soon as they took up my scent, so you won't have to worry about them. And I saw sign of the spiders passing."

"It was several days old, and heading east, towards the deep forest, so I doubt we'll encounter it. I smelled a couple wisps, but the majority are some distance away from the main path, most likely reliving thier last battle. I also smelled the viper. I believe she was watching me, and then came to the forests edge and saw you all too. I doubt she'll let an oppurtunity for such a large meal pass her by. She will most likely attack us near the middle of the path."

"I am worried that Car'vel may be charmed by the snake lady. It is said that those charmed are bestowed with an unnatural strength and determination. I am not too worried for you sidhe or the elf lady there, just for Car'vel."

Silverwolfe simply grinned, and morphed into a wolf also, so as to speak in wolf talk.

"Thats what I was hoping for. He is just with us to die. You see, the moment he begins to think of serving another before me, an immense pain will overcome him, and he will collapse from it. Since his screams will be so intense, and so loud, it will pain the snake just to hear it. I will then kill her, before I kill Car'vel. I cannot allow anyone who betrayed me to live."

The large wolf looked confused, then nodded.

"Yes, I understand your reasoning. No traitor can be allowed to live. It is the same in all the other kingdoms I have been to."

Returning to his half-sidhe form, Silverwolfe stood.

"Warhound says that we have no need to fear the spider. It is very far away, and only a few wisps are near the path. They are easilly held back by a magical barrier or a ward. So Toph, If you see any strange looking mist in the forest, Be sure to place a ward around it. The only thing we really need to worry about are the snakes on the ground, and the viper lady. Warhound believes that she will attack when we are about half way through the forest, about mid day."

"Helania, you and Manhael keep your swords ready. I doubt your bow will be much use in the confinement of the forest. Toph, like I said, keep your wards ready, but dont use flame. I'd rather keep this forest intact. It's a good way to keep invaders from the tombs. I will keep my sword out, and Car'vel here will watch our backs. Warhound will take the lead. There is a very defined path going to the other side. Whatever you do, don't leave the path. Lets set out."

At that Silverwolfe began walking into the forest, worried what the encounter with the Viper Lady would bring.

Life isn't about making it to the grave safe, and in a well preserved body

Its about skidding in sideways, screaming "Holy Shit, What a ride!"

Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:22 am
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Toph nodded grimly from where he had been sitting on the floor. The appearance of Warhound had surprized, and relieved, the Sidhe. It had been a long time since he had seen the large wolf/dog last, and at that point, had not exactly known what to think of it. It wasnt often that wolves came out of the forest and started following you around like that. Toph had suspected that Silverwolfe might be involved, but had not been certain.

Toph paused for a moment and looked down. He hadn't thought of Moshi first, the wolf-lord. After all these years, and so many changes to the world, and to himself, Toph had finally begun to accept the reality that Moshi was gone. And about time. Conciously, Toph had reached the conclusion many times, but... well, the sub-mind had funny ways of holding onto dreams like that. Regardless, Moshi was the past... and that forest there didnt sound like it would be easy to pass through.

"No Fire?" Toph chuckled, and pretended to sulk. "But, fire is so pretty and powerful."

Toph nodded. "Dont worry, Silverwolfe. I'll be careful. I enjoy forests quite a lot, and a few wards to protect against spirits... shouldnt be too tough to arrange. Just no more vampire-sidhe-elvish-whatever-else-they-were sorcerors please... Im not up to another battle like that just yet."

Toph grinned toothily at Silverwolfe and pushed himself to his feet. Before they started walking, he made his way over to Warhound.

"I know I cant understand you, but I got the impression you could understand me last time we met. Good to see you again, Warhound. Stay safe out there in front."

Toph turned to go, before pausing and turning back, a smile on his face.

"Oh, and Woof Wuff to you as well" Toph said, trying to match the sounds that the giant wolf had made just minutes earlier upon seeing Toph. Toph hoped he hadnt just insulted the dog by mangling his words. Toph was told that that happened quite often for foreign speakers of elvish. A slight change in inflection or pronunciation could mean entirely different things in elvish. Other races sometimes thought that the elves reacted strangely to them. Well, Toph thought, you would too, if people kept insulting you in the middle of a friendly gathering.

Toph shrugged, and started heading towards the forest.

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Fri Jul 02, 2004 3:37 pm
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